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Wrappin' up some changes in v3, aimed mostly at making browsing emotes a more pleasant experience:
  • Added search functionality to the emote and pose listings by using ".emotes search terms here" or ".poses same". This makes it easier to find all of the dab emotes loaded on the server.
  • The emote and pose listings are now sorted alphabetically (first by group - see below - then by emote name) and sectioned into specific pages, instead of the previous quasi-randomized mishmash of sorting by however Lua decided.
  • Emotes can be grouped, which will show up in the emote listing and is used to keep grouped emotes together in sorting. Ungrouped emotes will appear at the end of the listing. Search also checks group names.
  • New (untested :X) methods for adding emotes. These will append a number to the emote name if needed to avoid name conflicts. The old AU_Emotes table is left in for backwards-compatibility. The new methods are:
    • For a single emote: MN.AddEmote("emotename", {SPR_BLAH, A, color=SKINCOLOR_COLOR, group="group"}) (color and group are optional)
    • For a whole group of emotes: MN.AddEmotes("group", {emotename = {SPR_BLAH, A, color=SKINCOLOR_COLOR}}) (color is, again, optional)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Emotes now flip with the player in-world.
    • Fixed the welcome notice from showing up multiple times in chat for new joiners.
  • Started on refactoring the code internally for my own sanity. If new bugs crop up, this is probably the cause.
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