The Story of Uncapped Revengence Discord the 3rd

[Open Assets] The Story of Uncapped Revengence Discord the 3rd V4.0 (Beta Redux Redux)

More Small Updates, A Bigger One Will Be Out Later Tonight

  • TSoURDt3rd Changes
    • Fixed the Issue Where Retracting Spikes Wouldn't Be Retracting Spikes.
    • Updated the Copyright Code.
    • Updated the Credits Again.
    • Updated the superwithshield Command. Now it Only Works in Single Player and Splitscreen. This Should Fix Some Netgame Desyncs. Thanks for Letting me Know About This, Spectrum.
    • Added a New Extremely Epic Command
    • Updated the Assets. Be Sure to Go Get Them.
  • Jukebox Changes
    • Updated the "Break Through it All" Track.
Another Fairly Minor Update, Fixes More Things

  • TSoURDt3rd Build Changes
    • Added More Commands. These are Purely Game Related. Thanks for the Suggestion, Mini.
    • Worked Even More on the 2.1 Build.
    • Fixed the Intermission Code. Results and Extra HUD Lua Should Show up Now.
    • Added More Exit Strings.
    • Did Some Little Things with the Credits.
Fairly Minor Update, Fixes Things

  • Discord Changes
    • Improved the Super Skin Checking System.
      • As a Result, This No Longer Crashes the Game if You go Super as a Skin Other Than Sonic, if you Have Discord RPC Enabled. Thanks for Letting me Know About This, Xian and Aroki.
      • This Also Now Works on Two Other Bots.
      • More Strings Were Also Added to Support This Enhancement as Well.
  • TSoURDt3rd Build Changes
    • Added More Commands. These are Purely Savedata Related. Thanks for the Suggestion, SRB2Nextbots.
    • Worked on the 2.1 Build. Should be Stable Enough to Compile Now.
  • Netgame Changes
    • Re-Added the Leavebug Code. Have Fun With This Re-Addition, Spectrum.
  • Cool!
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A Pretty Major Update

  • I've Had to Fix This DLL Disaster 3 Times. I'm Sorry for Everything I've Done.
  • I've Also Updated the Assets Again. Be Sure to Grab Them.
  • Uncapped Changes
    • Ported Over More 2.2.11 Uncapped Changes. Nothing Major, Though.
    • Fixes the P_SpawnMobj/MT_LOCKON Issues. Thanks for Letting Me Know About This, andrewmac1111.
    • Ported Over Some 2.2.11 Functions. As a Result, the Functions P_SetOrigin and P_MoveOrigin now Exist. Thanks for Also Letting Me Know About This, andrewmac1111.
  • Discord Changes
    • Fixed The Issues With Discord Invites Not Functioning Properly. Thanks for Letting Me Know About This, RogueEmperor.
    • Ported the Discord Invite Graphics Over from Kart.
    • Optimized Some More Functions. Things Should Run a Bit More Smoother Now.
    • Added Super Character Support.
      • As a Result, Super Sonic is Now Supported. Thanks for the Suggestion, GreenKnight9000.
    • Added More Strings and Fixed Some Broken Strings.
  • TSoURDt3rd Build Changes
    • Added 7 More Commands, Mainly for your Customization and Enjoyment. What They Are, However, is a Surprise.
    • Changing your Skin While Moving in a Race Now Does Something Different. Thanks for the Idea, Sonic Frontiers and Rakcid on Discord.
    • Updated the Assets Again, Be Sure to Go Grab Them.
  • Netgame Changes
    • Fixed the Issue Where Entering a Match While Being a Spectator in Certain Modes would Crash the Game. Thanks for Letting me Know About This, AndyboyRevived and MetalPipe.
Fairly Big Update, Spent About a Week on it

  • Added Sonic
  • Added Tails
  • Added Knuckles
  • Added Amy
  • Added Fang
  • Added Metal Sonic
  • Added Custom
  • Added Adventure Sonic
  • Uncapped Changes
    • Ported Most, if not all, of the 2.2.11 Uncapped Processes back to this build. Uncapped should work fairly smoothly now.
    • P_SpawnMobj and similar functions still spawn objects weirdly though.
  • Discord Changes
    • Optimized Most of the Processes Involved, so performance has improved.
    • Reverted some of the Discord Invite Functions back to how they work in kart, so netgame performance may have also improved.
    • Added More Details and States, some may interest you, some may be funny, others may not.
    • Fixed some strings rendering weirdly and others rendering.
  • TSoURDt3rd Additions
    • Added a Little Secret Feature in the build options menu, you may like it.
    • The Assets Have Been Updated, Be Sure to Go Grab Them.
    • Added some dumb lines in the credits.
  • Jukebox Changes
    • Optimized String Lengths, Now strings can be as long as 34 characters.
      • As a result, strings no longer render weirdly when inputting song lengths longer than 18 characters.
      • The Jukebox HUD now reflects these changes as well.
      • These changes have also been backported to the vanilla soundtest too.
  • Netgame Changes
    • Searching for Servers is now more fluent, smooth, and faster, at least on Linux.
    • Netvars no longer get desynched when joining servers.
  • This was supposed to come out early last week, but thanks to the netvar desynch issue, it took about a week :p.
  • You can now compile without Discord support. Thanks to Mint the AmyDroid for pointing this out.
  • Thanks to Spectrum for pointing the Netvars issue out, and thanks to Mini and Spectrum for helping me test those changes out.
Mainly Just a Collection of QOL Improvements

  • Jukebox HUD Now Aligned Properly on All Resolutions
  • Did Some Memory Improvements; No More Memory Leaks When Using the Jukebox or Discord Rich Presence
  • The Unlockable Sound Test Now Doesn't Crash After Entering it While Playing Music in the Jukebox
  • Added a Few Better Menu Pictures
  • The Builds' Performance Overall Has Improved a Fair Bit
  • Cool!
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