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Welcome to...

Ringslinger ReMatch!

Ringslinger ReMatch is your one-stop-shop for Match and CTF maps. Containing both maps from SRB2's past updated to fit the standard of contemporary match maps as well as custom maps, Ringslinger ReMatch aims to be a must-have for anybody wishing to host a netgame in the ringslinger gametypes.

As of now, there aren't alot of maps, and many of them may seem subpar in comparison to most ringslinger maps due to their age, however we hope to both include and update all maps included within SRB2 ever, as well as a (hopefully) long list of custom maps created both over 2.2's and the entirety of SRB2's lifespan.

Here is a list of maps included within the current version:​
Spiral Caverns Zone - SuperOfSrb2 Summer OLDC 2020​
Spiral Caverns Zone is my very own map, made for the first 2.2 OLDC. It's score bombed, probably due to my lack of experience mapping. However, this new version hopes to improve this map greatly since then. If you would like to see a battlemod version of this map, I have uploaded one seperately which you can see on my profile.​
Granite Lake Zone - Coatrack November/December OLDC 2009​
Granite Lake Zone, originally titled "Silver Canyon Zone" tied for third in the match division of the 2009 November/December OLDC. It was one of three removed MP stages from 2.1. Not sure what the reasoning behind the removal of these were, as they fit in pretty soundly with the current quality of ringslinger stages.​
Radiant Caverns Zone - sphere + Coatrack May/June OLDC 2010​
Winner of the CTF division in 2010's May/June 2010 OLDC, Radiant Caverns Zone, originally titled "Radiant Cavern Zone" (big difference), was a fairly popular map during the 2.1 rotation, so I once again have no idea why it was removed.​
Hydro Plant Zone - SRB2 1.09.4​
Hydro Plant Zone was an unpopular official match map, added and then promptly removed in version 1.09.4. It's clear to see why, as the large lack of air-bubbles and uninteresting design and layout proved to be annoying for players. This is one of the first levels set up for a remake.​
Starlit Warehouse Zone - SRB2 1.09.4​
Starlit Warehouse Zone was a match map from 1.09.4, which utilized the Dark City Zone textures. It also heavily used the custom OpenGL lighting objects, which could create realistic lights within the doom engine. These lights are now removed, so in their place is the corona from the addon Plushima's Asset Collection, by Princess Plushima.​
Metal Star Zone - Furiousfox January/February OLDC 2006​
Metal Star Zone was a level included in version 1.09.4, after winning the CTF division of the Jan/Feb 2006 OLDC. This OLDC was the first to add the CTF division, and all three entries got scores above an 8 and were subsequently added to 1.09.4, with the other two being below.​
Isolated Canyon Zone - Fred Jan/Feb OLDC 2006​
Coming in second in the CTF division, Isolated Canyon Zone was a unique CTF map for featuring far more verticality than most, with two main layers, alongside a third layer in-between for each flag. In order to distinguish it from Jade Valley and Meadow Match, the rocky GFZ textures have been replaced with the new ACZ walls.​
Conveyor Conflict Zone - Mystic Jan/Feb OLDC 2006​
Coming in third in the CTF division, Conveyor Conflict Zone, originally titled "Techno Hill CTF Zone", scored decently well despite the fact it was made within 4 hours. This map is also high on the list for a remake, as despite its high score, it is still rather cramped and has an unoriginal theme.​
Zero Ring Zone - SRB2 1.09.2​
Zero Ring Zone was a match map from Demo 3 all the way until Final Demo 1.09.2. It's a reference to the iconic opening scene from "Zero Wing", a hilariously translated arcade shooter. This map is based off of the 2.2 port of Zero Ring by Mario0shi06, but has been edited since to add weapon rings and be closer to the original's design.​
Christmas Match Zone - SRB2 1.09.2
Christmas Match Zone was a map for Final Demo that utilized the unique "Christmas Mode" SRB2 had back then, changing textures and objects into holiday and winter themed versions of themselves at the end of the year. Christmas Match was different in the fact that it entirely replaced another map, that being MAP06 (Forgotten Temple Zone in Ringslinger Rematch.)
Conveyor Chaos Zone - SRB2 1.09.2
Conveyor Chaos Zone from SRB2 2k3 is probably one of the very very few maps in this list that might get outright cut from the pack. It is not only a very flat map, it is also a four-way symmetrical map, one of the worst mapping sins that plagued the early match rotation. The centerpiece of the stage was reused in Noxious Factory Zone, alongside the stage being closer to it's Chaos Mode design here. I do like the concept of having turrets in the map, despite the fact it isn't executed the best here alongside the fact it has been used for evil in the past.
Fallen Haven Zone - 1.09.2
Formerly Air Haven Zone, I've decided to change the style of this one to be an underground version of Azure Temple Zone, which is far more unique than another Aerial Garden themed map. Not much else to say about this one. I was considering adding a cool skybox, but it didn't work out.
Oil Thumper Zone - 1.08
Meadow Match Remaster - SuperOfSrb2​
"Meadow Match Remaster", known as simply "Meadow Match" in-game was the original map in the map-pack, before the focus was shifted to adding maps from the past. I'm pretty sure you can find the original version on the forums, as I had posted a preview with exclusively this map. It certainly needed a remake, as it has remained mostly the same ever since its creation alongside the creation of the entire gametype. The changes are mostly made with the mindset of moving it away from the thokfest it usually is. It also greatly changes the aesthetic of the map, to differentiate it from the similarly-styled Jade Valley Zone.​
Sapphire Falls CTF Remaster - SuperOfSrb2​
Sapphire Falls CTF was included in Final Demo 1.09.4. It was essentially the same as the then-current Sapphire Falls Zone, created by Mystic for the GFZ Battle SRB2 World Contest as GFZ Battle Zone Act 6. The differences made to the map to make it a CTF gametype were two holes poked inbetween two pastes of the map to join them, as well as two caves behind the waterfalls to house the flags. This is essentially the same thing, the only difference being a much wider mid-section to allow for better monitorbouncing, and the pastes of the map instead being 2.2's version.​

To anyone who wants to create or has created ringslinger levels, I encourage you to contact me about putting your level within the pack. We don't see enough of these maps nowadays, as well as new mappers who want to make them. My goal is that Match/CTF servers only need to add this pack, and maybe one or two other ones for a full map experience with no mapname conflictions. The next few updates will focus on adding every officially-included map from prior versions to the pack, as well as a new map known as "Caustic Foundry Zone." (which would have been for the next OLDC, but I can't meet the requirements.)

All maps should support Ringslinger NEO, however Battlemod does not. Once a good amount of levels are added, I may consider it, however I'm more focused on getting maps added right now.​
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