Toontown Rewritten: Exclusive Player Colors Pack

Toontown Rewritten: Exclusive Player Colors Pack v1

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Are YOU Robo Blasting Enough?!

This is basically an 16-set of player colors based on Toontown Rewritten's New Colors (including events have new colors, tho!) than never seen before directly everywhere you're going in the stylish unique way!

List of Colors to choose (even newer ones doesn't exists in vanilla SRB2 across the exist ones with better than ever!):
Cartoonival BlueCartoonival Pink
Spooky PurpleSpooky Green
Rose PinkIce Blue
Mint GreenRewritten Emerald
Rewritten TealRewritten Apricot
AmberRewritten Crimson
Dark GreenSteel Blue
Rewritten BeigeRewritten Bubblegum

CuretheToony: Recreating these colors nearly fliting perfectly similar way that was used in Rewritten.
Toontown Rewritten Wiki: Providing the images for new colors had been introduced before recreating it as base overall without them.
Toontown Rewritten Team: The developers of the fan-server revival of the original game, go play it.
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