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The thok is cool, why not making a character out of it?




midjump + jump = thok/homing thok

the thok and homing thok you know and love,
with a twist, it keeps momentum once on
ground, so you can use it to gain speed easily
by just thokking

midjump + spin = downwards thok

like a thok, but downwards, it can bounce off
enemies to gain vertical momentum,
once on ground you bounce a bit while
destroying enemies near you

holding jump + spin = upwards thok

oh uh i mean-
this is a thok, but upwards, would you look at that

spin on ground = ground tho- AH COME ON

a thok but on ground that can be spammed,
you can go at high speeds yet you will have
less reaction time so you will bump into a wall or
enemy, or fall off a cliff if you go overboard

oh my thokking goodness why are there so many thoks
oh right uh, it's named thokko because it's litteraly based on the thok circle effect

thanks a lot especially to Xelork for helping me out on how to figure object SOCk out
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Latest reviews

I really like simple mods that are pick up and play like this, but the character feels unfinished. There is no signpost, 1-up monitor, or special stage sprite.
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Cool mod! The upwards thok is good aswell as the ground thok!
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This one is kinda cute :]
Literally a thok with thok abilities, @tdogsonic6211, You say multi-thok???
That would be the ability of ssnsonic, but That would Too opaf for the thokko
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Decent character, although it is yet another spoof at Thok.
I like the idea that you can keep momentum, but it could be improved to be fun to speedrun stages.
The sprite and the fact that it has emotion is a nice touch, i give it that.
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Since this character is designed to play as a literal thok. it gets the job done, the only thing I would ever recommend that might make the character better, is a Superform ability, maybe a multi-thok, but that's just my personal prefrence. Overall this character plays great, but it's simplicity kind of drops the character by a star, if you keep it simple, I won't mind, as it'd still be a great character.
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Welcome to releases!
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