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this is a tag and match map so go get your friends to play with you or play on a server that has this mod.
feel free to give constructive feedback
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  1. i found i bug so i fixed it

    so what was wrong was the next level was set to a number that takes you to takes you to none...

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this is good for a first mod
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This map name is a bit misleading, rather than a maze it's just a single tunnel that loops around itself with occasional water and rings scattered about with no reason. map is also missing a select image.
Very little space to move horizontally, and matches devolve into a contest of who can navigate the map with the least wall collisions.

I'm glad that you're trying out map making, and I'm sorry for the harsh criticism, but when it comes to match modes this map isn't exactly fun to play around in.
I recommend for your next map to try experimenting with an open space, add objects terrain for cover in strategic spots, and then carefully place your ring spawns in strategic places.

Looking forward to see you improve!
its fine im going to make a more open map next time
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