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Super Sprites v2.4.1

splitscreen commands
cause I forgot to add them in like 99% of my mods
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fixed switching to a restricted character still showing your super sprites if you were to use it as a character who can use the command
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I didn't check if the script would actually work and missed a small error
that's the 51689479th time that's happened
small code optimization, everything's done in 1 hook
fixed being able to change characters to a restricted skin and still be using your super sprites
adds a table to handle skin restrictions, and tells you when you can't use the command as a restricted skin

if not supersprites_restrictskin
rawset(_G, "supersprites_restrictskin", {})
supersprites_restrictskin["minosprime"] = true
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I don't even know how I missed this
code now checks if player mo isn't nil to actually do the thing
fixed nosupersprites AGAIN hopefully
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fixed the nosupersprites command