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My second map. Yes, it's been almost 2 years ago.

This is Star Light Zone for Match and Tag, from 1st Sonic. I made this map out of pure curiosity, and didn't expect anything special, however... I liked this work, so I decided to publish it.

If (of course), people somehow like it, and something will work out. In the future, I will add a CTF-KotH version of the map, and also (if I don't get bored) I will match maps from other zones of the 1st Sonic (and possibly from the 2nd).
So, yes, that's all. Oh and also, when I tested this map with my friends, they thought it was a bit difficult... So it's a medium-hard map hehehe.

The game is not friendly with Software rendering, because because of it: the abyss has no shadow, and the texture of the lower walls is buggy. And... Haved a SIGSEGV.
The some textures and flats: Sonic Team and SEGA.
The Music: Mastered Realm. (Original by again Sonic Team and SEGA.)
1.0 - Added the addon.
1.1 - Fixed medium textures, added custom sky (similar to the original).
Fixed medium textures flying in the sky, and also fixed slope textures. Now map works much better than it was in Software render.
Fixed textures of decor, and Deleted bad thing...
1.2 - At the time of creating the map, I did not really know how to fix that ominous error in software rendering. However, this will not happen now. Yes, the update is very small.
1.3 - Port to new UDMF-Format. And also a little color correction on the level (now it has a slight tint). That's all.

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Latest updates

  1. Some new things

    1.3 - Port to new UDMF-Format. And also a little color correction on the level (now it has a...
  2. Fix for Software render

    1.2 - At the time of creating the map, I did not really know how to fix that ominous error in...

Latest reviews

Really good map for your 2nd map! I'm impressed at how much is going on in the map and what you took from the original Sonic 1 level and translated it to a srb2 map. However there some points that need to be looked at. Bare in mind I tested this with Match in mind. It plays really well in tag lol

Ring and Panel placement does need to be looked at - Feels like there isn't enough rings to actually have a chance to fight back in bigger games, players will probably scramble to find rings during a confrontation.

Panels should be spread out across the map rather than having clumps of panels in areas. In the middle its: 1 rail panel, 1 Auto and 1 Infinity. This makes confrontations centralised in one area making the map feel smaller and other areas aren't worth exploring to get shields/other panels etc

The lack of Solid mid-texturing on the green fences and the yellow caution barriers caused me to lose my footing sometimes and fall into the pit, that confused me because where the thunder shield is where the flame jets are - the yellow caution barrier is solid there? Feels inconsistent.

Some areas at the bottom of the map don't have a light block extending to the bottom, the white flat texture is disorientating and should be swapped out for something that isn't just 1 colour shade and most if not all the rings/panels don't float.

Look forward to see how you improve this map AND what you come up with next!
I haven't fixing/used a map long time (ormaybe i don't do huh)💀
But anyway thanks for the advice.
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Honestly this might be the second or third time anyone's ever made Star Light in 3D, the only other time i can remember was Sonic World, and it's my favourite Zone in the franchise, not to mention i'm pretty sure this is the first instance of someone making it for SRB2 iirc.
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the map is awesome! love it!
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I don't really know who is playing this mode nowadays, but the map is good.
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