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Aparte Cup: Lat's unfinished endavors. Details »»
Aparte Cup: Lat's unfinished endavors.
Version: 1.1, by "Lat'" (Stop it) "Lat'" is offline
Developer Last Online: Apr 2019

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (5 votes - 4.40 average)
Released: 04-14-2019 Last Update: Never Installs: 0
Multiplayer Levels Scripts Is in Beta Stage

Here are 3 maps that I feel were worth sharing after keeping them to myself for far too long. There isn't much else to say.

-2 and a half brand new maps!
-Pretty okay fun gameplay!
-Objectively* great music
-Reverse gravity
-Questionnable anime
*if you don't like it you literally have no taste

Spoiler: Changelog

Initial release

  • Mayonaka MK.II now replaces Midnight Channel
  • Midnight Channel has been moved to Map Hell under the name "Midnight Channel Classic"

And here are the maps:

Spoiler: the maps. wow.

Dimension Disaster K

A map themed after my special stage KAWAIII entry. A pretty simplistic layout with hopefully visuals that stand up for it! I wanted to give this thing some credit because I really liked how good the special stage variant turned out visually.

Mayonaka: Mark 2

My 2nd take at Midnight Channel. This version features quite a lot of improvements alongside a layout change for the second half of the track, and a lighter fog in hopes to make it play better. This was done to answer the many complaints I kept getting on the map, hopefully I succeeded in adressing them. This will eventually replace the Midnight Channel currently in the vanilla game.

Flipgoop Station K

Flipgoop Station was originally a map I made for some old, old OLDC and somehow won in spite of its terrible visual appeal. The gimmick, was of course, goop that flipped you upside down. So I wanted to also incorporate this idea in Kart. ...Which led to me having to fix the fact that literally nothing worked properly in reverse gravity. The track was supposed to be more ambitious but I ended up keeping it simple for the sake of my sanity.
I'm really happy how the second U-turn where you can drive ontop of another flipped player turned out, it's got to be the highlight of this map!

I have more map ideas that I may or may not tackle in the future.
Please do leave feedback here or on the Kart Krew Discord, it's always great to have some to help doing better! :)

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File Type: pk3 krl_latpack_v1.1.pk3 (3.76 MB, 133 views)


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Welcome to releases! Though, if this has a better Midnight Channel, why not replace the existing Midnight Channel slot? It'd make it much easier on servers.
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Old 4 Days Ago   #3
Stop it
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so everyone was shouting at me to have Mayonaka MK.II replace Midnight Channel so here goes nothing:

  • Actually renamed the pack to 'krl_latpack_v1.1.pk3' because we actually have Lua in there.
  • Mayonaka MK.II now replaces Midnight Channel
  • Midnight Channel has been moved to Map Hell under the name "Midnight Channel Classic"
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OH BOY 3AM-- i mean another map pack.

Love the aesthetic on Dimension Disaster K and Street Fighter EX2 music?? GODLY.
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Old 4 Days Ago   #5

Well this is cool. "Midnight Channel" and Dimension Disaster are very well done. I feel that DD is the most well done here. I think the direction on Flipgoop Station could use some work. Notably the right path has arrows that seem to direct me in the opposite direction of the upcoming turn. I've had trouble with the left side in terms of the momentum of curves. But that's likely owed to me being disorientated by reverse gravity. Flipgoop is also quite dark, especially here.

Really good maps though. The layout is very captivating. And the music choice is spot on! Well done once again Lat'.
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please directly any issues about to NOTGIVINGAFULLFUCK
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