Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Pack

[Open Assets] Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Pack 1.7

The eternal rival of the nameless Pharaoh, Seto Kaiba, President of KaibaCorp is finally here!

Speed: 6, Weight: 5

The President of KaibaCorp and creator of the Duel Disk, Seto Kaiba arrives on the scene! His stats bare a striking resemblence to his iconic monster, Blue-Eyes White Dragon! With stats like these, he's willing to prove the Pharaoh that even he is king in kart racing! ...I think a certain King of Kings would like a word with him.


Mai Valentine & Kujaku Mai (v1.1):
Fixed small line of sprites appearing over Mai's head on a specific angle.
The beautiful lady herself, Mai Valentine (Kujaku Mai in Japanese) flies onto the race track!

Stats: Speed 3, Weight 4

With stats similar to her archetype, Harpie Ladies. Mai Valentine is ready make her opponent's eat dust!


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The protagonist and Slifer Red Student (Osiris Red Student) of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is finally here!

Stats: Speed 5, Weight 4

Jaden Yuki (Yuki Judai) joins the race! With stats to match his ace monster, Elemental HERO Neos, he's ready to get his game on! Are you?


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Yami Yugi (JP) (v1.1):
Changed gfx_prefix to not intefere with other existing characters with "EXMP" as their gfx_prefix.
Yami Yugi finally enters the race track!

Stats: Speed 3, Weight 2.

Believing in the heart of the cards has gotten him out of many sticky situations, but can they help him on the race track? Maybe he should take some lessons from Yusei...


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Joey Wheeler (or Jonouchi Katsuya for you Subbed fans) finally arrives onto the race track!

Stats: Speed 4, Weight 2.

Joey will have some differences between his Japanese and English counterparts with unique sprites for Wanted/Select icons and when Drifting and of course, speaking Japanese for Jonouchi, and English for Joey!


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Crow Hogan and Kiryu Kyosuke have had small adjustments to their eyes to match on every angle.

All WADs has also been changed to pk3 format.
Team 5Ds' speedster has finally been released!

Stats: Speed 8, Weight 3

Once a thief and member of Team Satisfaction, he is now a member of Team 5Ds' and is ready to race!

Kiryu Kyosuke has also been updated to Version 1.2.

Small adjustments made to his eyes.
Kiryu Kyosuke has been updated to v1.1.

- Kiryu now uses the Asymmetrical Template so his facial features are no longer mirrored.


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