Bloops' Tape Recorder

Bloops' Tape Recorder v1

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A novelty ghost recorder, what's not to love about something so simple with a single purpose?


Record ghosts and play them back for everyone to see!

Pause and rewind your ghosts for clarity!
Adjust the speed of your replay, watch yourself go twice or three times as fast!

  • Bloops_TapeRecorder_Setup - sets up the four keys for use. IE Bloops_TapeRecorder_Setup r t y u (this saves to IO too!)

  • Bloops_TapeRecorder_Recording_Time - sets the recording limit on the server in seconds, IE Bloops_TapeRecorder_Recording_Time 5

  • Bloops_TapeRecorder_Playback_Speed - multiplies the playback speed of a recording by an integer, IE Bloops_TapeRecorder_Playback_Speed 2

  • Bloops_TapeRecorder_Show_ToolTips - displays controls on the top right, use to toggle

Icezer - Watched me write the entire thing, made MB icon, thanks so much man!​
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Latest reviews

Does what it says right on the tin. Useful for looking at poses and closely looking at how fast your character moves from the outside.
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I didn't expect to have fun with a recording tool like I have. It's genuinely fun to mess around with, and also kinda useful to see very specific poses in action for character creators! Wish there was a way to make the ghost more opaque to get some cool unique shots for characters!

One thing irks me a little, which is how long these commands are, I'd shorten 'em up a bit for ease of editing. Say, shortening "Bloops_TapeRecorder" to "BTR" or "Recorder". Other than that, solid tool!
Welcome Aboard!
Thanks man, I'll definitely take these into consideration for a 1.1 rolling around soon once I get some community opinions!
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