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The King of Games himself, Yami Yugi dashes into the race!

Speed 3, Weight 2

The spirit of a nameless pharaoh that was sealed inside the Millennium Puzzle, only to be released once Yugi Muto completed the puzzle. Yami Yugi's stats bear a resemblence to one of his iconic cards, Kuriboh! Who has helped him in sticky situations in the past, maybe this is a sign to help him out... Just like Joey Wheeler, Yami Yugi comes with two variants, one set to English (Yami Yugi (EN)), and the other set to Japanese (Yami Yugi (JP)).


Joey Wheeler (or Jonouchi Katsuya) drives by from Brooklyn!

Speed 4, Weight 2

Former bully of Muto Yugi, he is now best friends with him. Joey's stats may bare a striking resemblence to his iconic monster Red-Eyes. He may be on the light side, but it just means he'll come swinging back with his good old luck! Also, he comes in two variants. One set to English (Joey Wheeler) and the other set to Japanese (Jonouchi Katsuya), differences can be seen in their Wanted/Select icons and their drifting sprites.


Yugi's eternal rival, Seto Kaiba arrives on the scene!

Speed 6, Weight 5

Eternal rival of the King of Games and President of KaibaCorp, Seto Kaiba has always had an obsessive rivalry with the Pharaoh from their numerous encounters from Duelist Kingdom all the way to Egypt. His stats are reminiscent of his iconic monster, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon! Even outside of Duel Monsters, Kaiba wants to prove he is the King, even in kart racing!


Mai Valentine (or Kujaku Mai) zooms in with her beauty!

Speed 3, Weight 4

Former rival of Yugi and Joey during their time in Duelist Kingdom, Mai Valentine is now friends with them and their crew! Bearing stats similar to her iconic archetype, the Harpie Ladies, she is ready to make her opponent's eat dust! She is available in two variants. One set to English (Mai Valentine), and the other set to Japanese (Kujaku Mai).


The Slifer Slacker of Duel Academy, Jaden Yuki (or Yuki Judai) is getting his game on!

Speed 5, Weight 4

Slifer Red's (Osiris Red's) student of Duel Academy (Duel Academia), known for always having fun whilst dueling but also a bit of a slacker himself. His stats bare a resemblence to his ace monster, Elemental HERO Neos. With stats like these, he's ready to get his game on! Are you? Just like Joey and Yugi, Jaden comes with two variants, one set to English (Jaden Yuki), and the other set to Japanese (Yuki Judai).


Aki Izayoi (or Akiza Izinski) joins the race!

Speed 4, Weight 5

No longer tied down as Team 5Ds' benchwarmer, Aki now takes to the racetrack! She has well-rounded stats to keep up, however just like her D-Wheel, the Bloody Kiss, she isn't the fastest out of them all for a mid-weight.


Crow Hogan flies onto the track!

Speed 8, Weight 3

Once a thief in Satellite and member of Team Satisfaction, Crow Hogan joins the race as a member of Team 5Ds'! Just like his D-Wheel, the Blackbird, he is very fast making him hard to keep up with! But just like a bird, he is on the lighter side, but this means he can easily make it back into the race!


Kiryu Kyosuke (or Kalin Kessler) is ready to race!

Speed 4, Weight 6

Former leader of Team Satisfaction and old friend of Fudo Yusei, Kiryu finally hits the racetrack after saving Crash Town! His stats are somewhat all-rounded with a bit more emphasis on weight, presumably from the weight of being a Dark Signer...


Character pack updated to version 1.7.

Seto Kaiba (v.1.0):
Seto Kaiba has been released.

Mai Valentine (Kujaku Mai) (v1.1):
Fixed graphic issue on specific angle above Mai's head.

Yami Yugi (JP) (v1.1):
Changed gfx_prefix to not intefere, take or give gfx of existing characters with the same gfx_prefix.

Character Pack has been updated to pk3 format.

Aki Izayoi (v1.2):
Aki's eye colour has been altered to match in line with her canon eye colour.

Kiryu Kyosuke (v1.3):
Adjusted Kiryu's eyes.

Crow Hogan (v1.1):
Adjusted Crow's eyes.

Aki Izayoi (v1.1):
Update to Aki's sprites to make her look nicer overall.

Kiryu Kyosuke (v1.1):
Kiryu Kyosuke now uses the Asymmetrical Template.
Credits to:
Aaron0000 for fixing Aki's Select/Wanted icon.
Froil for helping me learn how to use Kartmaker.
Malogor for helping update Aki and Kiryu's sprites.
Tuffy for helping adjust Crow's face on his A2 sprite.
blackbirb for helping me with offsetting in SLADE and suggesting Joey's drifting sprites.
WilliamPhox for providing a reference for Joey Wheeler.
jen (REAL) for helping with Mai's face on her A2 sprite and adjusting Kaiba's facial features.
MF.Mario for suggesting fixes to Mai's A4 sprite.
Audio is from Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Tag Force Special and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links.
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