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  1. MotdSpork

    Modern Sonic V5.12

    Not in the current release but it is in upcoming V6!
  2. MotdSpork

    Modern Sonic V5.12

    Hi I'm not dead, I Promise :) Humming Top sprites and touched up boost frames courtesy of MetalWario64!
  3. MotdSpork

    [Open Assets] Mouse Move Overhaul 1

    I basically made a small script that allows the player to toggle an overhaul of the base game's "Mouse Move" option, that is toggled by typing the command "mousemoveoverhaul" into the console. Typing the command a second time will disable it. This variation of Mouse Move allows you to strafe...
  4. MotdSpork

    Modern Sonic V5.12

    MotdSpork updated Modern Sonic V5.12 with a new update entry: The "Why did we wait so long for this update" update Read the rest of this update entry...
  5. MotdSpork

    Modern Sonic V5.12 - The "Why did we wait so long for this update" update

    Fixed console spam.
  6. MotdSpork

    Pac-Man 1.2.3

    Pac-Man hungers for a new adventure! After being in development for almost a year in secret (mainly because of procrastination and being busy on my part) me and Mr. McScrewup are proud to finally get this out for you all to enjoy! Jump Ability: Butt Bounce Press Jump in midair to perform a...
  7. MotdSpork

    [Open Assets] Intro inspired paper sprite peelout animation 1.4/CD 1.4.1

    Just a simple paper sprite peelout, which gives sonic dashmode to show it off in action. Use it for whatever you want! Thanks to amperbee for helping with angle math!
  8. MotdSpork

    Greeneyes 3.4.1a

    Okay, so a little backstory before I start, one of my friends had gotten permission from D00D64 to port Greeneyes from 2.1 to 2.2, but later ended up letting me do it instead. I ended up making a few adjustments for this version, because I feel that they make Greeneyes offer a different...
  9. MotdSpork

    Modern Sonic V5.12

    It has to do with the scrapped light speed attack that was intended for V5 but was removed because it was considered more of an adventure sonic ability.
  10. MotdSpork

    [Open Assets] Sonic Heroes Custom Fade 1

    Just a cool custom fade that took a little longer than I would have liked to get finished haha. Use it for whatever you want!
  11. MotdSpork

    The Games Factory Sonic (AKA Earless HD) 1.1

    The Games Factory Sonic is back, hailing from the distant past of the late 90s! He should play just like you remember him playing way back then! -Situational Higher Gravity- TGF Sonic has higher gravity when he jumps, but ONLY when he jumps. If he walks off a ledge, or uses a spring, his...
  12. MotdSpork

    SuperPhanto's Models of Varying Originality 1.5

    I have decided to merge all the models that I have already released into one pack, and add to it instead of releasing a ton of these things. The old threads will be kept for archival purposes, but they will not be updated. To install, drag and drop the PHANTO folder into the models folder...
  13. MotdSpork

    [Open Assets] The Gadd Science Inc. Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device (FLUDD)

    That's right, FLUDD is back, and mostly unchanged from its 2.1 iteration. Regardless, this was listed as re-usable, so I figured I'd give it a whirl. I do plan on redoing the sprites, but for now I'll just leave it as is. Basically, pressing Fire or Fire Normal will use the selected nozzle...
  14. MotdSpork

    [Open Assets] Sonic Lost World Bounce for 2.2

    The bounce from Sonic Lost World ported from 2.1 to 2.2. 3 bounces with each being higher than the last. The last uncurls you leaving you vulnerable. Use Spin while jumping to bounce. Note: You cannot use this as Super Sonic, due to him getting the Float ability instead.
  15. MotdSpork

    [Open Assets] Super Peelout for 2.2

    This is my Super Peelout script ported from 2.1 to 2.2 To use the Peelout, just stand still and hold Custom button 1 to charge it. Release Custom 1 at full charge (shortly after starting running frames) to dash forward at Super Sonic speeds. Notable changes include: Sonic kicking up dust...
  16. MotdSpork

    [Open Assets] Black Eggman v2.4 (Now with Brak Lite!)

    Special thanks to Monster Iestyn for allowing me to port this, and also Instant Sonic for making the model! Without you, none of this would be possible! Also huge thanks goes to the SRB2 Discord server for supporting me along the way! That's right, everyone's favorite egg-shaped brute from the...
  17. MotdSpork

    Modern Sonic V5.12 2021-10-13

    It's been a long 7 months working on Modern Sonic. What was originally going to just be a port of ModernAbilities turned into an entire rewrite. With brand new effects, sounds, commands and more. It's been a blast making him and I really tried to make Modern Sonic feel authentic without changing...
  18. MotdSpork

    [Open Assets] Xtreme Sonic 1.5.1

    DISCLAMER: THIS IS NOT THE SAME XTREME SONIC CHARACTER THAT CIRCULATED ON THE MASTER SEVER IN 2019! THIS IS MUCH HIGHER EFFORT THAN THAT! With that out of the way, I present to you all... Xtreme Sonic Featuring: The Spin Slash: a cut ability for Sonic in the original Sonic Xtreme. Because...
  19. MotdSpork

    Duke Nukem

    Hail to the king, baby. Duke Nukem is here in SRB2 and ready to kick some ass. Eggman stole all of earths babes so Duke needs to stop him and save them all! (no I don't know why Eggman would do this but Duke needs motivation :V) Unlike your average Sonic character (Shadow not included), Duke...