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[Open Assets] YellowFlame4444's Kart Character pack v4.0

Shaggy, The Mystery Machine, and all 8 eeveelutions. That's right, along with the Super Shag and The Machine of Mystery, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon are all included in this Kart Character pack. I'm super excited to share my work with all those who wish to play as these characters in SRB2 Kart. Not only do they come in a pack though, you can also download just the eeveelutions in the eeveelution pack as well as download each of them individually in the event that you only want to download a few or just one of them. I hope you all enjoy the characters that I've made.

Update 1: A new addition to the character pack has arrived. Driver of the Mean Machine 00 from hit Hanna-Barbera cartoon Wacky Races, Dick Dastardly finally makes his grand entrance in SRB2 Kart. He of course has the top speed and great handling, but I wouldn't be too surprised if any other racers happen to fall victim to a few traps set by him instead. His trusty guide Muttley isn't joining him, but that's ok, the player can guide him through the course instead!

Update 2: Another new character has been added to the character pack. Do you want to play as a cubchoo in SRB2 kart? Because now you can! Cubchoo drives a smaller kart, so it weighs less than average, but it can also go quite fast!

Update 3: It's the Incredibles! (and Frozone). Bob Parr, A.K.A. Mr. Incredible, drives his incredimobile / incredicar. It's a heavy vehicle but it's also fast: perfect for catching bad guys. Helen Parr, A.K.A. Elastigirl, drives the elasticycle. It's a light vehicle that can be knocked around easily, but it's quite fast to compensate. Dashiel Robert Parr, A.K.A. The Dash, actually doesn't have a vehicle. Instead, he runs to his heart's content on the tracks of SRB2 kart. Violet Parr, who I'm pretty sure doesn't have a superhero name, drives the double kart with Jack-Jack. Finally, Lucius Best, A.K.A. Frozone, rides his trusty circular snowboard, board? Regardless, all 6 of them are ready to race in SRB2 kart

(I do not own any of the licensing for these characters, I just made the sprites and programmed in their stats specifically for this game)

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