Whoops. Another issue I forgot to fix. Hopefully it should be the last for now.

  • Fixed Dirk and Whirl CSS
  • Tweaked Vesola's character ability description.
Whoops, I forgot some issue involving Vesola's supercolor. This patch should fix it.

  • Fixed an issue where Vesola's supercolor won't apply to when she's super.
  • Fixed an issue where Vesola's stinger and wings show during Xmom's hyper transformation sequence.
How v2 lasted nearly a week without getting some emergency patch. but anyways, here's the v2.0.1 patch to fix up a few things.

- General -
  • Added the faceplant SPR2 into the freeslot list. Faceplant sprites so now properly work regardless if Xmomentum is added in first or not.

- Vesola -
  • Added proper trick frames so that the stinger doesn't weirdly rotate.
  • Fixed an issue where players could use flower boost when the flower pops out from the ground.
  • Cool!
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Heyo! Been a while huh? Got another huge update for you! Vesola the Bee comes to SRB2 in the new v2.0 update!

She's an intelligent Bee who has the ability to manipulate plants to her will. While she can't spin jump like Whirl, you can use the power of plants to also destroy enemies. Players would use Vesola for not only getting to high places, but also send badniks flying from the ground. With her addition. DirkChars has been renamed to Team Kinetic! Check the OP for more details on her abilities.

Also a small note from me. Not only I did spritework, I also tried to lua code Vesola myself. It was some challenge for me to figure out how to make abilities work. Not only that, it was difficult for me to patch the holes that the lua script had. Huge thanks to Lactozilla for assisting me with her lua when I had trouble figuring out how some things worked and optimizing. Also thanks to Lach and SMS Alfredo for giving me permission to reuse some lua codes from Dirk and Whirl (Quite a few stuff I had to reuse, which would fixed the bugs or other piece of code to make her lua work properly). Also thanks to those who helped out along the way to not only help with Vesola, but also made Dirk and Whirl better.

CyanKnight - Setting up test session for the updated battle support. Even when Battle v9.0 wasn't out yet.
Krabs - Making Dirk's ice surf exhaust timer.
Princess Draykon - Helping out with splats. Thank you for your efforts and showing me how splats work.
Nero1024 - Providing the tumble mech for Whirl's drill splash.
Many others in discord - Testing out the update in general. Thank you all for whose who participated!

Now with that out of the way. Here's the changelog for Version 2.0:

- General -

- Renamed DirkChars to TeamKinetic
- Added Vesola the Bee
- Gave every character different heights
- Added more custom miscellaneous animations like push and faceplant frames
- Added 4 colors based around the Kinetic Universe side of the team (Admire, Windy, Honey, Rocky)

- Dirk -

// General

- Upgraded edge animation from 2 to 4 frames
- Ice Platforms now have a splat as a platform. It also uses the additive blendmode.
- Ice Surf VFX graphics reworked. They now use splats, additive blending, and smoother uprising.
- Ice Surf time drains faster when ascending.
- Ice Platforms now shatter when player get hurt, leaving ice gibs.
- Slippery floor resistance has been removed due to how redundant it was. It also effected movement with sloped ice floors (Thanks, Othius)

// Battle

- Frost Stun replaced with existing weapons from ringslinger:
/ Activating while on ground spawns in a ice wall. It can't be broken and its active for 5 seconds. Costs 10 rings with a cooldown time of 7 seconds.
/ Activating in the air with spawn a snow mine. Anyone in the radius will have their speed decreased for 3 seconds and anyone who lingers in it for too long will freeze. Cost 10 rings with a cooldown time of 7 seconds.
- Frozen players will fly less
- Ice Surf been nerfed
/ Lasts for 4 seconds
/ Rising speed decreased

// Bug-fixes

- Players can no longer exploit the infinite ice platforms by standing on the edge of them. In fact, they despawn if you do.
- Fixed some sprite errors involving Dirk in NiGHTs mode where he uses super frames where he shouldn't

- Whirl -

// General

- Height reduced to 44
- New falling frames
- Whirl now uses Super Cyan; a custom supercolor as his new supercolor
- Propeller fly animation is now smoother
- Added drilling frames
- Added transition animation to the land frames
- Splat VFXs for takeoff and propeller fly
- Added starting sound for the drill
- Sprite Y Scaling during drill
- Ram Charge Wind VFX plays while charging. Easier to indicate whenever someone is on the move.
- Added Ram Charge 'drifting', its also easier to turn while charging.
- Whirl recoils when making contact with enemies that take more than one hit to defeat (Ex: Lance-a-bots, Hivelemenats, Eggman boss fights)
- Added recoil transiton frames
- Propeller Fly no longer stops X and Y momentum
- New Ram Charge VFX
- Ram Charge in mid-air can now be cancelled by releasing spin
- Ram Charge knockback from walls and badniks nerfed.

// Battle

- Added a new ability called Tornado Top. Act like a beyblade and smash down your foes while acting like a top. Cost 10 rings with a cooldown time of 7 seconds after the cycle is used.
- Several nerfs
/ Propeller fly now lasts for 4 seconds instead of being indefinite.
/ Ram Charge speed is lowered to compensate the small battlefields.
/ Ram Charge can now be used when carrying the flag in defense. Your speed gets lowered as well.
/ Attack priorities been set.
-- Propeller drill > Attack 3, Defense 2, Special Attack 1, Special Defense 2
-- Ram Charge > Attack 0, Defense 1, Special Attack 1, Special Defense 2
-- Tornado Top (when preparing) > Attack 1, Defense 1, Special Attack 1, Special Defense 1
-- Tornado Top (in use) > Attack 3, Defense 1, Special Attack 3, Special Defense 1

// Bugfixes

- Whirl can now break bustable walls again.

- Vesola -

// General

- Initial release. Check opening post for details.
Have fun and be sure to report any bugs here!


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