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Aki Izayoi - The Black Rose Witch of Team 5Ds joins the race!

Aki Izayoi (or Akiza Izinski) from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds joins the race!

Speed 4, Weight 5

No longer tied down as Team 5Ds benchwarmer, Aki now takes to the racetrack! She has well-rounded stats to keep up, however just like her D-Wheel, the Bloody Kiss, it isn't the fastest out of them all for a mid-weight.

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Ya Know, As a yugioh fan I can appreciate these. Did anyone do the OG variants? I wonder. Seems like an easy cap.




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The President of KaibaCorp, Seto Kaiba enters the race!

The eternal rival of the nameless Pharaoh, Seto Kaiba, President of KaibaCorp is finally here!

Speed: 6, Weight: 5

The President of KaibaCorp and creator of the Duel Disk, Seto Kaiba arrives on the scene! His stats bare a striking resemblence to his iconic monster, Blue-Eyes White Dragon! With stats like these, he's willing to prove the Pharaoh that even he is king in kart racing! ...I think a certain King of Kings would like a word with him.

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