Weathermod v2

Added cvar "weathermod_dynamic", allowing the change of weather when it's active
Added cvar "weathermod_toggle" witch disables or enables weathers
Added cvar "weathermod_visible" witch can hide the weather HUD and the background sky
Hell weathers can be forced with "weathermod_force"
random can be assigned with "weathermod_force" for forcing a random weather

Blue sky weather give unlimited sliptide on normal, his previous effect is now an encore effect
Cloudy weather now only change the item when the player gets a new one
Rain weather now drops the item on hit
Player no longer get drift sparks during sunset
RNG has been changed
Weather no longer change right before it gets activacted (when the orb becoming white)
Changed some weather descriptions
HUD has now a redesign and is animated

HUD animations have been fixed on uncapped fps exes
Due to the RNG changed, replays have now less desynchs happening