Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Character Pack

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Aki Izayoi (or Akiza Izinski) joins the race!

Speed 4, Weight 5

No longer tied down as Team 5Ds' benchwarmer, Aki now takes to the racetrack! She has well-rounded stats to keep up, however just like her D-Wheel, the Bloody Kiss, she isn't the fastest out of them all for a mid-weight.


Kiryu Kyosuke (or Kalin Kessler) is ready to race!

Speed 4, Weight 6

Former leader of Team Satisfaction and old friend of Fudo Yusei, Kiryu finally hits the racetrack after saving Crash Town! His stats aren't anything to write home about, probably due his history of being a Dark Signer...


Aki Izayoi (v1.2):
Aki's eye colour has been altered to match in line with her canon eye colour.

Kiryu Kyosuke (v1.1):
Kiryu Kyosuke now uses the Asymmetrical Template.

Aki Izayoi (v1.1):
Update to Aki's sprites to make her look nicer overall.
Credits to:
Aaron0000 for fixing Aki's Select/Wanted icon.
Froil for helping me learn how to use Kartmaker.
Malogor for helping update Aki and Kiryu's sprites.
Audio is from Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Tag Force Special and Konami.
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