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Breakable Ice Springs - v1.1.1 Details »»
Breakable Ice Springs - v1.1.1
Version: 1.1.1, by birbhorse (local eevee petter) birbhorse is offline
Developer Last Online: Oct 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (1 votes - 3.00 average)
Released: 10-03-2020 Last Update: Never Favourites: 3
Scripts Re-Useable Content Sprites/Graphics

Welcome to...
The Ice Spring from Sonic Mania!

This is a resource addon that allows you to place the Ice Springs from Sonic Mania, and they function just the same! When you step on the spring, you get launched up, but the spring shatters when you use it.

Depending on the flags set, different things will happen. If the Extra flag is set, the spring will respawn after 10 seconds (adjustable with the "painchance" variable of the object). If the Ambush flag is set, the spring will no longer fall down from the influence of gravity.

Example Map
"ice spring" contains a WAD that has an example map demonstrating the features explained above, alongside providing a platform that approximately shows how high up the springs reach. To use it, load the WAD into Zone Builder and load the Ice Springs PK3 file using the "Add resources..." button.

If you plan on using other custom objects for your level, it is highly recommended you go into the lua script and changed the doomednum for this to something else that's not being used by another object.

PencilVoid: For the sprites used for this.
Sonic Mania: For the sound used for this.

Download Now

File Type: zip ice spring (1.2 KB, 38 views)
File Type: pk3 VL_IceSprings_v1.1.1.pk3 (73.8 KB, 21 views)


Click image for larger version

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Probably Responsible
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Welcome to releases!
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Just as you know, if Ice Springs looked like in the screenshots, some people (including me) have a 2.1 feel.
Originally Posted by Silver Sonic View Post
Rude. You could at least use the releases thread and cut the cursing...
Originally Posted by Icarus View Post
I agree with Silver on this one, could you please refrain from using cuss words?
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Don't listen me! I'm a fool
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I do not know anything! I want to see it at Frozen Hillside Zone!
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Well I'll have to use this when I work on levels
Wow my account was edgy. Working on a revamp of my old Tails Doll mod
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local eevee petter
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Hey all, v1.1 is out, and it comes with sprites drawn by PencilVoid! Huge shoutouts to them for this, they just did this outta nowhere for me.

Do note if you plan on updating, you must update the lua file accordingly, since a couple new states had to be added to accommodate the new animation frames. Be sure to remember what you set the doomednum to if you changed it!

EDIT: Minor update to v1.1.1, this only changes out the sprites to look a bit better.

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jet jaw sounds
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This should be in Resources, not Misc.
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