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TMU Character Pack
Version: 1.0, by Tripel the fox (Community GU GU GUUUUU~) Tripel the fox is offline
Developer Last Online: Oct 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Kart Rating: (1 votes - 3.20 average)
Released: 06-20-2019 Last Update: Never Favourites: 0
Characters Scripts Sprites/Graphics

TMU is a creatively named character pack featuring characters by Tripel and Maximus Universal,
most of which have no correlation with each other. Most, if not all our future characters will go here.

Name:  Kirby.png
Views: 4125
Size:  452 Bytes
By Maximus
S: 6
W: 1

The lovable pink puffball from Kirby's Dreamland!
Easily the most recognizable character in this pack, Kirby has decent speed, but his squishy nature leaves a lot to be desired in the weight department. He probably came here looking for some food, maybe the champagne awarded to 1st place...

Name:  Maestro.png
Views: 4117
Size:  636 Bytes
By Maximus
S: 4
W: 6

Maestro is the main character from Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch, the Mega Man Doom mod made by Cutstuff.
He received an invitation to kart racing in the mail after becoming victorious in the robot master tournament, and immediately took the challenge.

Name:  Suguri.png
Views: 4119
Size:  826 Bytes
By Tripel
S: 9
W: 3

The guardian of the planet, from the Suguri series by Orange Juice.
Racing in go-karts isn't exactly protecting the planet, but she's here anyway. Not quite as odd as playing a board game, though. Most well known for her ability to go fast, she has the highest top speed in the game.

Name:  Sora.png
Views: 4117
Size:  870 Bytes
By Tripel
S: 9
W: 7

The ultimate weapon from 10,000 years ago. Also from Orange Juice's Suguri series (not Kingdom Hearts).
She's actually been sleeping all that time. She's probably so stiff because she only got up recently (well, recently when compared to 10k years). One of her most defining traits is her unbelievable luck... which results in her destroying RNG.
She doesn't seem to be aware of how bad karts are for the environment...

Name:  Pogo.png
Views: 4115
Size:  701 Bytes
By Maximus
S: 7
W: 5

Pogo the Fennec is a Sonic fan character made by Maximus.
He received 2 invitations to a kart racing event. He thought about who to give it to, however before he could decide the invitation went missing. His spring shoes probably aren't very useful in a kart.

Name:  Hydro.png
Views: 4111
Size:  807 Bytes
By Maximus
S: 4
W: 2

Hydro the Otter is a fan character made by Hydro, reworked by Maximus.
He's royalty but doesn't act like it. He found an invitation to a kart racing event laying down on the table and took it while nobody was looking. Water powers probably aren't very useful in a kart.

The one character not featured in this pack is Link and Epona, due to their size. They can be found seperately here.

Quite a few of these characters use lua, but there's also a non-lua version of the pack available, if you want to use these characters in record attack.

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Name:	Characters.png
Views:	4317
Size:	11.1 KB
ID:	20256  

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