Wido the Wild

Wido the Wild 1.2

My sincerest apologies for never testing Wido in multiplayer up until now.

  • Added MT_PLAYER to the parry blacklist, and made MT_PLAYERs an invalid target for horizontal slashes. This should correct some issues that would cause players to get stuck in a glitched state.
  • Added MF_MONITORs to the parry blacklist as well. As fun as it was to launch them around, this prevented them from respawning in multiplayer gamemodes where that matters.

Now go kill Chaos.
It's the "1.1 minor fixes update" \o/

  • Removed the abillity to parry "instant death" damage, such as drowning or timing out.
  • Wido's now loses all of their abilities when holding the flag in CTF mode.
  • Adjusted the wallrun code to maybe-probably work in a few more weird edge cases involving very small linedefs close together?
  • Lowered the minimum speed while running on walls with Super Sneakers or Wild Trigger.
  • The Wild Trigger overlay now works properly in reverse gravity.
  • Made Wild Trigger's double-tap ability more consistent.

Lastly, since it's been a bit from release and everyone's had a chance to have fun discovering it:

Wild Trigger

Press and hold the Custom1 key after collecting all 7 Chaos Emeralds to enter your berserk form. You gain the same infinite Wall Run effect as the Super Sneakers, and can cancel all of your abilities into each other- making the slashes far more spammable. You also gain the ability to "double-tap" bosses to get two hits in one attack cycle. Your parry frames are also lengthened. Like a normal super form, you also gain increased speed and jump height. In short, you get better at everything.
Unlike a normal super form, activating Wild Trigger does not require rings. In fact, your ring counter vanishes entirely. This is the primary tradeoff of transforming, taking a single unparried hit will result in instant death. You can detransform at any time by tapping Custom1 again, but you will always come back with zero rings.
Using Wild Trigger is a dangerous gamble, but it can pay off with unmatched boss clearing abilities. If you find yourself in a pinch with no rings remaining, you may as well transform- it might just give you the edge you need.​