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The official release of the Platinum Sparks Pack is finally here! Sparkplug Studios (Mylo the Wolf) and Team Platinum (Jana Sol) have joined forces to form Team Platinum Sparks! And with this we bring a whole new map pack to the table!

There are 2 versions of this pack: Complete and Battleless
The Complete pack contains all the maps the pack has to offer while the Battleless pack only includes the race maps.

Notice: We do NOT test for speed mods such as Boost Stacking. If you break a map using speed mods. We wont be patching for it.

Mudslap Stadium 1.2
Crash, and Smash through this stadium themed raceway full of unique assets!
Showcase Video:


GBA Bowsers Castle 3

Finally! The map a whole year in the making is finally released in an official pack!
This tricky course full of tight turns will be sure to provide an interesting and fun experience to players of all skill levels.
Showcase Video:


Zero Space

Take a trip to cyberspace and engage in an intense race!

Welcome to Zero Space, Sigma’s last domain. This map also includes custom encore mode content, so keep an eye out when this map appears!
Showcase Video:


Block Plaza

Mario Kart Wii’s Block Plaza is here, complete with a custom timer, custom sound effects and a dynamic layout! It is sure to bring a fun time to all through its periodically changing layout and hectic item play for a quick experience.
Showcase Video:



Grind Rails Lua by Minenice
Dynamic Item Box Lua by Eldog
The many people over in Kart Krew custom courses for helping us fix problems with the maps during development.
The Stray Banana for helping us test the maps more times than should've been necessary.



If you'd like to see these maps in more detail, be sure to check out the Platinum Sparks SRB2K Direct available to watch on either Jana Sol's or Mylo the Wolf's youtube chanels:
Mylo The Wolf
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Latest updates

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    Somehow a crash issue that caused any server and MOST of its players to sigsev when entering...
  2. The "We pushed Kart a bit too far" update

    -TPS Pack version 1.1 Patch Notes- Mudslap Stadium: -First fence shortcut is now more visible...

Latest reviews

Honestly, this has to be a pack of some of the most gorgeous looking courses around! You guys knocked it out of the park on aesthetics! There are some issues sadly, but the layouts are fun and frantic and I enjoy the maps here.

Mudslap Stadium is better than ever, and it's a real blast to play. The layout is unique and leads to some crazy pack shenanigans, but that salom at the ending still has a minor issue: you can be absolutely flung off the grate's ramp at higher speeds. Overall, it's one of my favorite maps. I adore the animated signs, by the way!

Bowser Castle is also a really really good port, but it also suffers from the same problem even the vanilla ports face- the map feels way too small, especially on hard speed. I always love playing the map in MKWii just as I do here, but it's much harder to make good turns with the smaller size. Heck, even in MKWii I swore the map was bigger compared to the racers there too?

Zero Space is a course I really, really *really* want to love. It's based on one of my all time favorite series, looks absolutely incredible and the layout is really fun! But the lag, holy shit... OpenGL has issues running the map even after the initial load. Usually it takes about 10 seconds to fully load in and in that 10, the map can drop inputs absolutely devastating runs before they can truly begin. The layout is worth the issues and it's a blast to play! Now, if only the rail lua was updated to not cause rails to disappear when other courses use it too...

I haven't played the battle map just yet, but the layout from what I've seen looks fun and again, it looks great.

The issues I have keep this from getting a true 5/5 but this is a solid pack I'd recommend! I can't wait for future updates to take care of things.
Mylo The Wolf
Mylo The Wolf
For Mudslap, if you're getting launched off the map from the grate at the end, it is most likely an issues with speed related mods, as we did *a lot* of testing on Mudslap and never ran into any huge issues with it. However I do get the point, and it will most likely be altered slightly in the next update to help with higher speeds.
Zero Space however... The lag problem is entirely an issue with the way the game loads textures. There is unfortunately nothing we can really do about it without removing the textures entirely. Another thing is the strength of your PC can also effect that, as both me and Jana only every had 4-5 second lag spikes upon load. I would recommend Moe OpenGL as that fixes the texture reloads on respawn. Nothing can be done about the start of the race sadly.
Regardless, thank you for the feedback! It helps us improve the maps further and make them more enjoyable for all!
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Welcome to releases! Some interesting maps in this one!
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