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MetAlt - An alternate Metal Sonic Details »»
MetAlt - An alternate Metal Sonic
Version: V1.0, by AxewDragon AxewDragon is offline
Developer Last Online: Sep 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (1 votes - 3.00 average)
Released: 09-06-2020 Last Update: Never Favourites: 2
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MetAlt was a personal project I was making for fun. My friends liked it, alot, so I decided to toss em into the submissions.

MetAlt is an alternate version of Metal Sonic, with a moveset that hybrids Sonic, Amy and Fang.


Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20050.gif
Views:	465
Size:	4.02 MB
ID:	38424

MetAlt can freely swap between having a Homing Thok with Multiability or a short Twinspin by pressing Custom 2

Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20051.gif
Views:	290
Size:	1.42 MB
ID:	38425

By pressing Custom 3, MetAlt can do the Quick Dash, which after a short charge up time, allows him to burst ahead into dashmode!

Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20052.gif
Views:	269
Size:	1.36 MB
ID:	38426

Instead of a Spindash, MetAlt can use Gunslinger to launch a laser, but be careful as it has a significant delay before you can do anything after!

Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20053.gif
Views:	236
Size:	1.77 MB
ID:	38427

MetAlt can go Super too! But with some extra bonuses whilst in Super..

MetAlt was also also developed after Metal, this means that one of Metal's greatest flaws has been fixed! MetAlt is waterproof and can breathe forever in water! (And Space, because beep boop)


MetAlt has Custom Music for many scenarios, none of which overwrite vanilla tracks!
MetAlt uses Vanilla sprites, with some being modified!
MetAlt is compatible with Super Run, and maybe more down the line

Tips and Tricks

A small sound is played when your Quick Dash is recharged!
Homing Thok can be cancelled by pressing jump again!
You can retain the momentum from the Homing Thok if you switch to Twinspin just before you connect with the thing you're Homing on!
Switching back to Homing Thok after such will also allow you to use Homing Thok again!
You can retain homing momentum in super simply by cancelling before connecting!
MetAlt is a neutral agent of chaos, you can get points by attacking your teammates with projectiles totally intentionally. Do this if you wanna lose friends :3

V1.0 - Release

Other Notes

I do not own the sprites, they belong to STJR.
MetAlt has their own character slot, leaving Metal Sonic free to be used alongside.

Download Now

File Type: pk3 VCL_MetAlt-V1.0.pk3 (5.99 MB, 814 views)

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Probably Responsible
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Welcome to releases!
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Metal Sonic now became epic
Thanks for the gold kind stranger chunghus 1000
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It was only a matter of time Metal Sonic would get an Alt to match Alt Sonic. I guess you could say they're "Look-a-Likes"? Eh? Eh? Fine I'll go.
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Just vibing!
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If Alternative Sonic exists.
Alternative METAL Sonic can exist too.
Oh so you're a Sonic Robo Blast 2 Fan?
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I think these are neat, but I do have some minor gripes with some of his skills.
For one, I think the homing thok is a bit... not useful with his playstyle.
The boost mechanic doesn't support how the homing thok cuts your momentum, and always forcibly resets you to level one at BEST, and when it comes to enemies you lose all your boost then and there.
The twinspin I find... Iiiiiinteresting? It feels awkward to use, but maybe that's because I don't play Amy often. I feel like, if anything, you could try and merge it with the homing thok, if possible, to make one that launches you high and lets you maintain your speed when hitting an enemy, while also homing onto it.
I... Don't... See much reason for the laser cooldown. If it's an attempt to balance for bosses, the bosses hit-stun nulls it's usefulness. The resulting lag also comes off as a bit annoying, given every bit of his moveset seems to imply constant movement.
The high-jump into boost is neat, but it feels a bit clunky in how it's approached.

I get this is a project for fun, but my overall suggestions may be as follows;
Either replace the Homing Thok with a momentum-based thok if at all possible, to let his boost have a chance to shine through, or merge his twinspin with it to make it a homing thok that sends you flying when you hit an enemy, to be useful for height.
Maybe give the Twinspin some elements of the insta-shield? This way it could be used to pass through hazards while going at high speeds. Not needed if the twinspin merge happens, of course.
Maybe make Metal still able to move while shooting (Without speed decrease) but in exchange he still has a cooldown between shots, and it costs a ring or two to fire.
As for the insta-boost, I'd personally suggest making the jump last as long as you hit the button, and instantly fire off the boost when released. Maybe make it keep your boost and launch you off faster, and let you jump heigher, with each level of boost you're on when you activate it. This way, for spending 30 rings, you can instantly activate your max boost- or when you're already in it, spend 10 rings for a super high jump.
TOGETHER we can show the world what we can do!
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This mod seems pretty cool, but I have some genuine criticism.
First of all, I know somebody else just did a post like this, but I just have to drop my peanut in the barrel.
Issue number 1: Homing Thok. Out of the box, SRB2's homing thok is a bit slow, and isn't super speed-centric. Speaking from past experience with Alt Sonic, base homing thok is not a good idea to put alongside dash mode. Here I suggest slightly tweaking it so that the air dash is fast on it's own, but make it so you also don't come to a dead stop from hitting something with the homing part.
Issue 2: The gunslinger stuff, dash mode, and the Quick Dash. Both the gunslinger stuff and quick dash on their own aren't super fun to use IMO, though that's just a thing of my own personal preference. However, having attempted to do something like MetAlt myself (and not submitting it due to certain reasons) I can give a suggestion or two based on what I tried myself. Make the laser (and super energy blasts) tied to the quick dash in the sense that starting the move puts you in a hover state of sorts, and pressing a certain button before the move charges (and launches you into dash mode) will make you fire the projectile. I also recommend making dash mode more of a usable ability here instead of a passive similarly to vanilla metal, where quick dash lets you attain dash mode but once it's gone you gotta quick dash to use it again.

Overall this mod seems like it has potential, but just barely falls short of being super great. It's not bad though. I also understand making the project for fun, since I did that with Alt Sonic originally (but look where he is now, haha...)
That guy who likes King Dedede.
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Living my dreams as always
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i know this is out of the loop (a bit), but do you remember Metal Anyone?
he was very similar to this character (using the same concept of Metal Sonic using different abilities), only here you can choose skills and they are not given to you at random.
mh..... Metal Anyone 2.2?
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The Snoc
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I never understood why metal can't breathe in space...
Guess that's fixed now
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