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It's his 15th birthday, and in a completely different game, sets out to be The Guy!!


Coming with not just one, but two special abilities!

Double jump to Double jump!


A criminally simple ability, The Kid gains an extra burst of height to reach those tight areas!
This ability refills in many circumstances, taking a hit from a spring, or a splash in the waters, your movement stops with you!

For his neutral special, he wields a...

A simple tap of the spin button shoots an extremely strong bullet!
Bursting through walls and defeating your enemies!
This can also be used to activate certain switches, maybe some crystals may react...

Kill Death Murder all 'round these parts.

With a plethora of methods to die, your squishy body can't handle even the smoothest of crawlas!
With a single hit and barely anything to protect you, tread with caution!
Fret not, for you have an infinite supply of lives to take care of, watch that counter!

The carrot here wishes you a very great die, have fun!
This was a great adventure and delves into my first modding experience, and to meet great people who I would later work with, this has all been a wonderful time, I love you all very much guys!

Frostiikin - Cape sprites, freeing The Kid from a hell of static capes!
DrStephen - End sparkle sprites, closing the book not for an adventure, but beginning the Journey.
Appleblurt - CSS Icon, bringing The Kid's details to life!
Lach - Breaking through level geometry, and saving me from one too many physics classes!
Lactozilla - Kickstarted my modding experience, assisting with hud shit, I owe my thanks to you.
SMS Alfredo - Looping the character select track, filesizes man, who'd remember?
Icezer - Emotional support, brought me through the hardest times late into development, and being an all-around wonderful person to work with!

And the entirety of the SRB2 community, many friends who've watched the mod grow from its roots, and get to witness this very day, I thank you all for sticking with me for the utterly long development time as this post is written. Thank you.​
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When will there be an option to shoot with the mouse
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I'm not an IWTBTG fan. But seeing stuff like this is just Outstanding. I like when The Kid is adapted to other games. After playing SRB2, now I know that I won't be so fast and safe anymore. Now I'll have to somehow work around it. Great mod!
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Testing this ages ago was fun as hell and I'm glad to see you finally pull through after so long. Congrats!
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I was wondering when this'd get released. Hahaha. Ever since I tested for this, I knew this character had so much potential, and this final release really delivered on it! The gameplay is essentially IWBTG's gameplay but translated perfectly into a 3D environment! I think this is as faithful as you can get, and you'll have a blast (one way or another) playing this character!
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Welcome to releases!
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