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Shields+ (v1.1)
Version: 1.1, by Appleblurt (what do you want) Appleblurt is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2021

Version: SRB2 Rating: (2 votes - 3.00 average)
Released: 03-07-2020 Last Update: Never Favourites: 1
SOCs Scripts Re-Useable Content Sprites/Graphics

Shields+, what is this ruckus?
Shields+ is a mod that adds 6 new shields! The ice shield, the hover shield, the metal shield, the spike shield, the bumper shield and the momentum shield! (More coming soon), All these shields can replace the vanilla shields (if wanted, command is down below) and are pretty fun to mess around with!

The Ice Shield
Passive ability: This shield gives the player ice physics which can make you preserve your momentum a whole lot! Especially with Sonic's thok!
Active ability: Telekinesis
This is an ability that pushes enemies out of the way so you can keep moving forward! The faster you are the stronger the ability is!

The Hover Shield
Passive ability: Running on water
Active ability: Pressing spin on the air makes you hover for a while! And when underwater it makes you hover to the surface of the water!

The Metal Shield
Passive ability: This shield is all about passive abilities! This shield makes you slightly heavier, and thus makes you fall much faster, but makes you immune to spikes and fire! And if you fall too much and slam into the ground, you induce a shockwave! (Be aware however that some levels are uncompletable due to how heavy the shield is)
Active ability: Spindashing into spikes destroys them!

The Spike Shield
Passive ability: Immunity to spikes and losing the spindash.
Active ability: This shield makes you lose the spindash which is lame and all but gives you the ability to crawl in your shield which makes you immune from all enemies! Thus making it a more "controllable" spindash.

The Bumper Shield
Passive ability: Bumping into walls will give you momentum in the opposite direction!
Active ability: Fallswitch
Pressing the spin button mid-air changes your momentum to the opposite way! (Ex: falling makes you go up and vice-versa)

The Momentum Shield
Passive ability: Preserving momentum on the ground (aka the Momentum mod by CobaltBW)
Active ability: Hold the spin button mid-air to stop momentum, aim at where you want to go (depends on speed) and let go to launch over there!

getshieldplus (type): Running this command makes you able to spawn the shields monitors!
randomshieldplus (on/off): Makes you able to turn off and on changing the vanilla shield monitors to the custom ones!
allowshieldspawning (on/off): Makes you able to freely turn off or on the ability for players to spawn the monitors themselves!


-Initial release

-Added the momentum shield

Special Thanks
Special thanks to:
- Zipper: for helping me out with the bumper physics and shield hud!
- Frostiikin: for revising the shields! (and giving me permission to make a somewhat concept that behaves a bit like Azura's pivot)
- CobaltBW: for the momentum mod (reusable content)

Download Now

File Type: pk3 VL_ShieldsPlus-v1-1.pk3 (52.0 KB, 1007 views)


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Old 03-08-2020   #2
Zipper's Avatar

One of you better make a boss revolving around these.

Welcome to Releases!
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Old 03-08-2020   #3
what do you want
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Version 1.1 is out! It adds a brand spanking new shield! The momentum shield! It's very fun to use, check out what it does in the abilities section!
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Old 03-08-2020   #4
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Old 03-10-2020   #5
Smart but Stupid!

Momentum shield is just as glitchy as you would expect it to be. Otherwise, fantastic mod!

My only request is to have the option to keep vanilla and/or other modded shields in the mix for the monitor randomization. Sometimes I miss the whirlwind shield...

Glitches/nitpicks I found:
Non-spin characters can sometimes use the spike shield... to varying levels of effect.
Dying with momentum shield breaks speed cap
Losing momentum shield to projectiles breaks speed cap
Ending the level with momentum shield restricts spindash (sometimes)
Momentum glitches really break bumper into being annoying
Momentum redirection is inconsistent on whether it gives you upwards momentum or not. No factor except direction seemed to influence.
Bumper sound is global
Metal shield is annoying solely due to the reduced spring distance. Amy doesn't even fix this sometimes. Perhaps give more height from springs based on how fast you're moving when you hit them?
Momentum redirection doesn't notice when you are grabbed/forced out of an aerial state.
Certain spike balls are granted spike immunity, while others aren't (easily noticeable going from ERZ2 to ERZ3)
It's sometimes hard to distinguish a metal shield box from a spike shield box.
Bumper fallswitch seems to have hard limits on its power, making it way more situational and unreliable than you probably intended.
Shield graphics are not hidden during invincibility or super.
Most shields don't cooperate with custom characters, such as Werehog and Neo. (Metal + Neo is a sight to behold.)
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Last edited by Cabelio; 03-10-2020 at 01:45 AM. Reason: Added list of glitches/nitpicks
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Old 08-26-2020   #6
Chaolino's Avatar

Hm.. custom shileds are awesome, can i use in my level packs sir?
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Old 08-27-2020   #7
Wandering Protagonist
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It's marked as "Re-Useable Content" so yes you can. Just remember to give the author credit.
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