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Zanda_Sama 03-26-2020 03:10 AM

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This is the Neo Jam Hud.... kinda self explanitory. Basically an authentic mod of the Heads Up Display (HUD) in Sonic Jam.

"Isn't there already a Sonic Jam HUD?" Yes, that's in Cyron's "Jammin" thread in releases, but this one is different. This one looks completely different from the one in Jammin. This one is more authentic, using Sonic Jam's "STTNUM" and "STTCOLON", etc. It also uses Sonic Jam-styled font. I say styled because I kinda shaded it to make it look better, hopefully it's unnoticeable. I even made custom letters... not that they really took much.

So uh yeah, this one should look better and more accurate to the original. It's Neo Jam HUD because Neo means "New" or something, I don't know. It also differentiates the name. Maybe I'll make an update that adds life icons like the one in the image attachment, but I'll have to change it a bit so it actually like looks good n crap. It'd be a separate mod since some people want to use other life-icon (XTRAA0) changing mods. It'd also have custom character support like my TLI mod.

Credits to DanielMania123 for ripping the sprites from Sonic Jam, so I could make this. Also credits to SMS Alfredo who told me that there's this thing called "SOC" that can change HUD Number Positions, also telling me how to make offsetts. Credits to tealsummernights for telling me that my HUD mod doesn't look like shit in the standard palette, and I just need to MANUALLY re-color it instead of using the auto-recolor since that shit didnt work.

Alt-File: Looks better when you use PVPalette, basically load PVPalette, and then make sure the current screen is using the palette (by going into a level, and then going back to the title screen).

Please Enjoy! Currently the most authentic (closest to the original) Jam Hud out there... I mean I guess there's nothing to rival it.
Oh and there's also like added shading or something, it also is like more blue than purple or whatever. Should look better than the original HUD.

(Note: Use "Mania" for the HUD's settings for the most accuracy or whatever. The HUD graphics are the same size as the ones in Sonic Jam, though I could make longer if *necesarry*, doubt you're going to get 1000 or even 2000+ rings.)

Version 1.2 - Added STTRTIME to the mod so that when you're running out of time it uses the new sprite instead of the old one. Added a netplay version, removing the SOC and just having STTRINGS (and STTRRINGS) the same length of the STTSCORE and STTTIME, (In Sonic Jam, the STTRINGS was less wide, I wanted to keep that, but alas.). Basically Pyrakid Wolfo just changed the Number Offsets, so that it'd work.

Zanda_Sama 03-26-2020 03:20 AM

BTW This belongs in the Miscellaneous part of Releases.

Prime 2.0 03-27-2020 12:21 AM

Welcome to Releases!

Frostiikin 03-27-2020 12:53 AM

This marks the game as modified, so it's basically useless as a hud mod, since the point of these are graphical changes that can be taken online... Really should figure out a way to remove whatever sets it as modified

Zanda_Sama 03-27-2020 01:12 AM


Originally Posted by Frostiikin (Post 819040)
This marks the game as modified, so it's basically useless as a hud mod, since the point of these are graphical changes that can be taken online... Really should figure out a way to remove whatever sets it as modified

Can't do that. The reason why it counts the game as modified is probably because it changes the HUD numbers to actually fit the sprite. There's no work around. If I remove the SOC, then the HUD numbers... it'll look like shit. I do realize this is basically useless, same thing with my Transparent Life Icons mod, that uses P_SKIN, since that modifies a skin it counts the game as modified, but without P_SKIN the game would change anything, and all the life icons would look the same. Maybe one day in a future update they'll add something that can have mods like these not count the game as modified, or put it in the vanilla game (doubtful for Jam Hud, but i mean transparent life icons makes SENSE)

The YetAnotherHudMod doesn't contain any SOC, the only reason this uses SOC is because it needs to, otherwise the numbers will be inside the letters, nothing I can do about it.

So yeah this is useless. Thanks.

Icarus 03-27-2020 02:07 PM

Any Sonic Jam-related mod is an ok in my book.


Professor Eevee 03-28-2020 08:24 AM

vearvy nice mod u got there

Zanda_Sama 04-09-2020 02:24 PM

Guys new update. Added a netplay version that removes the SOC. It no longer marks the game as modified.
Also thank Pyrakid Wolfo for the netplay version and telling me that the STTRTIME is actually a thing that exists AND is used.

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