group: animation

  1. That-little-moo

    [Reusable] That-little-moo's Pixelish Character Pack V2.0

    The stage is set and the green flag drops!! That-little-moo's Pixelish character pack Yo! First time postin' here! So after hearing this was a thing, I decided to throw in a bunch of characters for y'all to race as! Will I be addin' more? Chances are, most likely! Actually kinda had fun...
  2. kurobutt

    [Reusable] KuroPak (Version 2)

    Introducing... the KuroPak™ What the hell is this?! During my absence of posting on the messageboard, I've released a few characters off site. In order to make my characters more accessible, I've decided to finally publish them here as well. KuroPak is a pack containing most of these...
  3. RobinE

    [Character] Robin E's Character Pack V1.9

    Robin E's Character Pack V1.9 Changelog: Characters:
  4. G

    [Reusable] The Starlight Character Pack (new racers 5 delux)

    this here be is a pack of characters that you race like a shooting star in the vacuum of space update: I manage to improve some of the sprites replace some voice lines and fix some of them CHARACTERS Eddy (ED EDD n EDDY) SPEED 7.5 the leader of the Ed-boys is here to in himself some money...
  5. zxyspku

    [Character] Z-Chars 1.9

    What does the Z stand for? Who knows! This pack is just a dump of characters that I've wanted to make without any specific direction as with most, expect everything from actual Sonic characters to literal whos from series or other things you probably don't know or care for. As such I've decided...
  6. SpinSlash165

    [Reusable] Jotaro Kujo (JJBA: Stardust Crusaders) - V2

    Jotaro Kujo joins the race! A powerful Stardust Crusader approaches, more than ready to leave the competition in the dust. Some of the other racers have claimed to see some sort of "spirit" racing along with him. Of course, everyone knows ghosts don't exist! ...what do you mean, "Hyudoro"...
  7. InstableGR

    [Character] "InstablePack" [v1.3 - Proto Man (8-bit)]

    No introduction fanfare is needed for this pack, I think the title image is self-explanatory so let's get on with it! Characters Patch Notes Credits Even more characters may or may not be added in the future, only time will tell. Please enjoy!
  8. MechaDeka

    [Reusable] DIO (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) [V1]

    DIO from Jojo Part 3, on that steam roller he threw that one time! Speed: 8 Weight: 9 Features: -Asymmetrical sprite set with manga-accurate road roller -No STANDO POWER D: -Voice clips from Eyes of Heaven -Sign post pixel art based on art from the manga
  9. Pode

    [Reusable] [Anime] Gon v1.5 (Hunter × Hunter)

    Gon Freecss, the enigmatic, spiky-headed shonen hero from Togashi's Hunter × Hunter. This was a real pain to make. I hope you enjoy the animations and sounds I've put into this mod. Changelog: v1.0: finished product v1.1: removed blue artifact from around winning sign v1.2: fixed back of head...
  10. Strife

    [Character] AoStH Character Pack v1.6

    It's here at last! The main cast from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon have assembled for your Saturday morning racing needs. Every character shares a stat slot with one of the vanilla characters for perfect balance with vanilla gameplay. This pack contains the following characters...
  11. ☆𝙅𝙤𝙠𝙚𝙧★

    [Character] ☆JOKER☆ Chars Pack v6.1 PLUS [Pikachu]

    Welcome to the new release of the ☆Joker☆ Pack, this started out as something for personal use, but I continue to improve it. This pack contains more than 27 exclusive characters from each universe Current Version: 6.1 Plus List of features include: • Update Kid Goku & Kid Krillin • Plus Mode...
  12. Tiniest Turtles

    [Character] Turtles' Expansion Pak!

    Turtles' Expansion Pak! At long last, it's time for me to follow in the footsteps of everyone else! I have released a pack of my characters which I have made so far and with their latest releases (and will be updated to have all of them.) Opa Opa Fighting to save the Fantasy Zone from...
  13. Virt

    [Character] The Powerpuff Girls Pack! (v2)

    Sugar, spice, and everything nice... These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect Kart racer. But Professor Virtonium accidentally added an extra ingredient the concoction: Chemical X. Thus, the Powerpuff Girls were born! Using their ultra-lightweight stats, Blossom, Bubbles, and...
  14. Chrispy

    [Character] C4 Character Pack v2

    Now! These are the submissions to Chrispy's Character Creation Contest! This mod pack comes with 2 versions, one with lua and one without. There are 13 characters in total, 1 with lua. They all come neatly packed together, so hosting them is easy! [/spoiler] It should come as a...
  15. mitsame

    [Character] Mit's Character Pack

    25 racers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pack now includes separate PK3s! Simply download the pack and there will be a folder containing each character separately. NOTE: Aerith has exactly *one* swear as one of her hurt quotes. Please keep that in mind when downloading...
  16. Lat'

    [Character] [V7] Animechars dot pk3

    Introducing Animechars, a pack regrouping a bunch of anime characters in one place, from me and other great people that wanted their personal favourites here! There are now a total of 23 racers included, each with their own unique stats and playstyles! We'll see you all on the starting line...
  17. PoisonLuigi

    [Character] Inspector Gadget

    I'm always on duty! You heard it here, Inspector Gadget is joining the race! M.A.D. agents beware! Stats are close to his personality, such as poor handling due to his clumsiness. What's that? Not the Gadget you wanted? Well never fear, the brown bricks are here! Included is a special...
  18. Mr. Dink

    [Character] Sergeant Keroro from Sgt. Frog (Keroro Gunso) [v1.5]

    Sergeant Keroro Returns! De Arimasu! Sgt. Keroro is back and better than ever! While still using a small kart. However he has brought some improvements this time. This is v1.5. As seen in Crispy's C4 Character Pack. CHANGELOG v1.5 *.pk3 File Formats *Polished Sprites *Added Japanese Version...
  19. Dimpsuu

    [Character] Dimpsuu's Kart Pack (RC.9 PRIME/MISFITS UPDATE)

    The Dimpsuu- Kart Pack Now that v1.0.2 is out, and .pk3 file types are supported I figured this would be a good opportunity to just re-release a bunch of my standard kart wads under a pack which should make it easier to load them for servers. This includes 7 characters that were already...