Racers from all across time, space and continuities come to SRB2Kart to test their mettle...

So too, have these racers that I've assembled before you. They are...!


Let's have a rundown of each character:



The hammer-wielding Hero/leader of the Adventurer's Agency is here! All come to know him as... T! After a good week's worth of monster mashing and bad guy bashing he's set aside his trusty mallet to take hold of the steering wheel!

Now with new and improved sprites! Now he looks every bit the Hero he is!

A story character of mine. Voiced by yours truly!

Stats: Weight 5, Speed 7


Desert the Pogona

Move over Espio! This lizard boi is also Ready! To! Race! Eager to do more than just sunbathe, the fella has taken up the wheel in the name of fast action, thrills, and a good glass of chocolate milk! Introducing Desert the Pogona!

Based on DesertP (voice provided by him too!)

Now with new and improved sprites! And a new pair of gloves too!

Stats: Weight 6, Speed 4



Who is this peculiar creature? Nobody knows where he came from or why, but we do know this; he's as friendly as they come and he just got his driver's license! Here comes P-Wing!

Character created by Mike Panoots (sound effects provided by him)

Stats: Weight 7, Speed 3



Somewhere in the depth of chat, SomeRandomName typed: "Binyot, y u no drive in kart gaem?" Well, PROBLEM SOLVED! Vinny's here to tear up the track!

It goes without saying who this is. (sound clips sourced from his past streams)

Now with new and improved sprites! And some changed voice lines to boot!

Stats: Weight 4, Speed 2



"They said we were madmen to let a Rabbid behind the wheel, but if a certain limbless hero can do it, why not one of those funny bunnies? He seems sane enough. Right?"

...The professor who said this was seen with a plunger to the face 30 minutes later. He's okay.

Voice clips sourced from TMNT: Smash Up

Weight 7, Speed 2


The Jabroni

A strange man wearing a Venetian Mask showed up the other day. Nobody has seen his face, and he'll swear like a sailor when provoked, but he's a reliable fellow. Most only know him as... The Jabroni!

Based on Jabroni Mike. Voice clips sourced from his past streams.

Now with new and improves sprites! With a jester outfit for only the finest of jabronis!

Weight 6, Speed 8


Hohow Bird

Straight outta Puyo Pop Fever, we got the self-styled bird who fancies himself a cool superhero of sorts, the one and only Hohow Bird, mmm-hmm! He's here to show all the other racers their place in the pecking order, and to prove he's every bit the racer as he is a Puyo Popping Professional!

Voice clips are from, of course, Puyo Pop Fever, mmm-hmm

Weight is 9, Speed is 4, mmm-hmm



A curious red hedgehog was last seen tangling with some badniks. By the time he was done, they were each left a wreck, having been on the wrong end of several explosions (the Small Animals were okay though). He then took a look at a nearby racetack and the rest was history. Now Boom is here to make an explosive entrance!

OC belongs to Vinesauce's very own Imakuni. Sound effects are from various games with bomb/explosion related happenings, with a dash of Demoman tossed in. May be subject to change.

Weight is 3, Speed is 8


CD-i Ganon

Even though he made the offer to Link on that fateful day, we all know who's face is REALLY the grrrrreatest in all of Koridai. But if he can't assert his dominance over that place, Hyrule or even Gamelon, at least there's always the many racetracks of SRB2Kart! The most memetic incarnation of them all (although Dry Ganondorf is picking up steam), Ganon compels you to steer clear of his racing skills, or DIE.

Weight is 8, Speed is 9. Voice clips are from Wand of Gamelon and Faces of Evil, of course!


Widget the World Watcher

Hailing from the Horsehead Nebula, comes the Watcher 2nd Class who's only 4 feet tall, Widget initially came to investigate from a fun-hating source that our karts here were emitting noxious fumes that endangered the environment. But upon discovering our vehicles were on the level, he opted to try his hand behind the wheel! After all it's been YEARS since he's had an adventure. Seriously, I'm talking the early 90's here.

Owing to his smaller stature, his Weight is a modest 3 while his Speed is 8. Voice clips are from his titular show.



Legend tells of a strange gang of animals that travel to weird places. Among them though is a harbinger of EXTREMELY cursed energy. They say he can swallow cats whole in a single gulp. They say he can lay eggs that hatch into birds... and he'll eat those too! And so, by some divine prank, Bunji has commandeered a kart and wants in on the races! Thank goodness he didn't eat the dang thing...

Weight is 6, Speed is 9. His voices are from the games he came from, The Gigglebone Gang.


Mr. Do!

Driving! Drifting! Using items! Mr. Do! is very active! A veteran in the arcade gaming scene, he's grown a bit bored of chasing cherries like that dot-muncher Pac-Man, and is looking to hit his opponents with a spiked ball rather than the usual fare he's tossed about. I think the Orbinauts will be right up his alley, then!

His Weight is 3, while his Speed is 1. He's not much of a talker, but from what we've heard of him, he sounds just like his arcade game of origin, Mr. Do!.



A tiny Swedish man approached us the other day, curious about the karts he offered me a can of Pepsi, and I said; "why not?" Now he's tearing up the track, with an irrepressible smile on his face! He is a true fren; VargFren!

Based on Joel of Vinesauce, also known as VargSkelethor. Weight is 2, Speed is 9! Voice clips sourced from his past streams.


Gaijin Goombah

The man (or Goomba), the legend himself! He'll teach you tips on traditions, he'll give the "What" and "Why" on all manner of Yōkai, and he's a cut above the rest with his fabled Pixel Cutter in tow! Let's give it up for Gaijin Goombah!

Speed is 7, Weight is 2. Voice clips provided by Gaijin Goombah himself.

This character was a commission from the main man himself, Gaijin Goombah! I'm so happy to have worked on this!



A literal blast from the past, this time traveling robot bird still felt the need for speed after conquering the dastardly Time Dominator. He's joined our team, curious about how fast the karts can go. He can compete with hedgehogs in another way!

Socket hails from his titular game, also known as Time Dominator 1st in Japan. While it ultimately another attempt to cash in on the Sonic fame, it has a charm all its own, especially in the soundtrack!

Speed is 9, Weight is 6. Sound effects are from his game.

And if this fine lineup of characters wasn't enough to entice you, what if I told you they now have MEGAMIX THEMES? Yes, these racers now have custom themes for when Invincibility is triggered, all available as an available LUA addon below! (Many thanks to Dimpsuu for releasing a DIY version on how to do these, check it out if you haven't yet!)

Themes Used:
T: Color Power - Yellow Drill (Sonic Lost World)
Desert: Free Money (Pikuniku)
P-Wing: Rambi's Theme (Donkey Kong 64)
Vinny: PIZZA TIME (Spiderman 2)
Rabbid: The Butcher Deejay (Rayman Raving Rabbids)
The Jabroni: Rubber Band (Jackal Queenston)
Hohow Bird: Fever Mode (Puyo Pop Fever)
Boom: Color Power - Black Bomb (Sonic Lost World)
CD-i Ganon: Ganon's Lair - Boss (Link: The Faces of Evil)
Widget: Invincibility (Super Widget)
Bunji: Dark Globox's Theme (Rayman Arena)
Mr. Do!: Title Screen (Mr. Do!)
VargFren: Ghost Buster.mp3 (Joel - Super Ghostbusters)
Gaijin Goombah: The Mysterious Murasame Castle Medley (SSBU)
Socket: Invincibility theme (Socket)

As well, in my free time, I'd been making Megamix addons for select other characters, for no reason other than... why not; the characters in question were awesome! The themes are located in the MISC Megamix pack below. I highly recommend checking these characters out too; their work is stellar!

Majin: Boss - JP ver. (Sonic CD)
(He can be found in Ninji's Character Pack)

AoStH Robotnik: Win The Race (by iteachvader)
(He can be found in Strife's AoStH Character Pack)

Kid Chaos: Main Menu (Kid Chaos)
(He can be found in Superjustinbros' Character pack)

Mr. Krabs: Give It All You Got (Spongebob Squarepants)
(He can be found in InstableGriff's "InstablePack")

You also have the option of Downloading a zip file of each character as a standalone pk3 (Desert and P-Wing come as a set though)


Vinny's minimap icon edited slightly.
Rabbid joins the race! (what have we done?)

The Jabroni joins the race!
Changed one of Vinny's voice lines

Hohow Bird is released, mmm-hmm!

Minor vocal changes to The Jabroni; changed 'Slow' line, 'Attack' lines more audible.

Boom joins the race!

CD-i Ganon joins the race!

Megamix theme added for Ganon as well in the LUA addon.

P-Wing's default color changed to Bubblegum

Desert's icons have been touched up, and now he's rocking a MUCH better Goal Post sprite!

Widget joins the race! He's also brought a Megamix theme with him in the theme pack!

The Jabroni's select icon was touched up a little to be in line with the others.

Bunji joins the race... BUT AT WHAT COST?!?

Mr. Do! joins the race! A victory for all clown-kind!

T's sprites have been given a massive overhaul.

Vinny's sprites have been given a massive overhaul. Some voice lines changed as well.

The Jabroni's sprites have been given a massive overhaul.
Some voice lines for Vinny have changed as well.
The most current version of Vinny is in the Seperate pack now (can't believe I missed that!)

VargFren joins the race!
Bunji's Map icon has been changed.

Gaijin Goombah joins the race!

Desert the Pogona's sprites have received a massive overhaul! With a new pair of gloves to boot!

Socket joins the race!

The Megamix themes for the misc. characters have been combined into one pack! And a megamix theme for Mr. Krabs has been added.

A Megamix theme for Mr. Do! has been added

The Jabroni's Megamix theme has been changed.

VargFren and Gaijin Goombah now have megamix themes!

Socket comes with his Megamix theme!
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