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Amy/Fang Ringslinger Mod
Version: 1, by CobaltBW (Community Noise Maker) CobaltBW is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2021

Version: SRB2 Rating: (1 votes - 3.20 average)
Released: 01-09-2020 Last Update: Never Favourites: 1
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This lua script heavily modifies Amy Rose's and Fang the Sniper's attacks when used in Match, Team Match, Tag, Hide & Seek, and Capture the Flag.

Amy has been reworked into a defensive support specialist. While her slow-travelling projectiles make it harder to go on the offense, fired rings will spawn a trail of hearts that damage enemies and shield allies, making her good at area denial and team support. The hearts spawned from Amy's hammer thrust also make it a helpful tool against close combatants and would-be item stealers. Use her solo for a more defensive playstyle, or tag her along with more offensive characters to gain the advantage in a teamfight!

Fang is now a heavy weapons specialist, sporting burst fire capabilities that make him a destructive force in one-on-ones as well as an effective sniper. His ability to fire three projectiles at once is powerful, but his high weapon cooldown and ammo cost can leave him exposed after attacking. It's a good thing that his trusty popgun can lock onto players, making it a great backup weapon. Fang isn't holding anything back this time around!

Full list of changes:
  • Amy's love hearts have been modified to damage enemies in addition to shielding allies.
  • Amy will receive 25 points when shielding an ally in Team Match or CTF.
  • Amy's weapon rings have been modified to spawn love hearts on impact and while traveling, and their projectile travel speed has been reduced.
  • Fang's popgun can now target players in ringslinger gametypes (so long as they are not flashing-invulnerable or in pain state).
  • Fang's weapon rings now fire in horizontal groups of three. Fang's additional scatter, explosion, and grenade rings will split sideways from a common center origin, whereas all other weapon ring types will travel parallel and side-by-side. Fired bounce and grenade ring clusters have staggered weapon lifespans. Scatter fires four new rings in addition to the standard five.
  • Fang's firing costs are doubled, and weapon firing intervals are longer (varies per weapon ring).

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The unreliable judge
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This is pretty neat! And does a lot to differentiate Fang and Amy from the other characters when it comes to ringslinger. It all checks out to me!
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