This is the best IDW mod so far, but I'm not hoping for ever because you might do something even better in the future
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cool, finally a sonic idw character taken seriously, Nice job light dasher
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Oh, wow. My first review. Better make it count...

Whisper, in the absolute best way possible, feels like she comes from an entirely unique platformer. The Hover, aesthetically, is gorgeously sprited, and VERY useful all at once. The Laser is so fun once you get used to it, and having the Rocket for that added utility makes for some VERY fun boss battles. Having the Cube function disperse special rings is a very nice touch, and the Spike function might be one of my favorite wall-crawls I've ever played with.

I've especially had a lot of fun in Chaos Mode, which put the action-focused moveset to the test in some of the most fun, limit-pushing, and dare I say, chaotic rounds I've ever had in the mode. And that first-person mode for improved aiming? Astounding.

The only criticism I have is the inability to use the laser mid-air. It's versatile, but only on the ground, and that's a bit disappointing. Despite that, however, this is one of my absolute favorite characters to use. I can't wait to try her out even more.
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I have been waiting a while for a Whisper mod and this does not disappoint. Fun and unique gameplay and it actually made me try out new routs in levels that I haven't taken before.
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Fun transformation of the game into an action first-person shooter while remaining true to Sonic-style gameplay. Her moveset is simple but powerful, and easy to get to grips with. Each ability is dynamic and has depth to it, creating a high skill ceiling. My only complaints are that oftentimes I would instictively try to fire a Laser bullet in mid-air and launch a buzz-saw instead, so it would be nice to have a way to launch a laser mid-air as it would allow for even more fast-paced shooting. Also, a nice feature to have would be the ability to have shooting use the fire buttons instead of jump and spin; many players have these bound to the mouse buttons so this option would make the experience more similar to usual FPS games.
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I decided to test her on the Angel Island Tour from Rogerregorroger and apparently, it's a pretty fun character i just played with, i even beaten Angel Island Tour with it, so yeah, i recommend trying it out.
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Well here again
again mod on platformer make on shooter engine
shooter game.

Why no?

i'll like shooters!

cool hud like again shooters.


idw (although I don't know what it is sorry)

good so playing.
you can add bolognese gor
oh stop.
it's doom legacy engine!

Well there are SAExplosions you can add it.

The End...
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You have no idea how long I waited for this character.
Seeing Whisper finally playable made me overjoyed because you managed to use the whispoon mechanics to the fullest and make it extremely fun (plus the first person detail is a nice touch).
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It's incredibly fun to play with tangle and the interaction with the wisps. I can see you put lots of effort into this character
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Yet another amazing Light Dasher mod! You don't seem to ever miss. From Cacee to Tangle, all your mods are packed with quality sprite work, fun "easy to learn, hard to master" movesets, and such replayability, especially with the random characters mod.

First off, I love that the Rocket Wisp can break the rail kart doors. I've always hated those slow sections. Great to see another mod, besides Cacee, that can break those doors.

Secondly, I love the potential speedrunning material that is canceling into a Hover Wisp after using the Cube Wisp's ability. It's very fun to pull off once you get the rhythm of it. Note to self: Never do this trick over a bottomless pit when not super.

overall another light dasher w ngl
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first character i've ever seen that uses wisps and she's so cool!!! 10/10 job on this keep up the good work.
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A very solid character with equally great visuals and effects, this is surely a great mod.
Unfortunately, what really knocks her down is the limitations on the controls. Having 4 of her 5 abilities all mapped to the same button just isn't enjoyable at all, especially when doing so greatly limits when I can even use any of those abilities. I feel this character could greatly benefit from at the very least having the ability to use laser and rocket from a different button e.g. ringtoss, allowing her to shoot in the air, and being able to shoot from springs.
What could be a really fun and unique experience is getting dragged down to merely ok by overlimited controls
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Amazing and very fun mod, the spriting is perfect and fits in perfectly, and little details like her tilting on the hovering during a turn is just the cherry on top. The abilities feel fun and really get the feeling of a speed based shooter character, along with feeling perfectly like using the wisps. Now as always a few little nitpicks here and there. You cant use shields as far as I can tell, (big whoop I know whatever, just a little thing) climbing walls with the spike wisp feels a little strange, it seems less like the priority is "wall climb, with the added bonus of ground speed" and more "wall climb to help keep your ground speed" purely cause of the duration of the climb, is it meant to be this way? And the hammer is easy to use. As in REALLY easy to use, so easy the generous time window makes it a little difficult to smoothly transition from float to wheel. but that aside, v1 and its already an astounding mod, cant wait to see where it goes.
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0/10 there isnt an interaction with the tangle character wad where they can make out with eachother

All jokes aside, this is SERIOUSLY impressive. Not only did you take a character that I thought would be too complex for this game and gave her a functional moveset, you fit that entire moveset in just the jump and spin buttons. The moveset itself is also really intuitive and balanced despite its relative complexity; her mobility tools are limited to offset her extremely powerful and versatile combat abilities, but they still work well to provide fun and unique ways of traversing levels. Oh, and it goes without saying, but the spritework and visual effects are phenomenal. A masterful wad, all in all. I applaud you.
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Perfect character -1 star cause hard to use hammer
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babe wake up, new lightdasher character
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Very nice mod, it's very versatile, the wisps were incorporated into the mod very well, a fun character, I already know who I'm gonna play this character with!
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Okay so like
Doom guy/Duke Nukem
but better
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Another quality mod! Welcome to releases! Not gonna spoil it for others, but I really love the super form's visuals.
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