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[Battle] The Sonic Battle Collection - Enhanced ports of arenas from the GBA classic! Details »»
[Battle] The Sonic Battle Collection - Enhanced ports of arenas from the GBA classic!
Version: 1, by SMS Alfredo SMS Alfredo is online now
Developer Last Online: Sep 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (2 votes - 3.40 average)
Released: 05-10-2020 Last Update: Never Favourites: 5
Multiplayer Levels SOCs Scripts Re-Useable Content Sprites/Graphics


Yo dawg, I heard you liked Battle Mod, so we made a Battle Mod for your Battle Mod!

This map pack contains ports of all 12 of Sonic Battle's arenas, enhanced with new visuals and mechanics to fit better into SRB2. There's slopes, springs, ice physics and moving floors! In addition, created specifically for this pack, I've included a bonus arena with an all-new Sonic Battle-styled remix to accompany it!

But that's not all, this pack also comes with a new Battle Mod action that's universal to every character!

Press Prev Weapon or Custom 1 to shield! Use this to block your opponent's attacks and get some payback! Be careful how you time your button press though, too early or too late and you'll leave yourself open to attack!

Hold down Prev Weapon or Custom 1 after shielding to start healing. This gives you 4 rings for every second you keep holding down the button. This move is crucial to using your abilities and staying alive, as these maps lack any collectable rings! But be warned, this move leaves you extremely vulnerable, so use it wisely, or you'll end up losing all the rings you took all that time to get!

Spoiler: Notes
This pack will not work properly without Battle Mod. Duh.

The remix I made for Infinite Heaven is included in higher quality as a separate download with the name Infinite Heaven This zip file also includes an alternate non-bitcrunched version of the song. Downloading this is not mandatory, and is simply there for those who want it. I do wonder if anyone is going to be able to pinpoint the source material though...

The Shield/Heal action is exclusive to the maps in this pack. That means if you host with this and go to levels not in this pack, this mod will not affect those levels.

Using Custom 1 to shield is automatically disabled for most Message Board characters that use Custom 1 in order to prevent conflicts. In these instances, you can still use Prev Weapon to shield. However, if there's a character conflict I did not account for, you can still use the shieldcustomone command to disable it manually.

Visual bugs arise from using the OpenGL renderer in Green Hill. It is recommended to switch to Software when playing this pack.

Download Now

File Type: zip Infinite Heaven (23.06 MB, 841 views)
File Type: zip (11.87 MB, 1526 views)


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Old 05-11-2020   #2
Go on, I dare you!
Inazuma's Avatar

As I said to you before, I'm not too keen on the idea of these maps being as cramped as they are. In servers with more than 2 people, this will surely cause some issues.

Regardless, everything seems to be in order. Welcome to Releases!
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Old 05-11-2020   #3
SMS Alfredo
SMS Alfredo's Avatar

I actually had a friend of mine host a public test server before this was released. We got well over two people and there weren't any problems. And as for the maps being a little cramped, it's kinda on purpose, as not having many places to go promotes melee combat between players. And besides, these maps were actually already scaled up to 2x their original size using Oldbrak mode, and that's not even counting the 4x texture upscale :V
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Old 05-11-2020   #4
Warrior from Algol
Icarus's Avatar

I don't know about the original game's quality but I appreciate that this exists
Welcome to the Fantasy Zone
Get Ready!
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Old 06-25-2020   #5
Like, Fuck you man
InjuringData663's Avatar

Ah, The good days.
I really appreciate you making this, You did a good job on this!
I go by Aiden The Hedgehog in the game in all honesty, This is just my old name.
Oh btw, Discord: Aiden The Hedgehog#3314
YouTube: AidenSucksAtLife
Twitch: injuringdata663
Spotify: InjuringData663
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Old 07-14-2020   #6
Why hello there ~♥
Velvet's Avatar

It doesn't seem to work with the current Battle Mod 7.0
Baby, what's your phone number?

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Old 08-03-2020   #7
CaioGamesBLOXXER's Avatar
Default uhhhh...

It has been weeks and the update is not done yet????
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