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This model pack contains models for the following characters:
Sonic (He actually has super and nights this time, dont worry)
Alt SSN Sonic
SSN Sonic HD
Metal Sonic
Modern Sonic
Junio Sonic

These models were inspired from LonelyFoxz's model pack, Jeck Jim's models, Gan's models, and lastly Crispy's Mid Poly model pack

Special Thanks to:
Crispy - helping me out with the textures and a bit of the animations
SRB2 CS - for giving me cricitism and what could be fixed and improved on

Hope you enjoy the models as much as I did making them!

Keep interpolation off as all of the animations are made with interpolation off, putting it in always will mess up some animations

Don't put on ambient lighting. Just don't.

Change Log (major updates only):
2.1: Modern sonic has been added

2.2: Metal sonic and rings

2.3.1: Junio sonic addition

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Totally Lerf
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Latest updates

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    Hey, I know that the last update was the last, but I decided to fix some things. Like junio...
  2. the end

    If you were unaware or are not in the SRB2 Discord, I decided to end my model pack as I have...
  3. The Sonic CD update (Part 1)

    Junio has been added, based off of the title, there is gonna be another part of this update, I...

Latest reviews

only downloaded this for junio, this is the coolest junio model ive ever seen, though the trip anim could be better, it is still amazing
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i rate it a three because when i thok and also spin it has a big circle when im alt ssn sonic
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Cool models,slight issue, while trying to paste models.dat into srb2 folder it asks me to replace the regular one, do i replace it or not?
Totally Lerf
Totally Lerf
you can replace it if you want, another way which I didnt mention (for some reason) is to copy and paste the lines in the models.dat that it comes with and to paste it in the models.dat you have in your srb2 folder
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Metal became giga Chad
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THIS IS VERY GOOD hey can you make alt sonic or mc modle next
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Man, I loved using this models, and still do.
I'm sad this is cancelled... I mean, one thing i wanted for the next updated would be a fix for the Junio model, he is too dark....
But still awesome. Thanks for making this model pack Lerf.
Upvote 2
I'm a bit sad, knowing that this has probably been canceled but you did a great job on this model pack though, plus I'm finally not the only one posting ratings.
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Jokes aside, I don't know why I didn't make a review sooner. I've been using and enjoying this pack since 2.0.

I really love the style of the models. It's like a mix between Sega Saturn and Dreamcast. And with how each model has your own iteration of the character, it has quite a bit of originality.
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The new update is cool..... That's all I've got to say

(Am i the only one who's gonna post ratings???)
Totally Lerf
Totally Lerf
yes, yes you are
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Can you make instructions on how to make it work? im having trubles with this model pack Work
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