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[KART] Wipezones
Version: 1.2, by "Lat'" (Stop it) "Lat'" is online now
Developer Last Online: Jan 2019

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (1 votes - 3.40 average)
Released: 01-13-2019 Last Update: Never Installs: 1

Slip tide through maps at dizzying speeds in Wipzones, a game mode inspired by Wipeout HD.
The rules are simple: You begin the race with a speed boost and can't stop going faster and faster. Each time you hit a wall (or a hazard or fall off), you will lose some shield energy. If you get hit with no energy, the game's over.

Multiplayer works but is not recommended, this mod is best experienced by yourself, where you'll have no input lag to worry about.

Here's a little sample video of a pretty decent run on Sunbeam Paradise.

Spoiler: More in depht guide of how to play

Heads-Up Display:

You auto accelerate
No need to hold the accelerator, the game does it for you. Focus on avoiding the damage.
You will keep going faster and faster as you build up more Zones over time.

You are in a constant boost state, use that to your advantage!
Because you are constantly under the effect of an infinite sneaker, you can slip tide at will! To slip tide, start drifting, then release your drift and keep turning inwards. This will allow you to take very sharp turns.

It matters not who you are
All karts are normalized to Sonic's stats. This gives you a high top speed and tight turn arc for maximum enjoyment.

Shield Energy:
To avoid our drivers dying from a single collision, we put a shield around your karts! For each wall/hazard collision, you'll lose 5% of that energy. If you fall off the track, it'll be 10%. The shield will break when it reaches 0%. Taking any damage without it will prove to be fatal at such speeds.

Recovering Energy:
It's possible to recover energy after losing some; you must complete a full lap without taking damage. This will reward you with 20 Shield.

You CAN slow down!
You can hold brake to signigicantly slow down. This will drain your HP however, and you can't brake if you have 1 HP or less.

Air brake
We equipped karts with air brakes to allow them to slow down in mid air. You can brake in mid-air for no cost at all. So use ramps to slow down on strategic spots.

You get score by just driving around. After the round is over, you will get to see your total score. These factors are taken into account for your score:
  • Base score
  • Zone number
  • Perfect Zone combo
  • Top speed (in kmph)
  • Laps
  • Perfect Laps

Spoiler: Some commands

zonestart: Set the zone you'll start at. (default is 1)
zonestarthp: Set how much HP you start with. (default is 100)
NOTE: if you set either of those values to anything ABOVE their default value, score will not be calculated

kartzone on/off: Enables or disables zone mode for the next map. Defaults to on, obviously.

Special Thanks
LazyMK for the base idea. Somehow I followed it through.
LatiusAuro for scripting assistance and some ideas
LJ Sonik for pseudorandom number lib

Download Now

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Old 6 Days Ago   #2
'That brit'
Sryder13's Avatar

Works amazingly. Really brought me back to me and my brother trying to get the highest zone in WipEout HD!

My only minor issues are that you can't literally start on 0% shield (1 hit ANYWHERE kills you) and that holding brake still slows you down but doesn't really have any big drawbacks to score. I know it drains your shield but for the amount of advantage it gives, I feel holding the brake while on the ground should stop both the score gain AND zone progress.
It would also be cool to one day have the voice line sound effects announcing things as you play.

Regardless, that's definitely minor enough to not hold it back, welcome to releases!
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Old 6 Days Ago   #3
The one and only!
MK.exe's Avatar

A perfect representation of how Zone works
Totally a pro at this

This is sooo much fun to play and I'm glad it's in releases, Mainly to see everyone's hiscores!
Considered Milestones:
Hit a 180 Rail shot
1st person to have a map in releases with Slopes

Last edited by MK.exe; 6 Days Ago at 05:28 PM.
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Old 6 Days Ago   #4

So...... F-Zero mode in Kart?
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Old 6 Days Ago   #5
Stop it
"Lat'"'s Avatar
Default v1.1

What would be a release without a quick day one patch!

V1.1 Major changes include:
  • Hacked something together so that Blue Mountain Zone is now playable.
  • Braking with no HP left will now stop Zone progress and SWIFTLY decrease your score.
  • Added voice sound effects from Wipeout HD each time a major Zone is reached.
  • Removed some leveltime dependant stuff in the HUD to have it be more consistent
  • It is now possible to start with 0 HP, or 99999 if that's your thing.
  • Fixed some cvar exploit
Originally Posted by Bronydude2k5 View Post
If you make me a Sash Lilac wad, I'll make you a sonic sprite hack of any choice.
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Old 5 Days Ago   #6
Hybrid Kart Mapper/Porter
Latius's Avatar

The Zone Kart. Considered to be a Kart with 8 Speed and 2 weight, all who wish to take on the Zone Challenge has to exchange their kart (or car) for a Zone Kart (or Zone Car).
One of the defining features of the Zone Kart is the lack of the accelerator. This is because the Zone Kart is equipped with the top of the line Rocket Sneaker Tech, (pattant pending) which automatically kicks into gear when the green light shows.
Also included in the Zone Kart is a Zone Shield Generator. The standard spec has enough charge to last for 20 hits, 10 bottomless pits or 14.25s worth of braking before being depleted.
Speaking of brakes, due to the intense speeds, the Zone Kart is equipped with both Air Brakes and Zone Brakes. The former can be used at no harm to the shield, but the latter will drain the shield, and if there's not enough energy for it to do that, it'll then drain energy from the Rocket Sneaker Tech, preventing it from speeding you up. However, this is frowned upon by the ZRC (the Zone Racing Committee) and penality points will be given for draining from the Rocket Sneaker Tech.
Due to the space requirements of the Rocket Sneaker Tech, Zone Karts are unable to obtain or use Items. However, the Zone Shield Generator does charge up over time, and if you manage to complete a whole lap or section without hitting the wall once, the Generator will restore up to 20 units of Shield Energy to the Kart.
Finally... I must warn you that due to the speeds the Zone Kart can reach, the shield is needed for it to survive any kind of hit against a wall. Without it, it will blow up within about a second or two. Thankfully, the Zone Kart can be replaced easily. The driver, not so much.
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Old 5 Days Ago   #7
aka PrismaticAngel

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Old 4 Days Ago   #8
Stop it
"Lat'"'s Avatar

What would be a day one patch if it actually fixed stuff properly?
Unless the release of 1.0.2 breaks anything, this should be the last update period.

  • Fixed airbraking removing points at 0 HP (oops)
  • Fixed being able to build up points and zone while dead
  • Added sounds and visual effects to braking and airbraking.
  • I forgot to add LJ Sonik to the credits for his RNG I used because I keep using it in unfinished projects for HUD stuff. So now that's done...!
Originally Posted by Bronydude2k5 View Post
If you make me a Sash Lilac wad, I'll make you a sonic sprite hack of any choice.
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Old 3 Days Ago   #9
Lazuli's Avatar

Just wanted to say that this mod is amazing to play, and that I love the new visuals and sounds! I feel like the screenshake after you land from a jump could be toned down just a tad bit, but besides that it's a great time!
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