Hey everyone, been a while huh?

For those who aren't aware, an unfinished update managed to go through as I rejected and canceled it while it was still in Approval Queue and Let's just say I wasn't having the best reaction to that (Esp. when it was like that for a literal month) and I asked the MB moderators to hide the entire addon in limbo till the update is ready.

Of course, that didn't happened and the Judges asked me to just reupload the old ver. back as there's no way to revert back (???). Either way, It's now back and in the previous version.

I wanna personally thank them for helping me with the situation as again, I was not having the best reaction to it and I was in recovery phase for personal life. Some y'all already know what's to coming for the update due to that bug but I will elaborate it more when I actually get around to that update... Someday....


Hey everyone, I have come to bring you an update (that I'm actually proud of!).
  • Sakura Serenity Zone is now a 3-lap race
  • Brand new Blue Spheres sprites!
  • The pack will use it's own dedicated color palette
  • Added a new stage - Mayship Marine Zone
    (A stage taking place on a sea base of operation under the bright sky, arrived via ... Dolphin Airship!?)
Hiya mates, I just recently made a new stage but instead of making another addon thread, i decided to turn this addon into a pack.
  • The addon is now called KanzakiPak.
  • Small changes in files within the addon...
  • Added a new stage - Sakura Serenity Zone
    (a stage taking place at the mountains filled with bamboos and surrounded by cherry trees...)
Updated to v1.1...
  • Adjusted the dark rooms's signs to make it more visible for players..
  • Added a couple of horizontal springs at the last dark room.
  • Red sneaker panels has been replaced with green ones for consistency.
  • A lot of "minor" changes to the visuals.
  • Reshaped the bottom path.
  • Moved the bottom path's yellow horizontal springs to prevent trapping players.
  • Some GFX changes.