[Open Assets] WhaleMaps 4.0 Drawn to the Winter Times

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This is a 5 pack of maps that I have worked on

Abstract Avenue (MAPIQ)
This is a grav flip map that goes over itself a few times, with a good amount of U turns in there. I wonder what the locks are having. Song is the VDLC9 version of Can You Feel by Torchkas. Encore Song is Blackest Luxury Car by Chicala Lpis. It has a random chance to play Children of the City by Mili instead as well.

Electro Radio Zone (MAPIR)
A map that has spring panels bordering about 90% of the track edges! This map will play very differently depeding on what kind of tricks you have on! Song is the Final Boss of Denpa Men 2 Beyond the Waves

Midnight Flannel (MAPIP)
As a Persona fan who cant wait to play Persona, I made this map that faithfully recreates Midnight Channel from Persona 4. Featuring TVs and steel supports and stuff. Song is Light Up The Fire In The Night (P4 Version) from Persona Q Shadow of The Labyrinth. Encore Song is the Persona 3 version of Light Up The Fire In The Night from Persona Q

Insomniatic Heights (MAPI0)
The Tireless(?) City of Dreams! This map will have you race on and above the streets, hopping between buildings as you go. Song is Cool Jam ~Arashi No Saxophone 3~ (Arranged) from The King of Fighters '97. Encore song is The Other Escape from Brutal Orchestra (Version 3 had Flesh, Blood, and Bone from Brutal Orchestra as the encore song)

Snowy World (MAPJH)
A Drawn to Life map that features the first world from the first Drawn to Life game. An easy map that features a downhill jump at the end! Song is Snowy World from Drawn to Life. Encore song is Peaks 1 from Scribblenauts.

Community Resources for providing assets
Aqua's Karthouse for netgame testing these maps
Minenice for the Grind Rail LUA
Professor Renderer from providing his textures that he made for his own Drawn to Life map

Let me know if there are any issues in the discussions tab
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very underrated maps, had a lot of fun on these!
Although Electro Radio Zone is a bit tilting as all the roads have outlines of springs forcing players to be extremely cautious of their driving, but still fun!
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