Weathermod v2

in terms of general balance, worst mod i've played
in terms of sheer fun, I T S E E M S T O D A Y T H A T A L L Y O U S E E I S quality
hehe got you in the first half there
anyway this is amazing for goofing around
personally i like to do hpmod bump hell; no items, forced blood moon, hpmod on, 50 laps
everyone just smacking into eachother trying to eliminate eachother and being paranoid that THEY'RE gonna get ambushed
absolute carnage

if you got the right mods to go along with it, this can be probably the most fun "chaos" mod in srb2kart
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Honestly when I first used this in the OC Server, I absolutely loved it. It brings chaos into each race in a good way. I don't mind if more weather like stuff gets added into this mod, as It brings me joy to race with chaos in my mind.
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