gametype: ringslinger

  1. J

    [Reusable] Battle Royale / Last Man Standing

    Battle Royale / Last Man Standing mod Match-like gamemode. Rings don't prevent dying by players (suddendeath), shields do protect you. Last man standing wins the game. Since version 1.1 it can work in other gamemodes by setting the "battleroyale" variable to "on". Usage Start a new...
  2. Hendrix

    Ray's Freefly - Match/Tag/Fun CO-OP for Ray!

    Hey, guys! I am working on some projects for SRB2 and this idea just popped into my mind "Why not making a wide open map for Ray?". And then "Why not a match/tag map for Ray?". And finally "Why not a match and hangout CO-OP map for Ray?". I will certainly make more of this. A future pack for...
  3. glaber

    Dimension Glaber

    Welcome back to Dimension Glaber. This time updated for 2.2! So what is Dimension Glaber? Dimension Glaber is primarily a recycle project that turned into a mod complete with singleplayer, match, CTF, and Circuit maps. Every stage is roughly organized in to "eras" and themes. Starting with my...
  4. RafaelXFire

    Green Match Zones

    It is a pack of matchmaps made by me with a similar theme between them, I hope you like it. In case of bugs please explain them in the comments.
  5. Radicalicious

    Meadow Match but with 2.2 textures

    This mod updates Meadow Match Zone to use the newer textures instead of those old Final Demo textures. It's really just for those who prefer a modernized look for the level, instead of the nostalgic look it aims for.
  6. Radicalicious

    [Reusable] Cut Multiplayer Stages (Cut levels from 2.1)

    Here it is, my first public WAD and a WAD literally nobody asked for. I was scrolling along the wiki when I found out that a bunch of 2.1 multiplayer maps were cut. Now, by no means are these maps actually good, but I figured why not. I had a lot of memories with these zones, and I can't let...
  7. So2ro

    [MATCH] Egg Ruins Zone

    In the middle of a giant forest, an abandoned castle ruins away. As my first map ever, and my introduction to Zone Builder and, i present Egg Ruins Zone. A match map based mostly on ECZ and FFZ.
  8. Wumbo

    Happy Home in Robloxia but it's a low-gravity Match map

    i dont play roblox why did i do this (music and textures by roblox)
  9. Speedy Da Doge

    De_Dust2: The CS map but in SRB2

    This is my first time making a full map so I thought, "instead of making an all original map, I could recreate an existing map from a different game to learn the software", and here we are. De_dust_2 is the popular map from Counter Strike. This remake features the map in it's entirety...
  10. StellarStardust

    Pasture Meadows Zone! (VM_PastureMeadows-v1.pk3)

    Are you sick of the same thok-fest known as Meadow Match? Do you want something a little less flat and maybe even with a little more extra to boot? No? Well if you do, meet Pasture Meadows Zone! Originally part of a match map pack inspired by MK's Alternate Match Maps, before I scrapped this...