The Binding of Isaac track was amazing! Really nice visuals, decent pacing, fun drifts and fun obsctacles!
I love the work and creativity you put into this, but I think the bombs and cucoos are a bit too much? I wouldn't mind this gimmick if it just wasn't decking me in the face with bombs every second to the point my game starts to lag horribly. e__e
I've played it with others too to see if this would be more enjoyable, but I've gotten plenty of them skipping the LoZ maps entirely because of the annoying amount of bombs that just kept decking us. It's kinda a shame? Because like.... the maps are fun, but that's because a few, me included, grinned and powered through it with an invincibility item or whatever to even see how it feels to drive on. Even while driving through it while invulnerable, the crazy lag and frame rate issues just makes it a chore. :/
Whatever your choice is regarding the cucoos, go for it. I really the ideas you had here with the 2 tracks that I did enjoy. The LoZ tracks just weren't for me.
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I'm loving Hyrule Market
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First off, these courses look fantastic! I love all the bits of extra Zelda content hidden in their courses. I'm *really* surprised with how well Zora's Domain from Ocarina of Time translates into a level here, and honestly it's my favorite level of the pack! The Issac course is also really great to see in action.

The layouts however are a bit mixed for me? Zora's Domain easily is the best out of the pack IMO thanks to it's simplicity and item placement, and Hyrule Castle Town is a second. But man, as much as I love Cuccos... there's just too many. It's hard to even get a route down in time attack on HCT because they always cover up a huge portion of the track and will jump at the kart with disturbingly good timing. The Issac track's obstacles are much better considering they have a distinct pattern to them, but even there it can be a bit crazy, especially in packed servers. And I hate to say this considering how I Iove Lon Lon Ranch... it should be moved to Hell. The Cuccos really make it tough and with such a packed layout it's pretty difficult, but man, despite all the drawbacks I have too much fun with it- ironically I blame my nostalgia for that. Besides, I think it'd be kinda funny knowing you could land at normal Lon Lon or end up in the even more hellish variant if a Hell course comes up.

I can't wait to see what the next new courses are though, and I'm hoping to see what's next after 1.2!
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A great collection of maps based on The Legend of Zelda and The Binding of Isaac, among other cheeky hell maps.

There's a lot of care in the custom textures and objects to make the tracks work and it's worth checking out alone for the tons of references. They are also tracks that are really fun to play and show nice turn variety (with one chick-y exception...)

You'll have to get used to the great amount of hazards on the track many times, but if you're okay with that, and want some challenge that way, you'll have fun checking these tracks out!
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