The Story of Uncapped Revengence Discord the 3rd

[Open Assets] The Story of Uncapped Revengence Discord the 3rd V4.0 (Beta Redux Redux)

Happy April Fools and belated Easter, everyone!
I've got a new update for you all!

This is a beta. There will be bugs.
A majority of the ones from the last build are gone, but some new ones *may* have been introduced in the process.
If there are bugs, just report them, and I'll deal with them ASAP for the final release.

And yes, for you eagle-eyed viewers, this is just a patched repost :p


  • Build Changes
    • Preserved all of the (cool) features from the last beta!
    • Ported over some cool changes from the next branch!
      • Features like a fixed intro, and other minor features are now present!
      • UPnP (Universal Plug n' Play) is also present now!
        • (If you don't know, the essential gist is that it forwards your ports for you, if your router supports it. Topped with this build's holepunching, there's now many ways for you to host your servers, provided that your router supports it!)
    • Updated the assets again, be sure to go get them!
      • Side note: I removed tsourdt3rdextras.pk3, as I have now properly hardcoded and stabilized everything.
      • This is thanks to a new 'dynamic' 'freeslotting' hardcoded system, which basically allows for both extra fun stuff and vanilla compatibility.
      • The extras are now just located in tsourdt3rd.pk3.
    • Updated the credits.
      • Now includes some very cool teams and people. You'll find out who exactly by looking.
    • Updated the DLLs.
      • You can remove that entire mess of DLLs from the last build, and just install the new ones directly from this build, as not nearly as many DLLs are required anymore.
    • Updated and improved netcode some more.
      • It's definitely *way* more stable than last build, and is technically near completion, but it could use a few minor touch-ups, just to be sure.
      • Also, as a result, performance in netgames has improved.
      • Plus, the vanilla restrictions have been removed, so you can now join servers regardless of how many mods (or rather, sprite2s) are loaded now.
    • Added tons of new features!
      • Most of them are audio related, but these are sure to enhance your SRB2 experience!
      • Water Muffling has been added!
        • Slows down music while in water, as well as decreasing the volume of sounds and the music as well.
      • Vape Mode, from Sonic Mania, has been added!
        • Basically slows down level music.
      • Customizable boss music has been added, allowing for a more dynamic experience!
        • This feature allows you to choose music for SRB2's various bosses (Both modded and vanilla)!
        • It features music from many of Sonic's past endeavors, like Sonic Mania, Sonic Rush (and Rush Adventure), Sonic Advance 3, and more!
      • And tons of other new features as well!
    • Tons of optimizations!
      • Tons more are to come as well, but this is a massive start in the long run!
    • Tons of bug fixes!
      • That message box bug has been fixed! (it was a really simple fix in retrospect, but it took me like 3 days to figure out lol :p)

Thanks for sticking by for so long!
This next update is really shaping up to be something major, and I hope you'll be there to experience it when it comes out soon!

(FYI: final release may happen in the next few weeks :))

Enjoy the new beta!
Merry Christmas you all! Enjoy the update! (Pretend like I wasn't even gone)
We're crashing the Message Board with this one!

This is a beta. There will be bugs. Most I already know about, like how the messages that the game tries to show you will sometimes freak out. I am working on that, but it won't majorly affect you if you're just playing regularly, so you might not even come across it. Please do not get upset at me for something I already know about and for something that will barely affect you as a regular SRB2 player.

  • Discord Changes
    • Minor improvements for better performance and gamedata reasons.
  • Build Changes
    • Ported over all of 2.2.13's changes (TSoURDt3rd V4 Only)!
      • Basically it means that, according to 2.2.13's changelog, you can now save while playing with mods in Singleplayer, collect emblems in Multiplayer, and more!
    • Updated the assets, so make sure to go get them again!
      • Don't forget to go and get 2.2.13's assets too!
    • Updated the credits.
      • It now includes a very special person that I care about very very much. You'll find out who they are later.
      • The menu itself is now much better at different resolutions, and you can now even scroll through the menu as well.
    • Updated the TSoURDt3rd Message Alert.
      • Now you can choose whether to turn it off, or allow the alert to appear in either the console or the main screen.
      • You can now also freely check for updates at anytime from the TSoURDt3rd options menu.
    • Updated the DLLs.
      • Windows users, remember when I said many, many, many (many) updates ago that I would add the ability for you to speed up music, just like linux users? Well here you are. You can now speed up OGG music, as well as a few other music formats that I may be forgetting.
      • It's been weeks working on this, and many months since I previously said I would allow for this feature to be used on windows for those that don't compile, but at least, it's here for you all.
        • As you can tell, I maybe care about you all a bit too much :p

      • As stated before, what does this mean for casual users?
        • Nothing, really. It just means you can experience sped up music from time to time, like with Speed Shoes, the jukebox, or other things.
      • As stated before, what does this mean for coders and devs?
        • Functions like S_SpeedMusic and mapheader parameters like LF_SpeedMusic now can be used, allowing for better map and game experiences in general.
    • Updated the realistic shadows.
      • You can now make all objects have shadows (And when I say all, I mean all).
      • You can now also use them in Software mode.
    • Updated the crash messages!
      • Now whenever you crash, you'll get cute, randomized little messages to go along with the regular message that happens whenever SRB2 crashes.
    • Updated netcode a little bit.
      • It may or may not break something.
      • It also may or may not improve chatbug.
    • Improved netgames.
      • It also may or may not break something.
      • Performance in netgames has improved.
    • Added a few new game over tracks.
      • The game over music from Sonic Rush and That One Sega Racing Game is now here.
    • Currently reworking TSoURDt3rd's events.
      • The major one getting an overhaul here at the moment is the April Fools event.
      • No Christmas event unfortunately, contrary to what TSoURDt3rd will tell you. I didn't have time to program one in.
    • Updated build performance in general.
    • Improved the TSoURDt3rd options menu a little more.
    • Added a few too many Parappa references.
    • Added a new quit message.
    • Fixed a bug with the "shieldblockstransformation" command, where the command would do the opposite of what you set it to do.
  • Jukebox Changes
    • The Jukebox gets the spotlight this update, as it's system basically got an overhaul, and will get another one next major update!

    • Vastly updated the HUD.
      • Now looks much cleaner, performs better at different resolutions, performs better in general, and has cleaner code.
      • You can now also choose between a minimized HUD or the full HUD.
        • The full HUD shows a bit more info regarding the current jukebox track, while the minimized HUD only shows the name.
      • The header "Jukebox" text on the HUD now reflects your menu color too.
    • Added the ability to set keybinds for the Jukebox.
      • You'll find them under "Jukebox Controls" in the TSoURDt3rd menu.
        • Basically, you can now set keys to either open the jukebox menu, increase or decrease music speed, stop the jukebox, or even play the last played jukebox track. The opportunities now are endless (relatively)!
      • Most importantly, as mentioned above, you can now speed up music on Windows, which means you can now also speed up jukebox tracks on Windoss too!

This 2.2.13 update wouldn't have came out so quickly if it wasn't for our new team member, someone who I care about very very much. Our new team member is Bitten2up, and they've basically made this update possible in the first place, so yeah please send most, if not all, of your thanks to her, because she is our fabulous performer! (In case you couldn't tell, that line was a reference)

Hi hi, I'm alive again after my three month disappearance lol
Also, this update was supposed to be released last friday but apparently I can't code properly sometimes lol

  • Discord Changes
    • Added and fixed some strings.
    • Improved performance.
    • The build now automatically updates your username when toggling streamer mode, in order to ensure that no private information is disclosed.
  • Build Changes
    • Ported over all of SRB2 2.2.11's changes (TSoURDt3rd V3 Only)!
      • This generally means that you get big features for UDMF and a slightly changed uncapped.
      • If you want the other patch notes, you can go check out the changelog for 2.2.11.
        • You can find Vanilla 2.2.11's changelog here by the way.
    • Updated the assets! You'll have to go get them again from the zip file in order to launch the build.
    • Holepunching is actually functional now!
      • Most of the time though, it may just not outright work. However, there is a "hack" for this.
        • If you go to the server menu, search for servers, and then go back and start your server, this will cause holepunching to suddenly work (works 90% of the time).
    • Skin, State, Mobj, Sprite, Sprite2, and Sound limit increases!
      • Max skins have been raised to 255.
      • Max states have been raised to 8192.
      • Max mobjs and sprites have been raised to 1024.
      • Max sprite2s have been raised to 335.
      • Max sounds have been raised to 9999.

      • However, this does mean that if your game has mods that exceed any of the limits that Vanilla SRB2 has set, you can't host servers until you restart the game.
      • Thanks for the idea, SRB2 Persona Team and Pikaspoop on Discord.
    • Improved Autoloading!
      • The game will now load your autoloaded mods alongside the base game's, but before any other additional mods you've requested to load using the -file command line parameter.
        • In general, this just means that crashes/bugs happen less often, and your mods get autoloaded faster.
      • The game also no longer checks for an addfile, addfolder, or exec alongside the add-on's name, as the game now handles it for you.
        • However, if you still have these strings in your autoload configuration script, the game will just ignore them, so no need to go and change every single line (unless you really want to, of course).
    • Added More Commands and Features!
      • Realistic shadows have been added!
        • This means that shadows can now reflect the sprites of different objects, instead of just using the default drop shadow graphic.
        • However, these only work in OpenGL at the moment.
        • You can also set an additional command that allows these realistic shadows to rotate based on the camera position as well.
        • Just a heads up that it may make the shadows of some models/characters look weird sometimes.
    • Loading screens and customizable background images for the loading screens have been added!
      • Unlike OpenGL shadows though, these have actually been coded to now work in software mode too!
      • These can also be dynamic or randomly set too, if you set the command to allow either option.
        • This means that the loading screens will change depending on the stage.
        • However, if the game is modified, or if you've autoloaded mods, it will just use the "Retro" loading screen background instead.
    • Added customizable window titles!
      • You can now have the window title be whatever you want, whether the default window title, fully custom window titles, or just semi-custom window titles.
      • If you set the command to allow them, you can also have dynamic window titles too, that reflect the theme of the stage that you're in.
      • You can also allow memes on these dynamic statuses too!
      • However, just like the dynamic loading screens, if the game is modified, or if you autoloaded mods, it will just use a basic window title that just reflects the map number.
    • Added the option to set a default map track!
      • This allows maps, typically custom maps and the sort, that don't have any music set to still play music!
    • Added a command that lets you choose if the "1 Player" option on the main menu should remain the same or if it should instead be renamed to "Single Player".
      • Yes, that's all it does.
      • Yes, I did add it because I'm picky.
    • Rearranged the modversion strings at the bottom left of the main menu.
      • This is also where it would show the version of TSoURDt3rd that you were using.
      • It now looks much neater, doesn't conflict with other resolutions, and doesn't replace the main TSoURDt3rd string there when loading other mods either.
    • Added New Lua Variables!
        • Short string as to what the current version of TSoURDt3rd is. (Read)
        • Extended string as to what the current version of TSoURDt3rd is. (Read)
      • serverUsesTSoURDt3rd
        • Boolean as to whether the server uses TSoURDt3rd. (Read)
      • serverTSoURDt3rdVersion
        • Integer as to what version of TSoURDt3rd the server uses. (Read)
      • chat_on
        • Boolean as to whether or not the player is talking in text chat. (Read)
    • Fixed a bug with the readme menu where it would crash on Windows.
      • Also fixed an issue with this same menu where it wouldn't appear on some resolutions.
    • Fixed a ton of random and small bugs.
    • Fixed some strings.
    • Rearranged the menus a bit.
    • Simplified some code.
    • The build now checks info from the branch that it was made on when the game is started, instead of just the info from the main branch.
    • If you have an out-of-date build, version numbers no longer have an extra digit when displaying the most recent build version.
    • Minorly changed some application properties for TSoURDt3rd on Windows.
    • TSoURDt3rd now appears more consistently, both in-game and in the code.
    • Improved performance.
  • Netgame Changes
    • Re-ported the discordInfo struct from SRB2 Kart, and got it to properly send info to clients and receive info properly as well.
    • Added some new custom data that gets sent between clients that also use this build when in a netgame. This info currently includes two things:
      • Whether the user that's hosting is using the custom build
      • The build's major, minor, and subversion numbers.
    • This will most likely be expanded in the future, but for now, it's a nice start.

    • MAXTEXTCMD was increased from 256 to 264.
    • The leavebug code was slightly updated and improved.
  • Jukebox Changes
    • Added four new tracks:
      • Running From Evil (from DooM 2)
        • This also comes with a MIDI version.
      • Panic in Paradise (from Sonic Utopia)
      • Meta Knight's Revenge (Brawl's Version)
      • I Think My Dad Shops Here (from Omori)
    • Added the MIDI versions of the already added DooM tracks.
  • Some features you may have saw in some images that I posted a while ago may not be featured in these versions. Due to time constraints and bugs and whatnot, I had to cut some, or just not work on any at all.
  • They most likely will come back in the future though. However, for the time being, coronas and realistic software shadows are not present at the moment.
    • (Yes, this also means that QRB2 (or Questionmark Robo Blast 2) for TSoURDt3rd was delayed too lol)
    • (Yes, this does mean that I was working on it at some point)
    • (And yes, this is a dumb thing to make lol)

    • Just to give you a refresher on the naming scheme, V2.8 and versions like V2 are for SRB2 2.2.10, while V3.0 and versions like V3 are for SRB2 2.2.11.
    • This same naming scheme will apply for future versions as well.

ok i get it i'm sorry are you happy

  • TSoURDt3rd Changes
    • Improved the version checking system.
      • As a result, this has fixed the error where people would keep getting messages telling them to update even though they were already using the current version.
    • Added a little DooM easter egg in the main menu. Thanks for the idea, Speccy.
    • Updated the assets again, be sure to go get them.
    • Started progress on MP4 support. It's not accessible anywhere in-game yet, though.
  • Jukebox Changes
    • Fixed an issue where one letter wasn't capitalized. Thanks for telling me about this, ASRB2Fan (even though it was one letter)
Hi Hi :)

  • Discord Changes
    • Fixed the bug where you weren't able to put a map image on your custom status.
    • Fixed a few strings here and there.
  • TSoURDt3rd Changes
    • You can now store savefiles in folders.
      • If enabled, the savefiles will be stored in different directories, all within a main directory named saves. It's found in your main SRB2 directory.
      • Depending on the setting, SRB2 will now check that folder and its sub-directories for your savefiles.
      • If you choose to allow SRB2 to check folders, it will no longer check the main directory, and vice-versa for the opposite.
        • As a result, you'll need to move your savefiles to the new directories.
        • The directory for Vanilla SRB2 is named main, and if you want to find the savefile directories for your mods, just load them, and then move the savefiles into those directories.
      • Your gamedata will still stay in the main directory, however.
    • Autoloading small, but still game-modifying mods, now makes new, custom savefiles, each with different names depending on the add-on loaded. The gamedata for your add-ons won't change though. Thanks for the idea, Bitten.
    • Using the -file command-line parameter to load add-ons now loads those add-ons after your autoloaded add-ons.
    • Events will no longer automatically add tsourdt3rdextras.pk3. You will now be prompted on whether or not you want to load the extra PK3 when events happen.
    • Improved performance.
  • Netgame Changes
    • Fixed a bug where changing characters rapidly while moving would cause wild issues with characters and their abilities. Thanks for pointing this out, Tarregor.
    • Updated some code related to the leavebug fix. Nothing too major.
And that's everything! Have fun with using this alongside all the other mods that were released today!
i have tortured myself again

  • Discord Changes
    • Fixed some strings here and there.
  • TSoURDt3rd Changes
      • As a result, all of TSoURDt3rd's extra content has been split into another file, named tsourt3rdextras.pk3, and as such, you'll need to grab these assets again.
        • Holiday events will automatically load this PK3, so if you're looking to not load this extra PK3, just cancel out the event by using a command-line parameter, I.E -noeaster.
        • However, if no holiday events are happening, and you still want to load the extra PK3, use the -tsourdt3rd_lockonextras command-line parameter.

          • Because it caused tons of desynchs in netgames. Simple as that.

          • Because I spent an entire week on it, and burned myself out, all while not receiving one thank you.
          • Because it took effort.
          • Because I fixed it as much as I could.
    • TSoURDt3rd can now detect whether or not your version is up-to-date or not.
      • Don't worry, this won't cause any viruses.
      • Essentially, the build will download a header file from the Github of this build, convert it to an html file, and then check if your version matches the version listed in that file.
      • If the versions don't match, and you allow the game to, it'll display a message telling you that your version is outdated when you first start-up the build.
      • Then, after the file has been used, it's removed from your computer. In total, the file is only on your computer for one, maybe two seconds at the most.
    • TSoURDt3rd is now able to save some of your extra data. Thanks for the idea, Bitten.
      • The binary file that the data is stored in is named tsourdt3rd.dat. At the moment though, this relates to easter eggs.
      • You'll have to make sure that you fully complete stages in order for the data to save.
    • Added more LUA variables.
      • TSoURDt3rd_LoadedExtras
        • Boolean as to Whether or Not this Add-On is Loaded. (Read)
      • TSoURDt3rd_NoMoreExtras
        • Boolean as to Whether or Not the Extra Features are Still Allowed. (Read+Write)
      • STAR_JoinSFX
        • Integer as to What Sound Should Play When Someone Joins a Server. (Read+Write)
      • STAR_LeaveSFX
        • Integer as to What Sound Should Play When Someone Leaves a Server. (Read+Write)
      • STAR_SynchFailureSFX
        • Integer as to What Sound Should Play When Someone Gets a Synch Failure (Read+Write)
      • DISCORD_RequestSFX
        • Integer as to What Sound Should Play When You Get a Join Request. (Read+Write)

      • NOTES
        • Capitalization still matters.
    • Changed the name of this build on Windows.
    • Fixed a crash where joining a server and loading into a map on an autoloaded add-on after autoloading add-ons, and then having the host close the server, would then crash the game.
    • Removed most of the excessive capitalization from the future changelogs, including this one. Thanks for pointing this out, Jon.
    • You can now play snake anytime you want, as long as you're not in-game. If something goes wrong, blame Glaber for the idea.
    • Increased the maxsend value. The max size of a singular file that you can now send to a player is now 208MB, as a result.
    • Added two more quit screens.
    • Perfect Saves can now be seen with every character, and not just Tails.
    • The automap now automatically closes whenever someone joins a server or switches teams, in order to prevent crashes.
    • Reverted some files back to their master branch equivalents for netgame compatibility, but still kept the important TSoURDt3rd features.
    • Added a command that relates to sock_send in netgames.
      • This isn't a NETVAR, just a client command that helps control how many times you can get a sock_send warning before the game will force a resynch to the server.
    • By default, holepunching is now disabled. If you want to enable it, give the command a website string.
  • Cool!
Reactions: luigi budd
The Pointys' Have Ruined My Life :p
Funnily Enough Though, The Time it Took to Fix the Issue Was Shorter Than the Other Things I Had to Code.

  • Discord Changes
    • Fixed Some Tiny String and Some Functions.
    • Added a New String for Getting a Time Over.
  • TSoURDt3rd Build Changes
      • This Matters Because:
        • Pointys' Used to Crash Games, and Was Extremely Prevalent With the Tortured Planet Addon.
        • I Came Up With a Fix Faster Than the STJr Team Could, Which Makes me Feel Somewhat Happy.
        • I Spent 6 Hours Trying to Fix It, Only For the Issue to Literally Be One Short Line of Code.
      • This Matters Because:
        • It was Annoying.
        • A Friend Told me to Do it.
        • It Now Resynchs Your Game Instead, And Pops A Little Tiny Nice Notice in the Console.
    • Updated the Assets Again, Be Sure to Go and Grab Them.
    • The Current TSoURDt3rd Version Now Appears on the Window Title.
    • Fixed the Fades on Some Scenes in the Intro.
    • Loading Into a Map Now Clears Any Menus You Have Open.
    • Organized Tons of Code.
    • Re-Arranged the Build Menu a Little Bit.
    • The Menu is Now A Bit More Respondent.
    • Improved Performance.
    • Added 6 New Commands. Most are for Personalization, Though. Some of Them Will Be Described Down Below.
    • Made the Words "Addon" and "Add-ons" Appear More Consistently.
    • You Now Earn an Extra Life When Collecting an Emerald Token While Having All Emeralds, Regardless if Continues are Enabled or Not.
    • TPS no Longer Disappears if You Don't Have Show FPS Enabled.
    • Fixed the downloadspeed Option Adding Up in Weird Values in the Menu.
    • Fixed the Issue Where Custom Cutscenes Would Sometimes Freeze the Entire Game. Thanks for Mentioning this, KevTSP.
    • Ported Over the Lua I/O Rate Limit Changes From 2.2.11.
    • Getting Emeralds Should No Longer Crash Dedicated Servers.
    • Added a New Quit Message, and Added Some New Quit Sounds too.
    • Added a New Line in the Credits, For An Old Friend.
    • Added an Easter Mode.
      • Thanks to a New Time Checking Function I (Re-)Added, SRB2 Will Now Automatically Enable Easter Mode if it's the Month of April, but it Can Also be Enabled Using the Launch Parameter -eastermode.
        • You can Disable it Using the Launch Parameter -noeaster, though.
        • As Such, the Mode Involves you Going on an Easter Egg Hunt Throughout the Main Stages, with the Final Easter Egg Being in Castle Eggman Zone Act 2.
        • There Are 21 Eggs in Total, And There Are No Hints.
        • A HUD Is Provided to Help you Know How Many Eggs Are in a Map, How Many Eggs You've Collected in a Certain Map, and How Many Eggs You've Collected in Total.
        • If You Get All The Eggs, You Get a Little Bonus. Good Luck!
    • Updated the Autoloading Feature.
      • You Can Now Autoload Folders. Bare in Mind That the Structure for Autoloading Folders Should be Similar to the Structure of a PK3.
      • You Can Now Autoload Add-ons, and Then Load Into Maps Without Crashing.
      • Loading Into a Regular or Dedicated Server After Autoloading Add-ons and Then Loading Into One of the Add-ons' Maps Works Too.
      • You Can Now Set Add-ons to be Autoloaded if You've Already Loaded Them.
      • You no Longer Can Load Into Some Servers and Desynch Them After Autoloading Small, but Game-Changing Add-ons.
        • Graphic Replacement Add-ons Still Work Perfectly Fine When Autoloading Them and Then Loading Into Servers, Though.
      • Add-ons no Longer Automatically Load When Initially Setting Them to be Autoloaded.
      • Changed Some of the Autoloading Sounds, So That They Sound More Coherent.
      • Added Some Fail-Safes, and Also Some New Strings That Reflect This Change as Well.
    • Added Some Global TSoURDt3rd Variables.
      • For More Reasons Than One, I Decided to Make Some Global Variables to Help Myself Out With Some Develtopment.

      • These Include:
        • tsourdt3rd - Boolean as to Whether or Not You're Using This Custom Build.
          • (Read-Only)
        • autoloaded - Boolean as to Whether or Not You've Autoloaded Add-Ons Already
          • (Read+Write)
        • ForceTimeOver - Boolean as to Whether to Run The Time Over Functions or Not
          • (Read+Write)
        • SpawnTheDispenser - Boolean as to Whether to Spawn the TF2 Dispenser or Not
          • (Read+Write)
        • eastermode - Boolean as to Whether or Not Easter Mode is Enabled.
          • (Read-Only)
        • AllowEasterEggHunt - Boolean as to Whether to Allow Easter Egg Hunts or Not
          • (Read+Write)
        • EnableEasterEggHuntBonuses - Boolean as to Whether to Allow Easter Egg Hunt Bonuses Or Not.
          • (Read+Write)
        • TOTALEGGS - Value that Points Towards the Total Amount of Eggs Available to Collect.
          • (Read+Write)
        • foundeggs - Value Flag as to What Specific Eggs you Have Collected.
          • (Read+Write)
        • collectedmapeggs - Value as to How Many Eggs You Have Currently Collected on a Certain Map.
          • (Read+Write)
        • currenteggs - Value as to How Many Eggs We Have Currently Collected in Total
          • (Read+Write)
        • numMapEggs - Value as to How Many Eggs Are Available to Collect on a Certain Map
          • (Read+Write)
    • Code Whatever You Want to Your Heart's Content Using These.
    • NOTES:
      • These Variables Are Not Accessible in Netgames or After Autoloading Add-ons.
      • Yes, Capitilization Does Matter.
    • The Dispenser is, Indeed, Goin' Up.
  • Jukebox Changes
    • Added 3 More Tracks to the Jukebox: "Gateway Sancturary", "One Last Goodbye", and "Shadow of Anime Eyes Sonic".
    • Updated Track "Break Through it All".
    • You can Now Choose Whether or Not Lua is Allowed to Stop Your Jukebox Music.
    • Jukebox Music Resumes Properly After Pausing the Game and Starting a New Map.
    • Gave the Jukebox its Own Personal Section.
    • The Jukebox HUD Can Now Appear on the Continue Screen.
    • If the Track That You're Playing Has a Set Stopping Time, and You Exit the Jukebox Menu, the Music Will Now Stop Playing.
    • NOTES:
      • Speeding up OGG Music Still Doesn't Work on Windows. Support for Speed up OGG Music on Windows Should Be Added Within the Next Two Updates.
      • For Now, Though, You Can Speed up the Tracks "Gateway Sancturary" and "One Last Goodbye".
    • Compiling This Build Should be Easier Now.
    • The Music for the Intro is Desynched by About a Second or Two.
      • It's Just a General next Branch/Uncapped(?) Issue Right Now.
      • I Didn't Cause it. Please Don't Scream at me.
    • Please Don't Scream at me About the Other Quit Graphics I Added.
      • There is Literally Nothing Good I Can do About Them.
      • Trust Me. I Tried.
  • TL;DR
    • Added a Bunch of Stuff.
    • Fixed a Bunch of Stuff.
    • Made it so You Can't Ruin the Experience of Everyone in Netgames With All The Stuff Added.
    • Did More Stuff.
This Isn't as Big of an Update as I Wanted it to be, but its an Update :P

  • TSoURDt3rd Build Changes
    • Updated the Assets, Be Sure to Go Grab Them.
    • Added More Stability, Probably.
    • Removed the April Fools Stuff. Easter Stuff will be Coming Soon.
    • Fixed Some Signpost Issues. Thanks For Letting Me Know About This, luigi budd.
    • Added More Commands, Mainly for Personalization.
    • Re-Added Speeding up Music.
      • NOTES
        • This Only Works If You've Compiled the Latest Versions of SDL_Mixer_X and TSoURDt3rd Yourself. As a Result, Windows Builds Do Not Have This Feature, at the Moment.
        • This Also Only Currently Works on OGG Music, as Well as GME Music.

      • What this Means For Casual Users:
        • Nothing, Really. It Just Means You Can Experience Sped up Music From Time to Time.
      • What this Means for Programmers and Developers:
        • Functions Like S_SpeedMusic and Mapheader Parameters like LF_SpeedMusic Allow for Better Map and Game Experiences.
  • Jukebox Changes
    • Jukebox Music Can Now Be Sped Up.
  • Cool!
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Even More Minor Fixes, A Major Update Will Come in About 2 Weeks, Give or Take.

  • TSoURDt3rd Changes
    • Fixed the Starposts.
    • Fixed the Issue Where the April Fools Stuff Would Forcibly Be Set to On in Netgames.
    • Fixed Some Other April Fools Things, and Added Some Final April Fools Touches. Thanks for the Ideas, Bitten.
    • Enabling the April Fools Features now Sets Your Game to Modified. This Should Now Prevent Tails from Overwriting Sonic in Your Save Files. You No Longer Have to Make a Copy of Your Saves.
  • Cool!
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More Minor Fixes, A Major Update Will Come Later On.

  • TSoURDt3rd Changes
    • Fixed the tunes Command.
    • Fixed the Issue Where Super Music Wouldn't Come Back After Turning off the Jukebox.
    • Fixed Some Other April Fools Things. And Before you Ask, Yes, There was an April Fools Update a Few Days Ago.
    • Fixed Some Other Minor Things, and Slightly Fixed Some Other Commands.
    • Added Even More Dynamic Features to the Quit Messages.
  • Jukebox Changes
    • Updated the "Break Through it All" track.
  • The 2.1 Build Is Now Buildable. Thanks for Helping Out With This, Bitten.