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Chaos Knuckles v4.2(minor update)

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Chaos Knuckles, original knuckles transfrormation made by Ken Penders, is very fast in this mod, yet easy to use.


aimed spamdash |
a spindash that can be used while running or rolling that has a trail so you can adjust the aim


super stomp | aa ground pound-like move that launches you towards the ground, you can bounce off enemies to go higher

multi-glide | glide multiple times mid-air (suggested by icezer)
i will continue this mod adding new abilities n stuff in the future.
this mod was born as a Super Mystic Knux mod, then it got changed to emerald knux then chaos knuckles at the last second before publishing, Robertakio suggested the name change to chaos knux.
count that this isn't a collab mod, i make mods myself
funi hyper skincolor by Frostikiin
Man0shi06 for the super skincolor to animated skincolor tutorial, it was very helpful
the SRB2 discord server's scripting channel for helping me in scripting
i took some sprites from battlechartweaks
inspired by crystal sonic by Icezer
joe mama for being the best person to exist on this whole planet​
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Latest updates

  1. fixed s_skin

    changed the flags and the hudname, suggested by NyanMinecrafter
  2. toned down speed and added the SF_NOJUMPHEIGHT flag

    suggested by A'dilla new speed------------------------------------------old speed

    i SWEAR i had changed the speed!

Latest reviews

i don't want to leave a huge review, i think the concept of a knuckles version of SMS is great, however i had some issues with it:

first, a bug: SF_NOJUMPHEIGHT cannot be parsed by srb2 and gives a warning when the addon is loaded (at least in 2.2.10). did you perhaps mean SF_NOSUPERJUMPBOOST?

the quick drop you can do with shift is nice, however it conflicts with the alternative method of jumping off a wall with shift (and it appears you know this already). my only idea to fix this is to allow the player to switch the bind to a custom action button while leaving shift as a default, though i have no idea how difficult that would be to program in.

this is more of a nitpick rather than an issue, but i feel the hudname being CHAOSKNUX makes the name look a bit awkward on the hud. perhaps it could be shortened to something like C.KNUX? (this only applies to the hudname, not any of the other name fields as it's fine there)

besides these things, i feel the character is quite fun to run around as, it's not too unbalanced even compared to the vanilla cast and i would dare say allows the playstyle of vanilla knuckles to compete with some other addon characters
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This character has improved a lot and gave me some enjoyment for this version. I find him more fun and fitting with the crew, instead of being an overpowered recolor. I would be picky about his height, but this is like an OVA Knuckles case because he's only there in the comics (If I'm correct). But his speed is a bit high, please tone it down.

Multi-Glide: Ugly Knuckles..? Is that you?!

Spam Dash: The spin dash works almost like adventure, but without the uncurling which is amazing for this case. I love this, and love that you made a pointer to point where the spin dash will go.

Super Stomp: This ability complements his Multi-Glide as he can gain so much height from enemies/quickly get to the ground, it also isn't very snappy which makes it more free to control. Even though stomping as you press spin after a glide is annoying, I know you cannot do anything about it.

Just also want to say I feel like Chaos Knuckles should have NOJUMPHEIGHT flag.

You're improving this character a lot! I love the changes you made with him, and overall fantastic work on making this very enjoyable!
thanks a lot! I now made knuckles' speed a bit slower, so to 50 to 42, i will post an update with the flag changed and the speed change
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Alright, update huh? See what you did here, removed nuke shield ability. (Thanks god) and added this stomp ability! Great job, he's now only on two buttons, meaning anyone can play him simple but nice. The stomp is pretty nice, although it would be cool if you give Chaos Knux the chance to instantly rev up a spamdash when holding spin after stomp, oh yeah. Spamdash, it's way too powerful! I suggest toning down Chaos Knux's speed a bit, and adding a uncurl to his spamdash, therefore it's not that nauseating to spam the SPAMdash... Another thing is, his stomp ability overrides the spin ability in glide, the one that makes you jump off from a wall without changing the camera angle, this makes it extremely weird. Other than that, great! He's improving.
I don't have idea on how to make an uncurl, and idk how to fix the stomp ability overriding the climb spin ability since the game thinks that knuckles jumps after uncurling from a climb state, sorry, but i can fix the spindash speed, i was supposed to nerf the spindash already but i may have forgot to save it, im gonna post an update in some seconds
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Key word here is potential.
I think the aimed spindash idea is neat, but the spindash itself is WAY too strong to be used reasonably. A free armageddon shield with 10 rings seems a bit too broken and dash mode honestly just feels tacked on without doing anything notable for him (even if it lets him damage things you may as well give it something extra like aerial preservation or something to help it flow with his moveset better.) Plus, peeking at the sprites, you REALLY didn't have to colorize him. This mod has some good ideas, they just need some fine tuning and tweaks. See the discussion tab for a few ideas I think could help.
Thanks for the feedback, i will make the spindash a bit slower and i will revamp the dashmode, i will nerf the armageddon powerup by making it need more rings to activate and i colorized him because it was honestly faster
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This mod is really good with Crystal Sonic, Jelly tails, rose Amy and Magic metal sonic :)
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Ken Penders' original character, Knuckles but green
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