Meadow Match Revamped

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A very simple revamped of Meadow Match that I've done quickly last year as a joke and never thought of it till now. I decided to just release as is with some minor few changes and not leave it rot on my disk...

Obviously, this replace over MAPMB (Meadow Match lol) I decided to make this reusable so anyone can use it as long credit is given.
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    HOTFIX UPDATE Added more rings Fixed some of the diagonal spring's angle Fixed the platform rings

Latest reviews

Really well done! This modernizes a pretty big part of SRB2 history succeeds very well!

I also like how you made the location the base of Greenflower Mountain. Gives the world a bit more cohesion.
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I think this ruins the simplicity of the original map and makes it far too complicated.

The player's movement gets blocked out more because of the added fences, trees, and blocks making the map more cramped.

Having two easily accessible rail panels also hurts the balance of this map, considering they're the strongest weapons in RS, and the map is so spring-based that it makes it even easier for players to get taken out.

I agree with the idea of having horizontal springs on the map so the weaker RS characters have some method of catching up, while it also has a small risk/reward idea behind it, but even then I feel like there are far too many springs placed about in the stage.
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yoooo meadow match if it was good

i'm not very well acquainted with rs but at the very least all the cover looks really beneficial for it and the extra springs and slopes look like it makes the games more intense and thought provoking. what i am very well acquainted with is battlemod, and all the terrain here gives everyone else a much better chance at actually doing decent in this level. it's not just metal sonic supremacy anymore, characters like amy can catch up to dashmode with the springs and the cover means his energy shot or whatever it's called is evaded much easier. the water pit isn't a slog section anymore, there's a horizontal spring there and different terrain levels that make interactions down there actually somewhat interesting. slope work means more freedom of movement so when chasing someone you actually have to think and react more. it's just better.

and what a beautiful texture revamp. more gfz textures makes it actually feel like a level versus vanilla's layout which feels like it was made in 20 minutes with no real thought behind it. the skybox and thok barrier are absolutely beautiful too, it makes me feel like i'm in one of the distant mountains you see in sp gfz-- which is phenomenal theming-- versus vanilla just having a box with flat sides and nothing on, over, or behind it.

i do wish there were a couple more ways to get up to those vertical springs that are scattered around on top of blocks and whatnot that are usually just out of reach, and the grass textures at the top platform look reaaally buggy in opengl, but this level is really just better than its vanilla counterpart in pretty much every way.
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I hate Meadow Match. It's so boring and uninteresting. This map, however, is great! I love all the changes you've made! The map is now a lot more interesting to traverse! Great job!
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