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Logan McCloud

Logan McCloud submitted a new resource:

New NiGHTs Booster Sprites - New Model, New Render

Do you lose sleep, tossing and turning, sweating profusely thinking about the old renders of the NiGHTs Boosters in SRB2? Their image relentlessly tormenting you as you get sucked into the void?

Oh just me? Well, in any case, I decided to remake the NiGHTs Boosters sprites to be closer in design to proper NiGHTs Boosters and in 16 angles and I am now giving them to you. Yes, you specifically.

Here is the old render and new renders for comparison:
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wHeN aRe YoU'rE mOdElS cOmInG oUt????????

this is a joke. calm down.

also, wait a second where are the naming conventions?

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