gametype: race

  1. RoyKirbs

    Enby Echoes Zone (v1)

    Enby Echoes is a crazy purple void thing, originally intended to be a ULDC submission but now exists at it's own standalone thing. The level is full of weird gimmicks involving negative-gravity water and springey-type enemies. Do enjoy it! All music is from Ecco: Tides of Time. oh...
  2. Zippy_Zolton

    Crater County [v1.1]

    Ms. Apollyon contacted me proposing a collab to make an SP map for the ULDC, and I accepted, so this was the result of it. No matter if the ULDC is canned or not, I dedicated to releasing this before the deadline, even if we kind of ignored it for a whole month. I would consider this far from...
  3. icykitsuu

    Tropical Trek Zone [V.1]

    Oh no! While on the way home; Sonic got lost on a lonely tropical island! He has to get to the top of the mountains there and wait for Tails to pick him up. God DAMN my level pack is taking long and is sometimes tiring to make, but in the meantime, I have made this little standalone level for...
  4. Dave Lite

    [Reusable] [0.01] ~ Blue Spring Team's SRB1 remake

    Release reasoning:As many of you known at least on discord, I am putting project on indefinit hiatus and maybe even cancellation. That's why this public build release even exists. Goal of entire project was ridiculously ambitious. Anyway this SRB1 remake project is trying to reconstruct all...
  5. OrdoMandalore

    [Reusable] VS_NewCapsules.pk3 (Enhanced Boss Capsules)

    Ever get tired of seeing that old capsule at the end of a boss? Yuck! We are in 2.2, so we need a cooler, more slick looking capsule. Also, wat? The old capsule just raises from the floor randomly?? Not here! Here the capsule is raised up by an elevator platform from below, isn't that...
  6. WasifBoomz

    Greenflower Zone Expansion 2.0.0!

    Hello, welcome to my first ever mod! I made sure to test every act with every character! 2.0.0: Remade levels! Emblems and unlockables! New title screen! Video: Full Mod Gameplay: Act 4: This act is a short, easy, and a...
  7. Bugzy

    (Race Map) Mystic Marsh Zone

    My first finished circuit map, Mystic Marsh Zone! This map contains split paths at every turn and is designed to make keeping speed consistent feel very satisfying and rewarding in true Sonic fashion. This stage has been tested in multiplayer on multiple occasions to make sure each path can be...
  8. Krabs

    24hSRB2: a 27-person collab zone created in only a day

    (...and like a week of splicing. This thing is kind of a mess.) A bunch of crazy people signed up for this thing and here's the result. Unfortunately, due to SRB2's flat limitations and other technical issues, the whole thing was made into a 3 act zone. The final act contains most of the really...
  9. Haz

    Floral Cliffside Zone (2.1 Port)

    Welcome to Floral Cliffside Zone, a place... without any cliffs. Or cliffsides, for that matter. This is a port of a previously-unreleased zone (which some of you may recognize), with minimal changes aside from making it generally more friendly to players. Edit: forgot to add proof of...
  10. M

    Woody Torture Zone v1.5

    This is the first map I decided to finish, a one-act zone featuring original brown textures and music. Changelog
  11. Marcos

    [Reusable] NeoGreenflower Act 1 (Revamp)

    Hey, are you all tired of repeating Green Hill Zone in official Sonic games? Well I'm here to make you hate Greenflower for making you repeat it! (really?) Where do I start... First of all, more than a revamp it's more like a "What happens after the game's story finishes?". Everything is back...
  12. icykitsuu

    Way Past Cool! - Level Pack [V.1.4]

    Hello! This is my first time ever making a level pack. I started it back in early 2019 and was working on it whenever I had time to. Im trying my best on it! I think I've made enough levels to show some of them, that being.. If there are any bugs, I'll try to fix them as soon as...
  13. MK.exe

    [Reusable] [Circuit] Speedy Ruins

    Originally this was a Circuit map i made in 2.1 to prevent a thokfest. It doesn't have anything new. its just been fixed to work with 2.2 that's all. If there are any bugs please feel free to let me know here. Enjoy!
  14. Zippy_Zolton

    Circuit Redux Map Pack [v2.4.1]

    This mod ports and touches up every vanilla Circuit mode map from 1.09.4 to 2.0! It also contains community maps, thanks to their cooperation. I hope to see a big effort in the future to make this mode more interesting because I see potential in increasing the interaction between other players...
  15. Sirexer

    Blast mania (DEMO)

    All information about the mod is here! Blast Mania Overview
  16. Marcos

    [Reusable] Rainy Walk Zone

    Hey everyone! It's my first time posting and I decided that I would post a short map i was working on. Rainy Walk Zone It's a short, simple, level. It won't take you more than 10 mins. I mostly put attention into scenery and I tried to make it like a cold, shady rainy day. Don't expect to...
  17. Starlight

    [Reusable] Velvet Valley

    "To live a life of power, you must have faith that you believe is right, even if others tell you you're wrong. The first thing you must do to live a life of power is to find courage. You must be ready to reach beyond the boundaries of Time itself. And to do that, all you need is the will to take...
  18. So2ro

    [Reusable] Grotto Pack (Green Grotto Zone)

    So uhh, sonic and friends took the wrong turn from GFZ and ended up inside one of the mountains you can see from the distance Ah yes, the update and rename no one asked for but i found myself doing out of boredom anyways. Grotto pack features features: Screenshots: Changelog: Credits