Team Kinetic (Dirk, Whirl, & Vesola)

Team Kinetic (Dirk, Whirl, & Vesola) v2.2.0

Hello! Making today special on this thread because it's Dirk's 5th anniversary! Been on the forums since 2017 back in v2.1. Time really does fly by, don't it? For this occasion, I'm preparing two things: Version 2.2 of Team Kinetic, as well as some previews so the upcoming Version 3.0!

We'll start off with the previews and the stuff that I can show off to you guys!

Dirk has all of his sprites both polished and remade. No more that you'll see his animations the same as Sonic's and a bit of more personality to him. He took the time to clean up his hair tufts and well as receiving cleaner and shiner ice cuffs. This will be the final time that I will be updating his spritework. In the GIF, what you saw were his new walk, run, jump, spring, and fall animations. Walk was heavily inspired by both Junio Sonic and the opening animation from Sonic Mania. You may even find some other references in his spritework too!


New up, presenting Dirk's new move when you press "Spin" in mid-air. I give you, Frost Kick! While it may don't sound like some move that will help him platform unlike the rest, you can freeze enemies with this move. Time this move like when you're performing the insta-shield. Frozen enemies will slide across the floor and will be destroyed whenever they collide with walls or other enemies.​

Dirk's not the only one getting a polish. Whirl is also getting one of his own too. Except he got a lot more to fix compared to Dirk. His head is now more refined, especially with the A4A6 rotations (I hated the way how I did them back then =V). His animations have also been remade to break away from Sonic, as well as adding to his dumb and goofy personality. Now he looks like the oddball that he always was on the team.

Thanks to SMS Alfredo, he made some several changes to Whirl's abilities.
Propeller Fly: Speed momentum cut has been removed entirely. He no longer feels slow when descending down.

Propeller Drill: Drilling can now be cancelled by pressing jump or spin again while its active. You'll go straight back to flying.

Ram Charge: This move has received a lot of changes. Good news is, turning is a lot smoother when moving left to right. Bad news is, Ram Charge is a lot harder to control. Transition is near as identical as how Knuckles' glide was changed. Other stuff that is added is the ability to run up on half pipe ramps. Due to the direction change, you can also control ram charge with a mouse too!
I would like to give some information about Vesola but she hasn't been changed throughout 3.0's development window. Changes that you'll see for her will be listed for the v2.2 update. That's all for the previews for v3.0. Here's a last preview to conclude it!

Seeing that some of you guys have been speculating since v2.0 with the game quit banner and I say as well confirm it right now. Robuster will be playable, whenever he is finished of course.

Now with that settled, let's move on to Version 2.2, which is available right now!

Persona support is finally here!

A lot of you have been waiting for this. But Team Kinetic now has support for SRB2 Persona! A lot of time and effort went into this so hence why it took over a year. To make sure all the characters work properly (Vesola with her followmobjs were a pain). Each of them having their own strengths, weaknesses, and even their own personas! Huge thanks to Jenna The Kitsune, AutumnFox, and XaviertheBrave for their work and once again thanks to the Voice Actors for their voice acting!

SRB2 Battle tweaks

Not a lot have been changed aside from balancing out the team's battle abilities. A lot of fixes and tweaks builds have been up on Krabs' server for testing balances. And most importantly, lag issues. We recommend that you use the new console command "teamkinetic_vfx" and set it's variable to 0 for best performance. You can read the balances through the change log. Thanks to Lumnyi for the coding as well as those who joined in Krabs' server when the builds were up.

And that is all with what I got for today. Thank you so much for support Dirk and Team Kinetic throughout the 5 years! I'll conclude this post with v2.2's changelog. (Yeah, I'm still aware that Team Kinetic option still have quirks.)

Version 2.2 changelog
- General -

- Added in Persona support.
- Renamed whirlvfx to teamkinetic_vfx

-- Dirk --

- Battle -
* Frozen players

- Lowered cooldown when unfreezing (3s -> 0.5s)
- Fixed zoomtube and inverted gravity physics
- Unfreezing no longer affects horizontal momentum
- (Experimental) Disabled defrost
- Frostburn debuff icon also shows timer in HUD
- Can be damaged by roll states in ringslinger

* Frost Stun

- Applies frostburn + 0.5s cooldown instead of freezing players in intangible state (e.g. airdodge, chaos snap...)
- Slows momentum by a bit if frostburn was applied instead of freeze
- Startup now plays an indication sound

* Ice mine

- Optimized bomb find (Players only look for mines they have spawned themselves, no more sharing, but also no more lagging)
- Restored spawnrate, 50% duration in battle
- Thrusts players on hit-

- Bugfixes -
- Fixed an issue where PUSH and WIND frames while super will not set their flags to FF_FULLBRIGHT (Thanks Icezer)

-- Whirl --
- Battle -
* Ram Charge

- No longer bonks with players on the same team
- New priority: "0,0" all around, "1,2" on 45° sweetspot

* Ground drill
- Removed defense (1 -> 0)
- Decreased duration time when depleting one ring per second (10 -> 6)


- Battle -
* Bee stinger

- Removed hover while in flagdebuff

* Flower spring
- Teammates: On jump, applies spin jump properties, no height nerf (9.4+: Also applies team "throw") - Opponents: Automatically launches them in stun state

* Vine spikes

- Enforced maximum height on spike spawn
- Applies 0.5s cooldown on use

- Team Kinetic play -
- Bugfixes (Still have some issues that may get fixed during patches or for v3.0) -

- Made checks to see if the bots are valid.
- Applied locals inside the BotTicCmd. Should prevent the option from breaking after using a mod that switches the players skin to someone else, quitting the current game, and restarting with the team option.


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Another day, another patch. Felix did more optimizations to improve the battle experiences.

- Removed unused and checks for Dirk
- Optimized Whirl's rock collision
- Added a CV_Var command called "Whirl_VFX"

Since Whirl)VFX is something new to the update, I'll explain what it does. It toggles the amount of VFX used for Whirl. So, if you're playing in a huge netgame, use this command in the console to tone the VFXs down.

0 - The minimal amount of VFX used. Recommended for big netgames for battle
1 - Low amount of VFX will be used. Will use a little bit less of the effects.
2- The default amount of VFX.
Yet, another patch to add to the cycle. Don't worry, it's not mostly about the team kinetic. Felix did some more fixing that our testers have found out during netgames. This should fix them.

- Tweaked Dirk's frost stun range (420 -> 210).
- Fixed Whirl's drill rocks from being quirky.
- Changed locals for team kinetic lua to rawsets.
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More attempts into fixing up the Team Kinetic option to make it more stable. I apologize if there are so many issues with this. Currently, I'm the only one coding this and I'm having difficulties on how to fix certain stuff. I'm still trying my best to solve the issues that I'm capable of figuring it out. This would be the last patch for the day. I need a break from figuring this stuff out. :dramahog:

- Added the reset function to Whirl's lua to check if the player is using the skin or not. This should hopefully remove the misc changes and VFX stuff that Whirl uses when abruptly switching to another character.
- Whirlwind VFX die if the player gets hurt while using Ground Drill
- Script optimizations to the Team Kinetic lua. This should hopefully work with save files to keep the bots in order and keep the code from falling apart. (I can't guarantee this will fix 100% of the issues but its worth the shot I'm giving here.)
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Another patch to fix up those exploits that you could do in Battle

- Tweaked Vesola's character description to be more accurate with her new controls.
- Fixed an exploit where you could parry to get out of overheat status for Whirl's ram charge.
- Fixed an exploit where you could spam sting strike to keep hover after the exhaust timer is used.
Oh boy, another day one emergency patch. This fixes up an issue with battlemod and an attempt to fix Team Kinetic in NiGHTS Special Stages. If any oddities appear involving bot skins and placements, its literally nothing I can do to fix and would be unlikely to get fixed real soon.

- Fixed a typo with Whirl's battle script
- Hopefully fixed NiGHTS Special Stage issues involving bots with the Team Kinetic option.
Hello! It's been 9 months since the last update of Team Kinetic. I've decided to take a break from focusing on these characters to focus on different projects. Another reason why I wanted to take so long was to do a lot more than just bug fixing the characters (v2.0.1 - v2.0.3 was something because I missed a few things.) So, this isn't going to be a typical v2.0.4 patch. Instead, it's going to be a Version 2.1 update. This update is very big one who I'm going to list the highlights that you'll see in this update.

Vesola ability improvements.

Back in v2.0, Vesola had some interesting moveset that involved using the power of plants. However, I felt like her abilities could be better in a way to make her gameplay more fun and reliable. Starting with her Petal Twirl, it now gives proper Z momentum when flying after falling down fast. Sting Strike allows the player to take aim and strike down at enemies. You can then use petal twirl or sting strike again after landing successful hits. And lastly, Flower Boost and Vine Spikes have swapped places for the on-ground spin abilities. When charged for vine spikes, you can now see where they're going to spawn. Their hitboxes are bigger, and you can spawn a fourth spike for more consecutive hits.
Battle Rework
Thanks to a few ideas and coding from a few others, we decided to rework a few things for Team Kinetic for Battle. We even did some testing with the new abilities and changes that each characters have. Here's a list on what's been changed:

Dirk's snow mine has revamp so that it acts like a ball when it lands. You can even pick up the snow bomb and throw it at your foes! Also, returning from the kinetic duo update, frost stun is back with small improvements. Frozen players also don't fly high anymore and stay on the ground. They even take damage if left frozen for too long.


Out of the 3, Whirl was the most infuriating to fight against. Mainly because of his ram charge being used. So, we did our best to figure out a solution to balance him in some scenarios. The big one is giving him an overheat system for gametypes like CTF and Diamond. Where using ram charge for too long while holding the flag/diamond locks you out of using Ram Charge for a while. We also gave him the Ground Drill ability, a minor upgrade to Tornado Top.

Vesola hasn't gotten a lot of changes unlike Dirk and Whirl. But we made Petal Bullets a little bit better to use overrall. The bullets and bigger hitboxes and they follow your trajectory without staying in place. You can also move freely around with the move activated.

Team Kinetic Character Option
The new addition of the Character Select is the option to play as the entire team at once! No kidding! Take control of Dirk, Whirl, and Vesola as a team, and you can switch between characters on the fly! Just like Sonic heroes, switch between characters using the CUSTOM1 and CUSTOM2 buttons when you have moments to do so. With working as a team, there are no limits on what you can do to stop Eggman and his schemes! Go Wild and play through your adventures in any way you like!

Team Kinetic also features voice acting for the team. You can toggle the option by using the "TKVoices" command in the console. It even saves your options as well!

This wraps up the main features that version 2.1 has for you guys. I would like to give shouts to these people who helped me through this:

CyanKnight- Hosting test netgames for Team Kinetic and giving out some feedback
Felixlumyni- Lua scripting for Dirk and Whirl's rework, as well as helping me out when I was struggling figuring out lua on my own. Your assistance is very appreciated!
Icezer- Fixing Vesola's Z momentum for her petal twirl. Thanks for the small contribute.
Krabs- Pointing out a few ideas that could make the experience a lot better. Thanks a bunch!
Lach- Providing me the scripts for the intial load scripts system, as well as assisting the Team Kinetic spawn system. Your work is amazing and keep up with what you do best!
LilacChips- Setting up some ideas for the rework. Mostly for Dirk's new abilities. Your ideas really helped and I enjoyed them while we were testing.
SuperPhanto- Providing the "legacy dirk" skincolor. A throwback to Dirk's SpecialColor seen in Dirk's intial debut. Thanks for the small additons and cool reference.

Also, a big thanks to the buddies on Discord for helping me test out Team Kinetic. And a huge thanks to TheDragonSkylar, GreenBeanXP, & Kamea Singer for providing Voice Acting to Team Kinetic. Very talented people!

And without further ado, here's the changelog for Version 2.1!

Version 2.1 Changelog
- General -

- You can now only play the addon if you have the game version v2.2.10 and up due to the game's features.
- Added "team kinetic" character option. Play as the entire team at once and press Custom1 and Custom2 to switch on the fly.
- Added voices to said option. Can be enabled and disabled with the new command "TKVoices". On by default and the settings can be saved.
- Added "legacy dirk" skincolor. A throwback skincolor to Dirk's "specialcolor" back in SRB2 v2.1. Created by SuperPhanto
- Reprogrammed the bots to be a lot more intelligent. All thanks to CobaltBW technology.
- Reworked battle mod support with new abilities (Mostly for Dirk and Whirl). Check the characters for more details.
- Reorganized the files and added an initial loading system.
- Dirk -

// General //

- Removed speed cap when ascending. Don't think you can cheese through sections easily though.
- Dirk's AI bot now allows itself to ice surf if the player presses spin while near them. You can also ride it's ice surf and control its directions.
(Move left: Turn left)
(Move right: Turn right)
(Move forward: Rise)

// Battle //

- Replaced snow mine with snow bomb. A bomb that detonates a few seconds later or when anyone makes contact. You can also carry your own bomb.
- Returning from the KineticDuo update, Frost Stun replaces Ice Wall. It now charges faster and has better indication.
- Frozen players no longer fly upwards and now remain on ground. Staying frozen too long will also damage the player.

// Bug-fixes //

- Dirk no longer slips off Ice Surf with momentum mods, such as Xmomentum.
- Whirl -

// General //

- New jump sound
- Whirl bot now drills if the player themselves are grounded. It also doesn't drill itself into hazards if its over them and when the player lands.
- Players can alternatively stop ram charge in the air by holding down backwards.
- Removed several SPR2 slots and made use of SRB2's existing SPR2s. DRIL is now MLEE, and COIL is now BNCE.

// Battle //

- Ram Charge now only has a single priorities instead of having two depending how fast you go. It's now full used for Ram Charge
- Reprogrammed Tornado Top to have it spawn rocks. Hold down the action button to continuosuly drill. Not too long or else you will overheat!
- Added in an overheat function for Ram Charge while holding the flag. Using ram charge for too long will disable the ability for a few seconds.
- Added stun collision when running into another whirl player that is also using ram charge. This also effects Blaze's flare boost too.

// Bug-fixes //

- Whirl's propeller drill can now break breakable floors when flipped gravity.
- Whirl's bot now follows player's control input.
- Ram Charge barrier sprite no longer shows up with chase cam off.
- Ram charge barrier now despawn when charging into speed panels and bummers and the previous one no longer lingers.
- Vesola -

// General //

- Reworked Vesola's moveset entirely. Yes really.
- New jump sound
- Petal Twirl now ascends a lot better when falling at high speeds.
- Added a smoother twirl animation when exiting out of petal twirl.
- Sting Strike has been revamped. Players now hold down spin in mid-air to hover and prepare the strike. Releasing spin now shoots down.
- Sting strike falling speed is now faster.
- Landing hits with sting strike now resets all flags. Allowing players to either land another hit, or use petal twirl for more height.
- Flower boost and vine spike have swapped places.
- Vine spikes has a few additions. Added reticles for where the vines will spawn and added a 4th vine spike to the attack. Hitboxes are now bigger for better consistent hits.
- Vine spikes are now color coded in single player.
- Removed petal particles when charging.
- Vesola bot controls have changed. Jumping near the bot has then use petal twirl and gets the player to latch on. Press spin while latching to have the bot cancel it. Press spin near the bot to spawn in the flower boost.

// Battle //

- Buffed petal twirl flight speed.
- Reduced cooldown time for vine spikes (4 seconds > 2 seconds)
- Charging flower boost and vine spikes slows down your speed when carrying the flag.
- Sting strike ignored bouncing when holding the flag.
- String strike uses an exhaust function when carrying the flag. Making timing more stricted.
- Restored proper vine spike switch.
- Petal bullets have been heavily buffed. Hit boxes are now slightly bigger, they follow the player's aim direction, and line up is now always consistent when firing. You can also move around freely.

// Bugfixes //

- Sting strike now breaks breakable floors when flipped gravity.
- Petal twirl barrier sprite no longer shows up with chase cam off.
Whoops. Another issue I forgot to fix. Hopefully it should be the last for now.

  • Fixed Dirk and Whirl CSS
  • Tweaked Vesola's character ability description.
Whoops, I forgot some issue involving Vesola's supercolor. This patch should fix it.

  • Fixed an issue where Vesola's supercolor won't apply to when she's super.
  • Fixed an issue where Vesola's stinger and wings show during Xmom's hyper transformation sequence.
How v2 lasted nearly a week without getting some emergency patch. but anyways, here's the v2.0.1 patch to fix up a few things.

- General -
  • Added the faceplant SPR2 into the freeslot list. Faceplant sprites so now properly work regardless if Xmomentum is added in first or not.

- Vesola -
  • Added proper trick frames so that the stinger doesn't weirdly rotate.
  • Fixed an issue where players could use flower boost when the flower pops out from the ground.