The Exiled Island

The Exiled Island v0.9 (+v1.0 indev A3)

Ya know, I should've uploaded this sooner but here it is! A new indev thing. No, it does not have the special stage I teased but here is some changes:

- Sapphire Valley 3 Remake
- Added a room to Sapphire Valley 2, the ending is still there, but you can explore and see what I am going for.
- Special Stage fix
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Well, there were some bugs found in a slope with a untextured wall. I fixed that I guess.

Also, new fonts from a reusable addon! Check it out:

That's it for today.
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Hey guys!

I decided to release v1.0 pretty early. Why? Well, I believe that the full version of v1.0 is probably going to take till May or June. Maybe even July.

Now I'm also founding a team with only one person: "Bad Level Design Team".

Now, of course I could get some team members in... but that would probably be at a cost. So it's just me for now.

What are some changes v1.0 indev A1?

- Sapphire Valley Remake (SVZ2 is way unfinished though.)
- Intro & Title Screen

...that's it.

I'll update soon when there is more progress done on it. Maybe until Sapphire Valley 2 & maybe 3 are remastered.
Don't worry: it's being worked on as said above. I'm about to put in lots of production of v1.0.

Also this update just adds FFZ3 so... yeah not much.
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Bugs are fixed and thing are added: what are they?

- Prevention of being crushed from the chains in FFZ1
- SVZ1 Emblems are fixed again
- New Emerald sprites (2.1 Sprites)

That it for now, but I'll just put some teasers for FFZ2 some time from now, or even put a playable build.
Triple Whammy time!

New stuff:

- Emblems in FFZ1
- New Boss for WFZ3
- Brought back the cutscenes (they were accidently left out in v0.7.1)
An update? Already? What's this one about?

Not that much, but is kinda essential to the game: Checkpoint Fixes

- Added FFZ1 Checkpoints (whoops)
- Fixed all other checkpoint's angle when you respawn

That's... it for now. I am still trying to add the emblems to FFZ1 because the script editor does not agree with me.
Woah. New zone! It's kinda like a Castle Eggman thing though. Emblems are present in the act, but it isn't working for some reason? Keep that in mind, for this might get patched later on.

Let's just cut to the chase:
- SVZ2 and WFZ2 music
- Sound Test
- SVZ2 Sky Box Fixed
- Unlockable Level Select
Let's just cut to the chase:
- SVZ2 and WFZ2 music
- Sound Test
- SVZ2 Sky Box Fixed
- Unlockable Level Select