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The Doom Slayer

is here to reign Hell on Mobius


Double Jump And Dash



The Double Jump is pretty self explanatory
and the Dash uses SPIN and take around 2.5 seconds to recharge
You can also use it to bust through walls

The Crouch

to get into small spaces press TOSSFLAG

Weapon Menu

Swith out your Primary and Secondary weapons with CUSTOM3

:Primary Weapons:

Slow fire rate but fires multiple shots at once with spread, good for crowd control

Heavy Cannon

Middling fire rate but with fast projectiles

Plasma Rifle

Rapid fire rate but with slow projectiles

:Secondary Weapons:
Rocket Launcher

Fires explosive shots

Gauss Cannon

Fires piercing rounds




And... Kirby

(Comes With A 3d Model)

  • No crouch dust​
  • Better Persona support​
  • Dash busts through walls​
  • More Streamlined code​
  • Higher top speed​
  • Lower acceleration​
  • Model data added​
  • Better Dash​
  • Better Lockon​
  • Redone Most Sprites​
  • Added Weapon Menu​
  • Added Shotgun​
  • Removed Super Shotgun​
  • Shotgun Ejects Shells​
  • Added Heavy Cannon​
  • Added Plasma RIfle​
  • Added Rocket Launcher​
  • Added Gauss Cannon​

Shadow Android by Princess Plushima for the A_InterpolatedTrail code
First release
Last update
3.33 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. The Doom Slayer 2.0

    2.0 Changelog Redone Most Sprites Added Weapon Menu Added Shotgun Removed Super Shotgun...
  2. The Doom Slayer 1.2

    1.2 Changelog No crouch dust Better Persona support Dash busts through walls More Streamlined...

Latest reviews

2.0 is a HUGE improvement to the character. He feels a lot more maneuverable, and the additions to the moveset in Shotgun and RL make it a lot easier to run and gun, which feels more faithful to the Slayer's playstyle in his games. His new sprites and animations add a lot more to the character, and he no longer feels as stiff or awkward. Great job!

I did notice his Spring and crouching sprites are still the old ones, which look really janky in comparison. Also his weapon menu feels hard to control, at least with a gamepad - and speaking of which, dashing seems to send him at a weird angle if holding forward.

I somewhat lament the removal of the Meathook. While the old version wasn't particularly useful, an ideal version of it could make for a great traversal tool if it had a good range and if the Slayer could jump out of it like in his game - possibly leading to some unique options in zones like DSZ or ERZ.

All in all, the character feels a lot better to play, if slightly cumbersome at times, at least with a gamepad.
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I like the way it controls but firing weapons is by custom 1 and 2, and the rocket doesn't thrust the slayer into the air, this is the better doom guy mod when it comes to movement, so basically shoot button should be to shoot and custom is to rotate weapon, idk what custom 3 should do, also remove targeting, it's annoying on the windows mod and it's not helpful here either
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good update bro. a lot of epic guns.
*r a w k e t l a w n c h a i r*
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I have been waiting for an update for months and this update is even better just wish there was a rocket jump ability
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It's good, but he is tooooooo slow.
Upvote 1
this would be amazing if he wasnt so painfully slow, and also the shooting animation is to slow aswell and maybe make the meathook more detailed
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If it weren't for the lack of walking speed, this character would probably be more interesting and fun to use, but otherwise, it's nice to have Doomguy finally playable.
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Huge Doom fan here, so seeing the Slayer in any capacity is a plus for me.

His animations are a tad stiff, and his speed makes him feel uncharacteristically sluggish. The dash helps alleviate it somewhat but it feels more like a crutch than a bonus. I think it'd make for a better movement ability if you kept your vertical height while dashing, like in Eternal.

Being able to meathook midair is pretty fun - the only change I'd give the SSG is if you could hit multiple enemies at once, and if it did two points of damage instead of one. Some enemy crowd control would help give him a niche to make up for not having crazy mobility.

All in all, solid start - but could do with some polish!
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Ehh, seems like a pretty basic character mod. I'm sure lots of other characters have a basic double jump, dash, homing attack, and crouch move already, so nothing new. The gun is fine too. Guess this is passable.
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Welcome to releases! I can't really comment much on accuracy as someone who hasn't really played a whole lot of DooM, but this seems kinda neat.
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