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MMT (Many Minor Tweaks) Details »»
MMT (Many Minor Tweaks)
Version: 1.1, by birbhorse (local eevee petter) birbhorse is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (3 votes - 3.60 average)
Released: 12-25-2019 Last Update: 01-13-2020 Installs: 1
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Welcome to...
MMT (Many Minor Tweaks)!

This mod includes a whole bunch of minor tweaks that can be toggled via command line! Things including tailsball (which replaces tails' descent using spin to curl him up into a ball), superkey (which lets you change what key is used to turn super), and more! It also includes my previous lua script, Cancelable Super Form, now with the ability to change which key is used!

You can use "mmthelp" in-game to view what commands are available, and a brief description of what they do.
Do note that the list changes if you enter multiplayer, due to there being commands that work only in multiplayer, and ones that only work in singleplayer!

List of commands:
  • tailsball <on/off> <jump/spin/bop>: Tails now turns into a ball instead of descending when using the spin key in flight. Default: off jump
    Second option changes how much control you have over tails when in ball form; jump for more, spin for less.
  • tokentorings <on/off>: If all chaos emeralds are collected, player is granted 50 rings instead of a continue. Default: on
  • everysuper <on/off/disable>: Allows every character to go super. If set to off, only vanilla super characters can go super. If disabled, nobody can go super. Default: on (admins only)
  • superkey <value>: Changes key used to transform into character's super form. Default: spin
  • mmtdefaults: changes everything related to MMT back to default variables. (admins only)
  • toggleafk <on/off> <15-90/timeroff/timeron>: sets the player into an AFK mode. (netplay exclusive)
    The second argument is used to set how long it takes until you are automatically set to AFK mode, or to turn off the functionality altogether.
  • cancelsuper <on/off>: Disable the player's super form when using spin (or custom key set by command) in mid-jump. Default: on (admins only)
    Singleplayer has second argument, used to change the key. Options: spin, tossflag, ringtoss, ringtossnormal, customaction1/2/3, nextweapon, prevweapon
  • classicshields <on/off>: Changes all SRB2 Monitors to their S3K equivalents. (admins only)
  • cancelsuperkey <value>: Change the key used for cancel superkey to another value. Default: spin (netplay exclusive)
    options: spin, tossflag, ringtoss, ringtossnormal, customaction1/2/3, nextweapon, prevweapon
  • musicfade <on/off>: Fades music out when crossing the goalpost. Default: on
  • classicsuper <on/off>: Jumping will automatically turn you super when elligble to do so. Default: off
    Do note that turning this on disables superkey and cancelsuper!
  • preserveshield <on/off>: Preserves shield upon completion of level, allowing you to keep the shield in the next map load. Default: on (admins only)
  • classicspecialstage <on/off>: Replaces emerald tokens with the ability to enter the special stage if the player clears w/ 50 rings. Default: off (admins only)
  • banskin: <value>: adds skin to a banlist, prohibiting players from selecting them. (netplay exclusive, admins only)
  • unbanskin: <value>: removes skin from banlist, allowing usage of them again. (netplay exclusive, admins only)
  • orderpizza+: -size <value> -address <value> -toppings <value>: order a pizza!
There will be many more features in the future, my current plans are listed out in the lua script itself if you're interested.
For returning users, there is no longer a netplay variant, for the script itself detects if it's in a multiplayer game or not, and acts accordingly.

Don't be afraid to bug report in the replies, even if you find like, a hundred of them! Even with real bugs--actually don't, that's off-topic unfortunately. If you do bug report, please provide what other addons you had on, if you were in multiplayer, and provide each step you did so I can diagnose the problem easier. Saying "x does not work" and leaving it at that is not helpful.
I do also accept suggestions, however this does not mean I will include them for any number of reasons.


  • classicshields has been added! This allows you to swap out the SRB2 monitors for the S3K equivalent monitors! The elemental shield has a 50/50 chance of spawning as a water/fire shield (unless on a few certain stages), the whirlwind & attraction shield is changed to the electric shield, the armageddon shield is fire, and the force shield is bubble.
  • I have hopefully resolved issues coming from superkey, cancelsuper(key), classicsuper, and tailsball in multiplayer by removing their local functions, by instead having them all be placed in the script itself. This makes the code a lot messier unfortunately, but such is life.
  • unbanskin now allows you to say "all", unbanning all skins.
  • Fixed the AFK Sign not disappearing when exiting in multiplayer.
  • toggleafk now has an automatic timer, where if the player is not moving for more than a minute, they are switched to AFK mode. This can be adjusted to be down to 15 seconds, or to 1.5 minutes. Default is 1 minute. This can also be disabled with "timeroff", and re-enabled with "timeron"
  • toggleafk now puts the player in an exit state if there is more than one player in the server. They are still able to exit their afk status, and resume playing the level if it has not already ended.
  • afktoggle has been added, when used it sets the player into a Safe State:tm:, protecting you from being bullied online when you gotta get that pizza you ordered.
  • mmtdefaults has also been added, it resets all commands back to their default values.
  • Various tweaks to tailsball's boppin' mode: Made tailsball's bop mode a bit more versatile; it now works regardless of what's bein Bopp'd (before it was only enemies). Fixed an exploit with tailsball's bop mode that let you use shields in this state. Fixed "bop" not being allowed to be set as the first and only variable in console.
  • Optimized this code quite a bit, stuff like the checks for multiplayer have been condensed into one line, as opposed to branching out and duplicating the function when needed.
  • Fixed cancelsuperkey not working in multiplayer.
  • Finally fixed when armageddon shield is used, it'd conflict with the superkey. The fix used here should also fix other problems that might arise with this.
  • Another "at long last" fix, musicfade no longer happens when only you have finished, it only happens when *everyone* finishes.
  • And many, many other minor bug fixes that improve overall system stability.
  • Speaking of bugfixes, from this point forward, bug-fix only updates can and will be released, under labels such as "v1.0B, v1.0C", etc., and will be appended to the changelogs of their respective versions.
Bugfix 1.0A: Fixed Amy not being able to go super.
  • This is now bundled in a .pk3 file, for a couple reasons. One of which is that tailsball has a new sound effect! It's similar to the dropdash noise in Sonic Mania.
  • tokentorings also has a custom sfx now; it's similar to the combine ring noise found in Knuckles' Chaotix/Sonic Mania.
  • tailsball has a new upgrade, bop mode! With this, you can start "flying" again after bouncing, and re-curl up after! Do note that this isn't full flight, so you won't be able to gain too much height from it, however you can use to to chain bops together with ease!
  • banskin now has HUD elements; when your skin is banned, it dims the screen and tells the player to change their skin. Previous behavior just spammed the console, but now this doesn't happen anymore.
  • Fixed everysuper not showing the key strings, again.
  • banskin no longer allows players to throw rings/flags when their skin is banned.
  • Change SFX used for banskin; now plays an error noise instead of the skidding noise.
Unfortunately due to how lua scripting is set up, any changes made via command line can not be saved at the moment. If you wish to make the changes permanent, rename the file and make your changes to the variables found at the top of the document!

Known problems/bugs:
  • toggleafk displays two prints when inputting second argument.
  • tailsball's bop mode will not work with the bubble shield, due to how the bubble shield functions.
  • Players in AFK mode can be carried around.
  • tokentorings is awarded to the wrong player when used in multiplayer, seems to be the player in the last slot to join.
This addon does not function well when hosting a game via the in-game multiplayer menu. The player hosting will experience anything the other players are doing, e.g. using tailsball.
You must host a dedicated server by opening the program via -dedicated, so that scripting conflicts like this do not occur!

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Is replacing Eggman with new Egg-Robo sprites when fighting all bosses as Knuckles possible?
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Does this actually order a pizza?
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Originally Posted by carlrev View Post
Is replacing Eggman with new Egg-Robo sprites when fighting all bosses as Knuckles possible?
make the sprites and a lua to check for knuckles and it should be
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