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First of all, Imma start this off with the TL:DR
TL:DR: Pizza Tower Combo Bar with bonus
Now that's out of the way...


The combo bar appears whenever you destroy an enemy or item box.

It can be kept up by collecting rings and hitting checkpoints

The number increases when a badnik, item box, or checkpoint is hit

When your combo ends, your combo amount gets multiplied by 500
Wait hold on, mid writing this I realised the combo number wasn't in the right spot lol, I promise that isn't in the actual file

Anyways that's all for the combo bar


The rankings are self explanatory, the more score you have, the higher you ranking
So I'll just give you a rundown on how much score you need so you aren't lost during gameplay
D Rank = 4,000 or less score
C Rank = 5,000 score
B Rank = 10,000 score
A Rank = 15,000 score
S Rank = 20000 score
P Rank = 25000 score + No lost combo (have fun :trol:)
and that's it, sorta...

I don't have an image, sorry

The final challenge is really hard.
To enable it, type "finalchallenge on" in console
Once enabled, you instantly get P Rank and your combo starts, lose it, and you're dead.
To make sure this is possible, certain things have been buffed:
Damaging enemies now gives you full bar
Rings give 1/4 of bar
and that's all lol

Not complete and never will be
In multiplayer, a funny little message will be said depending on your rank once you finish
that's it

All of this will be part of a bigger mod later down the road (maybe) no promises

Have fun Pizza Tower fans


Boost: I used the hud code in small amounts
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Latest updates

  1. A quick fix

    Fixed combos not going down after killing bosses
  2. Life is easier

    Made ranks easier to get Inturn, P Rank is now 25K instead of 25,001K Added the super taunt...
  3. Public beta tests are neat

    Realised after release that you can get a P Rank again after finishing the level, I fixed that...

Latest reviews

woah look it is the combo meter i shall use it with sonki

Jokes aside this is a nice little thing. Probably won't reuse it for any mods of mine but it is definitely well made. Glad to see the addition of the ranking system.
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No super taunt sound effect?
Yeah, I looked for 30 minutes but couldnt find it, sorry
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Well, my problems from the pervious version had now been fix, now this is PERFECT, 10/10 good job
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It's alright but I have a few problems,
1. Wish the combo meter & ranks wasn't so crusty
2. Have the ranks displayed at the Act clear results
3. Have the Ranks be more near the score display (& bigger) and have the Combo Meter displayed on the Right side
4. Change the Ranks requirements to be more higher
Sadly, the combo meter and ranks have to look like that because I had to shrink their size using outside programs shrink them, and I don't know how to make things appear at the end screen, though, the last 2 requests I can do, but do to the fact of how hard getting P is already, I can really only do the 3rd request, sorry.
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Welcome to releases! There was an instance where I lost a combo once and got a P rank weirdly but regardless it works fine.
Yeah I realised that during a playtest afterwards
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