Adventure Sonic (v1.7b)

Adventure Sonic (v1.7b) v1.7b

I kinda wish you could do the SuperBounce without needing speed shoes in the Sa2 type
Super Sonic can always do it, if you want to play around with it with less time pressure.

Loading XMomentum alongside seems to somewhat "fix" the running physics weirdness which is interesting because I'm not sure they're supposed to be interoperable,
SA-Sonic does support Xmom, though mostly to the extend that Xmom doesn't break his physics in half. And only with the newer Xmom versions.

There's gonna be a Heroes game flair and SA2 Lightdash in the next update. Change my mind.
No plans for extending into Sonic Heroes territory, sorry! The Ryan Drummond voiceclips and Golden Shield Super bubbles will have to do, I'm afraid.
"Press TossFlag+Custom2 or WeaponPrev+WeaponNext to taunt. The weapon number buttons can select specific voicelines beforehand! Holding jump, spin, or both during the taunt even has Sonic end with alternate poses!"
Or you can hold the button combo and select with your movement keys/joystick
Link To Website?????
This isn't the place for it, but I recommend downloading the SLADE 3.1.13 version since the newer ones like making issues with similarly named filelumps.

How do you do the taunts?
Personally I have Weapon Next and Weapon Previous on both of the gamepad shoulder buttons. That feels the most natural to me. Toss Flag + Custom 2 is just a combination that became popular with character mods, so I included it as an alt method for SA-Sonic.

btw dose anyone know how to do the battle mod moves as adventure
Sorry, that's placeholder text! SA-Sonic doesn't 100% support Battlemod atm, he works on the bare minimum level rn. News is Battlemod is supposedly getting a huge update, so I don't have plans for bringing in Battlemod support until that happens. Neither me nor Metalwario have too much interest in Battlemod games, but I'd be happy to update Adventure Sonic for those who are invested.

Feel free to let me know if there's any news of Battlemod I should hear, or if you have any ideas on how I should handle SA-Sonic balancing when it happens! (No, seriously, I probably won't find out about the update's release for months if I'm not told)

I gotta ask what does Spin Smoothing do?
spin smoothing changes how tightly you can turn while rolling, with 1 being the most tight and 5 being the least

In more detail, "1" is basically Sonic 2006 levels of turning sensitivity. Sonic almost IMMEDIATELY redirects into your held direction when he's spinning. Probably too jittery for most players and will cause accidents if you're not ready at all times.

2 & 3 are more in Sonic Adventure's range of turning sensitivity. 5 is close to vanilla SRB2 levels of spin control.(barely any)

If you lose control easily when spinning/are used to SRB2's default handling, crank up the turn smoothing! I figure less smoothing is normally preferred for gamepad/mouse players, and keyboard players will probably want some extra smoothing.

I don't fancy settings affecting gameplay, but SA-Sonic's main ability is the spindash rather than any aerial stuff. You'd seriously miss out playing like a speed-thokker if SA-Sonic's different spin handling turned you off.

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