gametype: team match

  1. SuperOfSrb2

    [Open Assets] Ringslinger ReMatch v1

    Welcome to... Ringslinger ReMatch! Ringslinger ReMatch is your one-stop-shop for Match and CTF maps. Containing both maps from SRB2's past updated to fit the standard of contemporary match maps as well as custom maps, Ringslinger ReMatch aims to be a must-have for anybody wishing to host a...
  2. Fake Maurice

    [Open Assets] Homing Ring Refreshed 1.1

    This mod is for RINGSLINGER. *WARNING* THE HOMING RING REPLACES THE BOUNCE RING. (if anyone can help making the homing ring a completely seperate object, please contact me on Discord at Fake Maurice#8490) What is the Homing Ring? The Homing Ring is a scrapped weapon ring from the Ringslinger...
  3. Jisk

    [Open Assets] Zombie Escape Legacy v2.5.1

    ====== CONTENT DISCLAIMER!!! ====== This addon contains mature subject matter such as Blood, Zombies, Firearms (Guns), Scary Imagery, and Scary Sounds. Please be aware of this when playing, especially if you are easily frightened or disturbed. If you are age 15 or younger please ask a parent...
  4. TheLastKitchenGun

    [Open Assets] [Chaos/match] Polygon Plains Zone still v1

    I finally decided to finish it after it was sitting in my W.I.P maps folder for like, idk a year it's old, not as good as what I could do now
  5. TailsXHeeroes

    Star Light Zone 1.3

    My second map. Yes, it's been almost 2 years ago. This is Star Light Zone for Match and Tag, from 1st Sonic. I made this map out of pure curiosity, and didn't expect anything special, however... I liked this work, so I decided to publish it. If (of course), people somehow like it, and...
  6. Mr-SUGOI (STF)

    [Open Assets] [UNFINISHED OLDC LEVEL] Rainy Lavallley Zone 0.1

    A few years ago I was creating this level that is based on Eviflower, Greenflower act 1 pre-2.2 in reverse. This attempt was submitted to the OLDC of that year (2021 iirc), unfortunately it was never published. The level has RVZ rocks, lava, springboards, and various ammo routes. It won't be my...
  7. LeakySponge

    I'm going to make a FPS on SRB2.

    Its going to be fast paced and class based. There are 4 classes: Melee Range Speed Mechanic Each class has 3 variations of Attack, Heal, and Defense. I am almost done the characters so I'll post about them soon. Sorry if this post seems rushed it's like 10pm here.
  8. thesrb2fan12

    Aqua Maze Zone 2.5

    this is a tag and match map so go get your friends to play with you or play on a server that has this mod. feel free to give constructive feedback
  9. junioMitsuo

    [Open Assets] Meadow Match Revamped v1.1

    A very simple revamped of Meadow Match that I've done quickly last year as a joke and never thought of it till now. I decided to just release as is with some minor few changes and not leave it rot on my disk... Obviously, this replace over MAPMB (Meadow Match lol) I decided to make this...
  10. SuperOfSrb2

    [Open Assets] Spiral Cavern Zone 2.0

    Returning from OLDC Summer 2020, Spiral Cavern Zone is recieving a remake. Changelog: - improved item placements - changed springs for better flow - added springs to wall - added conveyors so knux players are screwed over less - added outside section - changed bomb room spikes to stalagmites -...
  11. Diegão

    [Open Assets] [Chaos & Match] Marble Acropolis 1.3.3

    Hi, Diegão (pronoums: Di/ gão) here. I'll tell a story. This is Marble Acropolis Zone, a map featured in the OLDC in the match division, and that i've been making and improving since July 2021, ever since i understand myself as a mapper of SRB2. This is my first serious map and i had lots of fun...
  12. SuperOfSrb2

    Match maps from every version of SRB2! (Including Meadow Match remake)

    I'm working on getting all official ringslinger-based maps, no matter how poorly designed, into the current version of SRB2. I'm not finished yet, but for the time being I wanted to post the Meadow Match remake that will come with this map pack. I'm planning on making similar remakes for some...
  13. CG64

    [Match/Tag] Aztec Zone 1.1

    Aztec Zone is a rainy and simple map, based on the map de_aztec from CS 1.6, although it is not 100% accurate to the original map itself. You can play it in Match, Team Match and Tag modes. Welp, I hope you like it and have fun with the map. Screenshots: