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Super Sprites v2.3.4c

I didn't check if the script would actually work and missed a small error
that's the 51689479th time that's happened
small code optimization, everything's done in 1 hook
fixed being able to change characters to a restricted skin and still be using your super sprites
adds a table to handle skin restrictions, and tells you when you can't use the command as a restricted skin

if not supersprites_restrictskin
rawset(_G, "supersprites_restrictskin", {})
supersprites_restrictskin["minosprime"] = true
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I don't even know how I missed this
code now checks if player mo isn't nil to actually do the thing
fixed nosupersprites AGAIN hopefully
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fixed the nosupersprites command
fixed not being able to turn off the commands
you can now use nosupersprites and supersprites at the same time

so, this happens when you use the command as honey (I've already fixed this actually but yeah)
it doesn't break her entire moveset, surely this won't happen again with 2 characters AND break their animations and part of their moveset, right?? right??????


darn it
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